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Fill in the blank with "have, has" or "there is , there are"

1. I ________a good father and a good mother.

2. ____________a telescope on the desk.

3. He _________a tape-recorder.

4. _____________a basketball in the playground.

5. She __________some dresses.

6. They ___________a nice garden.

7. What do you___________

8. ______________a reading-room in the building

9. What does Mike___________

10. ______________any books in the bookcase

11. My father _________a story-book.

12. _______________a story-book on the table.

13. _______________any flowers in the vase

14. How many students ____________in the classroom

15. My parents ___________some nice pictures.

16. _____________some maps on the wall.

17. ______________a map of the world on the wall.

18. David __________a telescope.

19. David's friends ___________some tents.

20. ______________many children on the hill.

1. 写出下列各词的复数

I _________him _________this ___________her ______

watch _______child _______photo ________diary ______

day ________foot ________book _______dress ________

tooth _______sheep ______box_______ strawberry _____

thief _______yo-yo ______peach ______sandwich ______

man ______woman _______paper _______juice____________

water ________milk __________rice ____________tea_____________

2. 写出下列动词的第三人称单数

drink __________go __________stay ________make ____

look __________have _________pass _______carry ____

come ________watch _______plant ________fly ________

study ________brush _________do ___________teach____________

3. 写出下列动词的现在分词

put __________give __________fly _________get ______

dance ________sit__________ run ________plant ______

take ________swim _________ask ________stop _______

take ______write __________have _______smoke ______

4. 写出下列动词的过去式

is\am _________fly _______plant ________are ________

drink _________play _______go ________make ________

does _________dance ________worry ________ask _____

taste _________eat __________draw ________put ______

throw ________kick _________pass _______do ________

5. 写出下列词的完全形式

can't _________I'd ________aren't ________they're ____

let's _________wasn't _______that's ________don't _____

when's _______didn't ________you're _______doesn't ___

he's ________she's ________I'm _______isn't _________

I've ________shouldn't _______I'll _________who's ______

6. 写出下列各词的反义词

yes _________black ________here _______new ________

different _______small _______go ______early ________

right __________down ________ask ______behind_ _____

fat ______noisy________ ill _________long__________

hot __________big ________bad ________busy____________

heavy _________fast ________low _______left _________

tall _________young ________last ____________open_____________

7. 写出下列各词的近义词

learn ________find ________near _______just now ______

look _______desk ______picture _______big__________

small __________tall __________listen __________quick_____________ nice_________ cup ______speak________ ___________

mum ________dad ________purse______ exciting _____

8. 写出下列各词的同音词

to ________by _______for ________there ____________

see ______right _______who's _________I ___________

aren't _______here ___________father ___________son________________ pear ________no ____________be _______________hi_________________ 用动词的适当形式填空

1. I ______to school from Monday to Friday. My brother often _______to school with me. Yesterday we _______to school together. We like ________to school very much. ( go )

2.They usually _______lunch at home. But last week, they ____lunch at school. ( have )

3.That______my English book. It _____new. But now it _____not here. It ______there a moment ago.( be )

4.My sister likes ________very much. She often _______at our school festival. Last term, she _______a lot of songs in the school hall. She _____beautifully. ( sing )

5.What _____ he usually _______on Sunday He usually _______his homework. Look!

He __________his homework now._______he _______his homework last Sunday Yes,

he_______.( do )

6. Do people usually_______ moon cakes at Mid-autumn Festival Yes, they do. Did

you ________moon cakes last Mid-autumn Festival Yes, I did. I _______a lot of delicious moon cakes. ( eat )

7. -----How ______you -----I _____fine. Thank you.

-----Where _____youyesterday

----I ____at home with my family

-----_______your father at home, too

----- Yes, he______. ( be )

8.Jane is a dancer. She ________every day.

Look! She ________________now. ( dance )

9. National Day is_________. A lot of people _______to Beijing two weeks ago. ( come )

10.She often ________shopping with her mother. She likes ______shopping in the shop. She _______shopping yesterday. ( go )

11.My brother _______a new wallet. I _______a wallet, too. Our wallets are from our parents. We _______them at a party yesterday. (have )

12.Where______my CD It ______not on the desk now. It _____there just now. It _____my favorite present from my good friends. They ______my classmates. ( be) 按要求改写下列单词:

1. they________(宾格) 2. country_________(复数) 3. close__________(现在分词)

4. two________(序数词) 5. Japan__________(形容词) 6. I _______ (名词性物主代词)

7. paper ______(复数) 8. swim ________(现在分词)


( ) (1). Classes begin _______ seven fifty -five .

A. in B. on C. at D. for

( ) (2). They often help _______ .

A. I B. mine C. my D. me

( ) (3). I want _______ a map of China .

A. buy B. is buying C. to buy D. am buying

( ) (4). Is it a picture ______ your school

A. of B. to C. and D. with

( ) (5). Do you like _______

A. swim B. swimming C. are swimming D. swim, too

( ) (6). The man ______ a stick (手杖)is my grandpa .

A. and B. of C. with D. for

( ) (7). Who's the lady ______ blue

A. in B. on C. at D. with

( ) (8). We usually stay _____ home ____ Saturday afternoon .

A. atin B. aton C. inat D. onon

( ) (9). A: It's a white shirt , is it yours B: No, ____ is yellow .

A. I B. My C. Mine D. Me

( ) (10). ______ any men in the room

A. Is there B. Are there C. There aren't D. There isn't

( ) (11). The bed ______ the right is yours .

A. on B. in C. at D. of

( ) (12). Look at _______ picture .

A. one B. the one C. first D. the first

( ) (13). These books are my _______ .

A. students B. student's C. students' D. students of

( ) (14). My parents often tell me ______ China .

A. about B. from C. for D. by

( ) (15). ______ any food in the fridge

A. Are there B. Is there C. Have D. Has

六, 用括号内的词的适当形式填空 5'

1. A: Where ______ you just now (be)

B: I _______ in the teachers' office.

2. Look! Liu Tao _______ in the classroom. But just now he ________ in the teachers' office.(be)

3.Liu Tao often ______ (get) up at six . It's six o'clock. But he

_______________(sleep) now.

4.My brothers _________ (like) asking ________ ( I ) some questions.

5._____________ (not walk) onthegrass .

6.What ________(do)Jim usually do on weekends


1. It a quarter to ten . W_________ having an English lesson.

2. They ______my parents . They________doctors.

3. It _____Sunday morning. It ______sunny.

4. It _____often rain in spring No , it

5. _________ you from the USA? Yes, I _____.

6. What ______Miss Li doing now?

7._______ you often play football together? No, we ________ .

8. What _______Su Yang and her sister do at the weekends ?

9. ________there any apples in the bag ? Yes, there .

10. _____he like singing? Yes, he_____ .

11.There_______ a pencil-box and some books in the desk.

12. ______ quiet , please.

13. They _______climbing the tree.

14. I'll _____ a goalkeeper.

15. _____you at home last night? No, I ________.

16. _______Mike go shopping this afternoon? No,he______ .

17. ______ there a lot of snow in winter? No, there_______ .

18.________ you feel tired? Yes, we _______.

19. ______the ball here just now? No, it_______ .

20. _______we going to see a play this weekend? Yes, we ______ .

21. Which season _____your mother like best?

22. How many bananas_____ you have?

23. How many cars _______there in the park?

24. How far _____it from here?

25. What animals ______you going to see tomorrow ?



1. Who can help ______ (she) to carry the box.

2. Mum, we are very hungry. Give ______ (we) some bread, please.

3. This is my puppet. That's ______ (you) puppet.

4. Open the door for ______(I), please.

5. Today is ______ (she) birthday.

6. David got a computer from ______ (he) parents.

7. This is your classroom. ______ (our) is next to the teachers' office.

8. My uncle has a daughter. He loves ______ (she) very much.

9. Tommy has a cute cat. ______ (it) name is Kitty.

10. Are there ______ (some) reading rooms in this building

11. ---- U like collecting coins very much.

---- ______ (I) too.

12. ---- Is there ______ (some) water in the bottle

---- Yes, there is.

13. ---- Whose books are these

---- They're ______ (they), I think.

14. ---- How many students have ______ (they) birthdays in May

---- No one.

15. What's the matter with ______ D you have problems with ______ homework (you)

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