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writer 1. author→(同义词) ________ 2.possible→(副词) ________ possibly finally 3.final→(副词) ________ anxious 4.worried→(同义词) ________ 5.wind→(形容词) ________ windy dishonest 6.honest→(反义词) __________ 7.main→(副词) ________ mainly tasty 8.taste→(形容词) ________

belong to 1. 属于 ________________ 2.从……逃跑 ________________ escape from 3.用完;耗尽 ________________ use up a present for sb 4.给某人的礼物 ________________ in the sky 5.在天空中 ________________ 6.拍电影 ________________ make a movie without permission 7.未经允许 ________________ in our neighborhood 8.在我们的居民区 ________________ 9.报警 ________________ call the police

10.展览;陈列 ________________ on display/show stay away from 11.与……保持距离 ________________ be in agreement 12.意见一致 ________________ be bad for 13.对……有害 ________________ 14.诚实地说 ________________ to be honest remind sb of sth 15.提醒某人某事 ________________ make up 16.组成;构成 ________________ try one's best 17.尽力做…… ________________

1. belong to 属于;归……所有 [点拨] belong to ..... The house __________ Tom. belongs to =The house is _____________. Tom’s 2. remind v.提醒, 使记起 常考搭配 remind sb of sth 提醒某人想起某事 remind sb to do 提醒某人做某事

3. prefer v.更喜爱;更喜欢 [点拨] preferred, preferring, prefer sth. /to do/ doing

[搭配] prefer sth to sth比起某物更喜欢某物 宁愿做某事而不愿做某事 prefer doing ... to doing .... =prefer to do ... rather than do .... =would rather do .... than do .... =would do.... rather than do .....

4. suggest v. 显示;暗示 [点拨] 表示“显示;暗示”时, 其主语 往 往是事物 Her pale face suggested bad health.

[拓展] suggest 还可表示“建议” suggest +doing sth.

5. expect

v.期待, 预料

expect sb/sth 期待某人或某物 expect to do sth 期望去做某事 expect sb to do sth 期待某人去做某事


noise/ sound/ voice (1)noise指的是人们不愿听到的“噪音”, 其形容词形式是noisy。 (2) sound泛指可以听到的任何“声音”。 sound 还可接形容词(sound interesting) (3)voice指说话和唱歌的“嗓音”, 有 时也指鸟叫的声音。


There must be something visiting the homes in our neighborhood, but what is it? [句型] “There is/are +sb./sth. +doing “某处有某人(物)正在做某事”

? must 表推测时,意为“肯定、一 定”。 (注意: mustn’t 禁止) ? could, may, might 表示把握性不 大的推测,意为“可能、也许”。

? 表示否定推测时常用can’t 意为“不 可能”。

1. — Susan’s parents have bought a large house with a swimming pool. — It _____ be very expensive. A. must B. can C. mustn’t D. may not 2. Henr

y _____ be at home because he phoned me from the farm just now. A. mustn’t B. isn’t able to C. may not D. can’t 3. — Whose red backpack is this? — It _____ be Tom’s. His backpack is red. A. might B. need C. must D. can’t

1. This is the best TV set _____ is made in China. A. one B. which C. that D. it 2. He was watching the children and bags _____ were in the car. A. that B. who C. what D. which 4. —Who is the man _____ is talking to our English teacher? —Oh! It’s Mr Baker, our new math teacher. A. he B. that C. whom D. which

who / that 1. The boy _________ is standing there is my brother. who / whom / that 2. The person _______________ we are going to visit is my head teacher. 3. The book that / which he _________ bought yesterday is very interesting. that / which 4. The letter _________ is written in pencil is difficult to read.

has 5. The bike which ______ (have) a bell is Lucy’s. are 6. I like the people who _____ (be) honest.

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