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人教版四年级英语上册Unit6 Meet my family 第三课时课件

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Unit6 Meet my family


Pair work
T: Hi, Come and meet my family! S: How many people are there in your family? T: six. S: Who are they? T: They are my parents, my uncle, my aunt, my …

cake, face, name, make, date, hate, lake, race, game. ei cat, dad, hat, cap, map, bag.?

nose, note, rose, Coke, Mr Jones, hope, home.


not, lot, hot, box, dog, mom, lost, doll, got. ?

me, he, she, we, be.


bed, red, pencil, get, let, leg.


like, kite, five, nine, rice, fine, ice, time, side. ai

big, six, pig, win, milk, fit


use, cute, excuse, tube, mule.

duck, up, cup, run, cut, us, fun, bus, mum. ?

Chant again. Group and write.
face rice nose use me bag mum six leg dog cake like rose cute we cat cup milkred got he cut give


Like five seven ten six

nine red

me use make

help cut did

Men net bell

pen jet well

Let’s talk
A: Excuse me, I lost my cat. B: What’s she like? A: She is cute. Where is my cat? B: Oh, here it is. What can she use? A: She can use knife to cut. B: Oh, I like it.

Home work
总结一下字母a, o, e, i, u在单词中的发 音规律。

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