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四年级英语上册 模块八单元测试题

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Module 8

一、 将单词与正确的音标连接起来

1. came A. / k?p /

2. last B. /w?n/

3. won C./ pr?ktis/

4. cup D./ keim/

5. practice E. /la: st/

二、 将下列字母重新排列,组成正确的单词。

1. w e h e r

2. a d h o i l

3. y s a t d e

4. v s i t i

三、 选词填空。

What where when how

1. --- did you go ? ---- I went to the Great Wall .

2. --- many ducks can you see ?

---I can see seven .

3. --- did Zhang Peng have ?

---He had a plane .

4. --- will you come ?

---I will come a few days later(···之后)

四、 将下列句子重新排列,组成一段完整的对话。

( )Where did you go ?

( )I saw many cows , sheep , ducks and hens .

( )What did you see ?

( )Yesterday was Sunday . I didin’t go to school . ( )I went to a farm .

五、 给下列问句选择正确的答语。

( )1. Did they come for the concent (音乐会)

( )2. What did Linda play ?

( )3. When did you come ?

( )4. What did Sally do last weekend ?

A. She visited her uncle and aunt .

B. Yes , they did .

C. I came last night .

D. She played the zither (古筝)

六、 选择题


( )1. What did you paint ?---I a fat panda .

A. paint B. painted C. paninting

( )2. I a toy car .

A. buys B. bought C. buyed

( )3. What you do last Sunday ?

A. Do B. does C. did

( )4. I go out . I stayed at home .

A. didn’t B. not C. don’t

( )5. ------

-----She saw some robots .

A. Where did she go ?

B. What did she see ?

C. When did she see ?

七、 按要求完成下列各题

1、 Americsn some students to England went .

2、 You won a compertition (用will 改写句子)

3、 She played the flute (对画线部分提问)

4、 I went to the zoo .(改为否定句)

5、 Mary saw lions and tigers .(改为一般疑问句)


Sam is a teacher of maths .He is not young, but he is not old.He is 40 years old.He has a round(圆的) face and black hair.He is short.There are forty students in his class.They all like him.

Now it’s in the afternoon.Look,some students are studying in the classroom.Sam is there,too.He is helping them to study maths.He is a ood teacher,and he is a good friend of his students.



( )1.What does Sam do?

A. He is a worker. B.He is a teacher.

B. C.He is a doctor. D.He is a nurse.

( )2.What colour is his hair?

A.It’s black. B.His hair is white.

C.It is brown. D.He has yellow hair.

( )3.How many students are there in his class?

A.There are fourteen students in his class.

B.There’s forty. C.He has forty. D.There are forty in it.

( )4.Sam is a good teacher,isn’t he?

A.Yes ,he isn’t. B.No,he is . C.No,he isn’t. D.Yes, he is.

( )5.What are the students doing in the classroom?

A.They are walking there. B. They are doing their lessons.

C. They are helping their teacher. D. They are good friends of Sam. Module 8


1. 来到中国

2. 为这次音乐大赛而来

3. 上星期三

4. 赢得金杯

5. 多多练习

6. 赢得比赛

7. 去动物园

8. 看到狮子和老虎

9. 外出

10. 呆在家里


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