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1. a picture of … 一张…的照片 some pictures of… 一些张…的照片 e.g. 1) Look! It’s a picture of the West Lake. 看!它是一张西湖的照片。

2) These are some pictures of Tian’anmen Square. 这些是天安门广场的照片。

2. from…to… 从…到…

e.g. 1) From New York to Tennessee. 从New York到Tennessee。

2)From Tom to. 从Tom到Sam。

3)From Monday to Friday. 从星期一到星期五。

4)From 7:00 to 11:00. 从7:00到11:00。

3. lots of=a lot of=many 许多

e.g. 1)There are lots of things to see. 有许多东西能看。

2)There are a lot of birds in the sky. 天空中有许多鸟。

3)There are many students there. 那儿有许多学生。

4. a map of… 一张…的地图

e.g. 1)What a big map of Mexico! 多大的一张墨西哥地图呀!

2)I’ve got a map of the world. 我有一张世界地图。

5. send a letter/an email to sb=send sb a letter/an email 给某人发一封信/邮件

e.g. 1)He is sending a letter to Amy.=He is sending Amy a letter.他正给Amy寄信。

2)Tom is sending an email to Daming.=

Tom is sending Daming an email. Tom正给Daming发电子邮件。

6.want to do sth 想要做某事

e.g. 1)Do you want to go to Chinatown? 你想去唐人街吗?

2)I don’t want to go shopping. 我不想去购物。

7. Let’s do sth.咱们做…吧!=Why not do sth? 为什么不做…呢? e.g. 1)Let’s go to Chinatown now.=Why not go to Chinatown now? 现在咱们去唐人街吧。 现在为什么不去唐人街呢?

2)Let’s collect some Canadian stamps.= Why not collect some Canadian stamps? 咱们收集一些加拿大邮票吧。 为什么不收集一些加拿大邮票呢?

8. write to sb 给某人写信

e.g. 1)I’m writing to Tom. 我正在给Tom写信。

2)They wrote to Tom yesterday. 昨天他们给Tom写信了。

9. speak to sb 和某人说话

e.g. 1)Look! Lily is speaking to Mr Li. 看!Lily正在和Mr Li说话。

2)You can’t speak to him. He is crazy. 你不能和他说话!他疯了!

10. live in+place (地点) 住在某地

e.g. 1) I lived in New York ten years ago. 十年前我住在New York。

2) Simon lives in San Francisco. Simon居住在San Francisco。

11. be from+place=come from+place 来自某地

e.g. 1) I am from Tennessee.= I come from Tennessee. 我来自Tennessee。

2) We are from Mexico.= We come from Mexico. 我们来自Mexico。

3) He is from Australia.= He comes from Australia. 他来自Australia。

12. come out of… 从…出来

e.g. 1) The snake is coming out of the box. 这条蛇正从盒子里出来。

2) We all saw him come out of the shop. 我们都看到他从商店里出来了。

13. play with sb/an animal 和某人/某动物玩 play with sth 玩某东西

e.g. 1) The dog is playing with the children. 那只狗正和孩子们玩耍。

2) The girl is playing with a doll/toy. 这个女孩儿正在玩洋娃娃/玩具。

14. learn sth from sb 向某人学习…

e.g. 1) You can learn computer from your teacher. 你可以向你的老师学习电脑。

2) I learned an English song from Miss Gao last year.


2) All of the milk is for you. 所有的牛奶都是给你的。

16. would love to do sth 想要做某事

e.g. 1) I’d/ I would love to play computer games. 我想打电子游戏。

2) He’d/ He would love to watch TV. 他想看电视。

17. make a list of sth 做一份…的清单

e.g. 1) I’m making a list of things I like doing. 我正在做一份我喜欢做的事情的清单。

2) Tom’s making a list of food he likes eating. Tom正在做一份他喜欢吃的食物的清单。

18. a visit to+place 一次某地之旅

e.g. 1) A visit to the UN. 一次联合国之旅。2) A visit to Beijing.一次北京之旅。

19. bring sth to sb 把某物带来给某人

e.g. 1) Please bring the book to Laura. 请把那本书带来给Laura。

2)They want to bring peace to the world. 他们想把和平带给世界。 take sth to sb 把某物带走给某人

3) Please take the cake to Kate. 请把这个蛋糕带去给Kate。

20. all around= all over 处处、周围

e.g. 1) The air is all around us. But we can’t see it. 空气就在我们周围。可是我们看不见。

2) The flags are from all around the world. 这些国旗来自全世界。

21. show sb sth= show sth to sb 把某东西给某人看

e.g. 1) I want to show Daming my photos. =

I want to show my photos to Daming. 我想把我的照片给Daming看。

2) Show me your library card.= Show your library card to me.给我看看你的借书卡。

22. take a photo/picture of sb/sth 给某人/某物照一张相

e.g. 1) I want to take a photo of Tian’anmen. 我想给天安门照一张相。

2) Take a photo of Simon, please. 请给Simon照一张相。

23. pass/give sb sth=pass/give sth to sb 把某物传给/给某人

e.g. 1) Pass the stamp to Lingling.= Pass Lingling the stamp. 把邮票传给Lingling。

2) Give the present to Rose.= Give Rose the present. 把这个礼物给Rose。

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