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Unit 7 Seasons教案

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Unit 7 Seasons

Welcome to the unit

Teaching Aims

1. To learn the new words about the weather.

2. Talk about seasons.

Teaching steps

Step 1. Presentation

1. Show some pictures to learn some words .

2. Then read aloud the new words.

foggy, rainy, snowy, cloudy, sunny, windy Step 2.Do some exercises.

1. Do Part A on page 81.

2. Check the answers.

Step 3. Listen and answer

1. Listen to the tape and answer the follow questions.

1) What does Eddie ask hobo to do?

2) Is it cold today?

3) Does hobo think Eddie look cool?

2. Read the dialogue after the recorder.

3. Read the dialogue in pairs.

4. Act it out.

Step 4. Listening.

1. Listen to part B and answer the following question.

1) Which season does Simon like best?

2) What’s the weather like in Autumn?

3) What can Amy do in summer?

2. Read after the recorder.

3. Pratice in pairs.

4. Act it out.

Step 5. Explanation

1. Bring me my clothes, Hobo.

bring 带来

take 带走

e.g. Please bring me my coat.

Take your book home after school

2. You’ll look cool and feel cool with nothing on! look cool 看起来酷

3. Which season do you like best, Simon?

Which is your favourite season?

like … best / favourite 最喜欢……

e.g. I like spring best

My favourite season is spring.

Step 6. Exercises


1.There are four _________ (季节) in a year.

2.There is a lot of _____ (雪) in summer here.

3.---What was the weather like yesterday?

---It was_________ (fog) and ________(wind).

4.It’s _____ (rain) outside. You should take an umbrella. 翻译下列句子。

1. 外面太冷了,把我的外套拿来。

2. 你穿这件外套看起来很酷。

3. 你最喜欢哪个季节?


1. Remember the new words and phrases in the lesson.

2. Finish the exercises in the workbook.

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