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一、 画线部分读音与其他三个不同的一项。(5分)

( )1.A、teacher B、her C、brother D、doctor

( )2.A、pear B、hear C、bear D、there

( )3.A、food B,book C、look D、cook

( )4.A、head B、breakfast C、mean D、sweater

( )5.A、eight B、night C、light D、right

二、 中英文互译。(10分)

1.the National Day 2.在周一和周二

3.walk in the mountains 4.上周

⒌在课前 ⒍a funny cartoon

7.go camping 8.参观农场

9.the first day of school 10.品尝桔子


( )1.What you do last week ?

A.do B.does C.did

( )2.We pulled carrots .

A.up B.of C.on

( )3.When’s the National Day ? .

A.In October 1 . B.Of October 1 . C.On October 1 .

( )4.Which is the third month(月份) of the year ?

A.August . B.February . C.March .

( )5.Where were you last week ? .

A.I was fun . B.I was at a camp . C.He was at a camp.

( )⒍Tom a film with his classmates last weekend .

A.watches B.watch C.watched

( )7.There two bottles of water on the desk but they not there now .

A.was ,were B.were ,are C.are ,were

( )8.We trees in our school in March or April every year .

A.plant and water B. planted and watered C. plants and waters

( )9.Helen and her parents visited a farm Monday and Tuesday .

A.in B.on C.every

( )⒑Tom is a piano lesson in the next room .He usually piano lesson every Friday afternoon .

A.have ,has B.having ,have C.having , has


1.I (go)to the cinema last Sunday .

2.We (have) an English lesson yesterday .

3.He (is) in the classroom just now .

4.What your mother (do) last weekend ? She (clean) the house

5..He (water) the flowers this moring .

6.They (play) in the parklast Saturday ..

7.I (watch) a film with my parents last Sunday .

8.Last week, we (milk) cows on the farm

五、 从B栏中选出A栏中的应答句。(10分)


( )1.How do you usually go to school? A.Yes, they did .

( )2.Did they watch a film last night ?B.We were in the teachers’office .

( )3.What did you do last week ? C.Taking photos and reading books .

( )⒋Where were you just now ? D.Yes, they are .

( )5.What’s your hobby ? E.Really?What was the score(分数)。

( )6.Come in, please.F.what present do you want ?

( )7.We had a football match with Class 2 G.Great! I want to go there .

( )⒏Tomorrow is my birthday . H.Yes, please.

( )9.We walked in the mountain last week. I.We cooked a lot of food .

( )10.Are they your good friend? J.By bike, but sometimes on foot .

六、 根据要求改写句子。(10分)

1.The students were in the cinema last Sunday .(改一般疑问句做否定回答) the students in the cinema last Sunday ?

No, .

2.I watch a film last Sunday .(对画线部分提问)

you last Sunday ?

3.The camera was in the bag just now . (改为否定句)

The camera in the bag just now .

4.She likes watching TV .(改为否定句)

She watching TV .

5.They visited a farm last week .(改为一般疑问句)

they a farm last week ?


⑴A:What you like a birthday present?

B: like a toy plane.

⑵A:What you do a ago?

B:I apples .

⑶A: you at home now ?

B:No, I .

八、 阅读短文,完成练习。(5分)

A: Yang Ling ,what did you do last Sunday ?

B: I visited Liu Tao’s grandparents.

A: Where do they live ?

B: They live in a small town near Nanjing.They have a really nicvehouse.I went there with Su

Hai,SuYang,GaoShang.Liu Tao and Ben. They were very glad to see us. Liu Tao’s grandpa showed us a lofrom different countries. His grandma cooked us a nice lunch. We liked the food very much.

A: What did you do there?

B: In the morning,we cleaned their house. In the afternoon,we worked in their garden.SuHai and Su Yangtrees and flowers. Liu Tao and Gao Shan picked apples. Ben and I planted some trees. We worked for abhours(小时).

A: Were you tired?

B: No! I like working in the garden. We had a really good time.

A: Great! I’d like to visit them, too.


( )① Wang Bing and Yang Lin visited Liu Tao’s grandparents last Sunday.

( )②On the farm, Yang Ling planted trees.

( )③Liu Tao’s grandma cooked a nice lunch.

( )④Yang Ling and Su Hai planted flowers.

( )⑤They worked on the farm for about two hours.

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