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Xiaoyu : I lovu English . I often ( rend ) English books.

Heping : I like writing stories . I sometimes ( write ) stories in English . Maomao : I never ( play ) football .I don’t like it. 从不

Lili : I sometimes ( clean ) the blackboard for my tiacher.

Teacher : Tlandk you , Lili. Lingling ; I never ( play ) with dolls. Sam : I often go swimming ※

Daming : I oftem eat with a knife and fork. But I like chopsticks .

Simon : I always ( ride ) my bike to school. I never go by bus .

Daming : What a big map of Amarica ! Where’s New York ?

Simon : It’s here , in the east . Daming : And what about San Francisco ? Simon : It’s in the west . Daming : Canada is north of America and Mexcico is south of Amarica .

Simon : That’s right .

Daming : America es a big country .

Simon :Yes , it is .But china is also very big !

Boy : Have you got a knife and fork or Chopsticks ?

Girl : I’ve got a knife and fork and Chopsticks .

Girl :Have you got a chinese or a Japanese kite .

Boy :I’ve got a chinese kite and a Japanese kite .

Boy : Have you got a book about America

Or a book about China .

Girl : I’ve got a book about America and

I’ve got a book about China .

Girl : Have you got stamps from China or

stamps from Canada .

Boy : I’ve got some stamps from China But I haven’t got any stamps from Canada.

Look ! These are my postcards from China .

Look at this one. There are lots of bicycles

In China . People ride them to work . And There are lots of beantiful lakes . This is

the west Lake .It is in Hang zhou . There is a very famous river . the Changjiang Rivcr It is about 12600. li long. I like this postcard . There is a famous

Sauare in the middle of Beifing .It’s Tian’an’ men Square . And there’s a very famous wall in China . the Great wall . It’s six thousand seven hundred kilometres long . of course . there are also many mountains . in China . There is a famous mountain in Anhui . Look ! This is the Huangshan Mountain .

Snaks love the srn . Elephants likes water . Pandas love banboo . Dogs play weth children. Cats like fish .

Bears sleep in the wenter .

Dad :There are lots of beautiful places togo In China . Boy : I want to go to Beijing . Beijing is very

Big and very famous .

Girl : I want to go to Hong kong . It’s very big too, and there are lots of tall buildings .

Mun : There are lots of shops in Hong Kong , too . But I also want to go to Harbin . Harbin is very cold in wenter , but the Snow is very beautiful .

Dad : Kunming is a beautiful place . It’s In the south of China ,and it’s gotGirl

A beautiful lake .

Girl : And there are lots of mountains . And lakes in Guilin . 桂林 Boy : I think we should (应该) go to all of These places . ( 地方 )

Mum : That’s a good idea .

Girl : I love this festival . we all go to see The Dragon Boat race . We eat zongzi . It’s very delicious .

Boy1 :My mother loves this festival . She makes moon cakes . Her cakes are Delicious . My father likes this festival .

Too . ※ He sings moon songs . His songs are very good .

Girl2 : This is my family . ※ Our favourite

Festival is the Spring Festival .We have a special family dinner . And we eat jiaozi .

Boy2 :My favourite festival is after Spring Festival . It’s at night . There are lots of lanterns . and there’s a dragon dance .

Gerl1 :I collect ※ dolls . Teacher: oh ! Have you got any dolls from Japan ?

Girl1 : No I haven’t .But I’ve got some dolls from china .

Teacher : oh they’re beautiful .

Boy1 : Reading is my hobby . I’ve got Lots of story books . Teacher : Have you got any picture books Boy1 : No I haven’t . Boy2 : Flying kites is my hobby .Look !I’ve gotsome Chinese kites . Teacher : Have you got any dragon kites ? Boy2 : Yes this is s dragon kite .

Girl2 : I like ※ riding my bicycle . That’s ? Hobby .

Teacher : rlave you got any photos

Of your bike ?

Girl2 : Yes . These are some photos of my new bike .

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