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选修6 Book6Module3 reading

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Module 3 Interpersonal Relationships

友谊地久天长 Friendship Auld Lang Syne

Finish Task 1and Task 2 on your paper. (基础问题:自主学习—独立完成 ) Task1: Skimming Match the main idea Task2: Scanning 1: T or F 2: Phrases

句型: True (T) or False (F) I remember the first time I met you. 1. Danielfirst time that the first time he met It is the remembered Tom has visited Roy. China. I did this for the first time. 2. Roy put the wallet back before Daniel left Eg. thought her theIcloakroom. nice and honest, ___I
saw her. A. first time B. for the charity. 3. The £500 was raised for a first time C. the first time D. from time to time

1. 目的是 as to so in order to burst out laughing be not interested in as a result,… knock over from time to time raise money

burst into 2. 大笑起来 laughter have no interest 3. 对……不感兴趣in
4.as a consequence 结果是

knock down 5. 撞倒
6. 偶尔,有时 times sometimes/ at 7. 筹款 collect money

Time order 1. Narrative : ( 记叙文:时间顺序)

Reading skills

2.Main idea : Key words (主旨大意:关键词) 3. Detailed information: Go back to the text. ( 细节信息:回归原文)


What will happen next?

①Write down the end of the story. ② Role play.
(能力提升:小组交流— 合作探究)

Reference words and phrases are on paper.

Everyone has friends in our life, we should share difficulties and joys with our friends, especially when they meet some difficulties.

Trust friends
If you were knocked over, who would hold you? If you burst out crying, who would comfort you? If you suffered a theft, who would raise money for you? From time to time, It’s your friend, right beside you. For friendship is of great value, please trust your friends around you.

1. Find out the language points.(必做题)
2.Write your own story with your friends . (选做题)

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A good friend is my nearest relation.

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