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1.Listen and choose(听,根据所听的内容在正确答语的方框内画“√”)(念三遍)

1) --Did she eat any bananas this morning?

--Yes, she did.

2) --Did he run in the first race?

--No, he didn’t.

3) —Did they clean the house this morning?

--Yes, they did.

4) —Did you watch TV last night?

--No, I didn’t.

2.Listen and check.(听,在每组内正确的图案下框中画“√”,错误的图框中画“×”)(念三遍) Tom: Hi, Mary. I had a good time yesterday.

Mary: Oh! What did you do?

Tom: Guess!

Mary: Did you visit a friend?

Tom: No, I didn’t.

Mary: Did you clean the house?

Tom: No, I didn’t.

Mary: Hmm… did you watch a movie?

Tom: No, I didn’t.

Mary: Oh, yesterday was school sports day! Did you win a race?

Tom: Yes! I won a swimming race. I came first!

Mary: Well, congratulations.

3.Listen and number(听,在每小题内用1、2、3……标号)(念三遍)

1)--What did Mocky do on Sunday?

--He visited Ken and Ann.

2)—What did Ann and Ken do last Sunday?

--They played ball in the park.

3)—What did Ann and Ken do after school yesterday?

--They went to the supermarket.

4)—What did Mocky want?

--He wanted a banana.

5)—What did Ann’s family do on Saturday?

--They ate lunch in a restaurant.

6)—What did Mocky do?

--He put a banana into his mouth.

4.Listen and match(根据所听到的内容,把姓名和对应的图画连起来)(念三遍)

Yesterday was Sunday. But John was at school. He had a swimming class.

Amy was in the hospital. She was sick. David was in a park. He had a good time.

Mary was in a library. Her brother, Mike, was at home.


8.Make the sentences.(听录音,将所给的单词先排序,然后连成一句话,写在下面的四线格内,注意大小写、标点) (念三遍)

例:I had a dream.

1)We were at school. 2)They didn’t visit a friend. 3) Peter came first. 1

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