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四年级英语上册 Module 6-7测试题

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班级 姓名 等级

一、 请根据汉语提示写出单词。

1. 汤 2.灯 3.面包 4.羊,绵羊

5.脸,面孔 6. 水果 7.鸡 8. 熊 9.猪

二、 请写出下列短语的汉语意思。 1. have a look 2. of course 3. here you are 4. turn on 5. trick or treat 6. come in 7. come here 8. ride a horse

三、 按要求写出单词的各种形式。

1.can’t (完整形式) 2. sheep (复数形式)

3. sweet (复数形式) 4.climb(现在分词)

5. run (现在分词) 6. there are(缩略形式)

四、 请找出每组单词中不同类的一项,将其序号填在题前括号里。

( ) 1. A. chicken B. dog C. face

( ) 2. A. fruit B. apple C. orange

( ) 3. A. panda B. pig C. bears

( ) 4. A. twelve B. eleven C. there

( ) 5. A. eating B.swimming C. sing

( ) 6. A. bread B. soup C. light

( ) 7. A. play B.here C. make

( ) 8. A. please B. you C. she

( ) 9. A.cake B. milk C. juice

( ) 10. A. fast B. left C. right

五、 选择正确的答案。

( )1.Hello, can I come in? Yes, .

A. of course B. thank you C. you do

( )2. Can I have rice? Yes, you can.

A. a B. some C. an

( )3.Today is Halloween.

A. Thank you. B. Sorry. C. Happy Halloween.

( )4. Can I have some sweets? .

A. Sorry, I can’t. B. Here you are. C. No, I can’t.

( )5.It’s vegetables. A. eat B. eating C.eatting ( )6. She riding a horse. A. am B.is C.are

( )7. Mum, I can’t . A. see B. watch C.look ( )8. Look the photo. A. for B. at C.in

六、 请选择合适的单词填空。

is are 1.There a horse. And there a girl. 2.There some girls in this photo. 3.There a sheep in this photo.


4.There two boys in the classroom. 5.There some cats under the tree.

七、 请给问句找到正确的答语,将序号填在题前的括号里。

( ) 1. Can I have some soup? A. Yes, I am.

( ) 2. Turn on the light. B. Sorry, you can’t.

( ) 3. Do you like bread? C. Thank you.

( ) 4. Happy birthday, Sam. D. OK, mum.

( ) 5. Can you make a cake? E. No, I don’t.

八、 连词成句,注意句子开头的字母要大写,句末加上标点。

1. I some can have noodles

2. come I can in

3. is she the cat eating

4. face you see now see her

5. is there this in a photo horse

九、 阅读理解。根据短文内容选择正确的选项。

Look at this photo. It’s in the park. There is an old man on the chair. He is reading a book. There is a boy on the bike. He is running fast. There are three children between the big trees. They are singing. There are two boys on the lake. They are rowing a boat. And there are two girls near the lake. They are playing chess. They are very happy. ( ) 1. The old man is on the chair.

A. reading a book B. running fast ( ) 2. The children between the big trees are .

A. rowing a boat B. singing ( ) 3. Two boys are .

A. rowing a boat B. running fast ( ) 4. There are girls near the lake.

A. three B. two


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