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六年级英语期末复习卷 姓名:

_____________ 一.



1.(an ,in ,is ,are, three, rules, left, right, green, red, yellow, a ) You must know the traffic_________ if you walk _____________ a city. There ___________ always __________ lights for the traffic lights. You can cross the street at the _______________ light and you must stop at the __________light. The ______light means “wait”. If you drive __________ car, you must drive on the________ side of the road in China. But in England, people drive on the ___________ side of the road.

2. ( right to ten tenth for south at take how from by hospital )

Today is Sarah’s _________ birthday. Please come ________ her party ________ 6:00 in the afternoon. Now let me tall you ________ to go. Start ______ the bus stop. ___________ the No. 17 bus. Get off at the ___________. Walk _______ for three minutes. Find the tall building on the ________. Look ________ me in front of the door.

3. ( in am what buy this on at where with is busy magazines )

I _________ Liu Yun. I’m going to have a __________ weekend. _________ Saturday morning, I’m going to buy a new CD and some __________ in the bookstore.___________ the afternoon. I’m going to the supermarket ___________ my mother on Sunday. We are going to __________ many things for next week. We are going __________ 3:00 after lunch. _________ about you? _____________ are you going next weekend?

4. ( water long tell say sun soil plant seed cut do put sprout flower see vapour)

Do you know how to _________ a peach tree? Let me _________ you.

First, put some _________ in the pot. Then put a peach ____________ in the soil. Water the seed, ____________ it in the sun. When it’s dry again, __________ it. You can see the ____________ in a few weeks. Don’t forget to put it in the ___________ every day. Wait. You can see a big plant in several months. When can it grow peaches? Wait. It will take a

___________ time.

5. ( are is teach teaches student different same likes

housework. Now he ___________ doing the dishes. They are going to _________ pictures next weekend.

like go goes artist )

Fang Fang _______ my good friend. She is an ________ , She

___________ drawing very much. She _________ to work by car. Her parents _________ teachers. But they don’t in the ___________ school. So they don’t _________ to work together. Her father __________ math, her mother doesn’t __________ math. She teaches English. I __________ English very much. How about you ?

6. ( take like Chinese designs play engineer does is

are do comes study )

Linda and Mary ___________ good friends. Linda is an American girl.

Mary __________ from London. They ________ in the same school. Linda’s parents work in a school. They teach English. They can speak ____________ .They ________ cooking and eating Chinese food. Mary’s mother is a salesperson. Mary’s father is an __________ . He _________ cars. He often __________

7. ( teacher works accountant have are salesperson hospital

cleaner pictures doctor school teaches bank singer policeman )

Different jobs __________ different names. When you sell things in a

shop, you are a __________ . when your job is drawing __________ , you are an artist. A ___________ usually works in a ___________ and helps sick people. A __________cleans streets everyday, Tom’s father works in a ____________ and teaches lessons. He is a ___________ . Jack’s mother works in a bank. She helps the ___________ use their money well. She is an _____________.

8. ( is comes drives likes works teaches with riding taking

have take has )

Mary __________ a good friend,Amy. Amy ___________ from the USA.

Now she __________ in a company in Shanghai. Every morning she gets up very early. She ____________ a car to work. In the

evening, Miss Li ___________ her Chinese. She ______________ Chinese very much. Her hobby is ___________ a bike. This weekend, she __________ going to _________ a trip. 二.


1._______________________________________? ( 电影院) You can walk there. It’s not far.

2._______________________________________ ? I’m going to the library tonight.

3._______________________________________ ? I am going to Beijing by plane.

4.________________________________________? ( 自行车) No, I usually go to school by bus.

5.________________________________________? He likes collecting stamps.

6._______________________________________ ? She goes to work on foot.

7.________________________________________ ? Yes, Mr Li like riding a bike home.

8.________________________________________ ? Mr. Ma is a cleaner.

9.________________________________________ ? They work in a factory.

10._______________________________________ ? No. Miss Li isn’t an accountant.

11.________________________________________ ? Yes. Mr. Ma works in a hospital.

12.________________________________________ ? It comes from the water in the river.

13.________________________________________ ? Yes, it’s rainy.

14.________________________________________ ? I am going to be an actor.

15.________________________________________ ? My father likes diving.

16.________________________________________ ? My teacher goes to work by subway.

17.________________________________________ ? Yes, I’m gong to make kites tonight.

18._________________________________________? I’m going to climb mountains tomorrow.

19._________________________________________ ? I go home at 6:00 every day.

20._________________________________________ ? Mike is 11 years old.

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