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Unit 4 News 24/7

Active Reading One

Making the Headlines
? ? ? ? Starting Point Reading and Understanding Text Orgnization Language Points

Starting Point

Matching headline
Watch the video clip and identify the historic events.
1963: the Assassination of the US President John Kennedy 1969: the first moon landing 1983: the successful mating of 2 giant pandas in an American zoo 1989: the reunification of West and East Germany 2001: the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York 2003: the first manned Chinese space flight 2004: the tsunami which hit Asia and Africa 2007: the mouse that delayed an international passenger flight

Starting Point

Bridging information gap
Reference for Q3:
Political news Military News Economic news Natural disasters Sports& arts Odd happenings Human interest stories Entertainment & Fashion Long-running social issues Breakthroughs & triumphs

Popular Topics / Stories

Moral Issues

Celebrity news

Text Organisation

Text Organisation

1st Element

Historical and international significance (objective importance)
Odd, unexpected, human

2nd Element

3rd Element


Media Power

The advantage over the press

Text Organisation

1. Read the text and find out what historic events in the 9 headlines are interpreted in text. 2. Read the text and find out reasons why a piece of news is newsworthy.

Text Organisation

9/11 (Paras 1, 2, 4) The assassination of President Kennedy (Para 3) Mouse chase (Paras 5&6)

Historical and international dimension (Paras 1-2) Odd, unexpected, human (Paras 2&4) Odd ≠ huge. (Para 5) Immediacy (Para 7&8) Objective importance

(Para 4)

Local dimension (Para 10)

Language Points

Difficult sentence 1
It is probably not exaggerated to say that from that moment the world was a different place. (L6, Para 1) It is not exaggerated to say that… 可以毫不夸张地讲··· ··· Similar structure: 1. There is not too much/no exaggeration to say that… 2. It is not unrealistic to say that… 3. I can say without exaggeration that… The world was a different place: 这个世界与以前不一样了。 从那一刻起世界改变了模样,这样说也许并不夸张。

Language Points

sensational: causing intense interest, curiosity, or emotion;
commanding attention 轰动性的; 耸人听闻的 Homographs sentimental adj.
感伤性的, 感情脆弱的

Grouping words ? amazing ? startling ? striking ? memorable ? horrible

sensible sensitive

adj. adj. adj.

有感觉的, 明智的, 有判 断力的


? shocking

Language Points

Difficult sentence 2
So striking, so sensational, was the news that, years after the event, many people can still remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard it. (L4, Para 2)
So striking was the news that…倒装句 = The news was so striking and so sensational that… 句式结构为: Predicative +be + noun+ … 这一消息

极度震撼,极具爆炸性。事发多年以后,许多人还 能清楚地记得他们第一次听到这一消息时身在何处、当时正 在做什么。

Language Points

vt. to make a person or animal feel suddenly frightened or surprised 使···震惊 ···

adj. suddenly frightened and surprised by sth. 震惊的 Convert “startle” to “startled” and “startled” to “startle”. 1. I didn?t know you are right behind me. You startled me! I didn?t know you are right behind me. I am startled. 2. I am startled to see a face suddenly appear at the window. To see a face suddenly appear at the window startles me.

Language Points

to feel that you can understand an share sb. else?s feelings 体会 (某人)思想感情;理解并同情(某人)感受

identify with sb.

Use “identify with sb.” to replace the expressions with similar meaning.
1. Local government should not ignore the feelings of common people in the economic crisis. Local government should identify with common people in the economic crisis. 2. Local government should understand and share the common people?s aspirations toward the sustained city development. Local government should identify with common people and their aspirations about the sustained city development.

Language Points

Other Collocations of identify
identify sth. with sth. = to think sth. is the same with sth. 将···等同于···,认为···和···一致 ··· ··· ··· ··· be identified with sb./sth. = to consider sb./sth. to be connected with… 与···联系在一起,使支持,参与 ··· identify sb. as sth. = to recognize sb. 辨认、确认 Fill in the blanks with the correct phrases. 1. Most writers ________ mind _____ consciousness. identify with be identified with 2. Americans refused to ________________ the colonial authorities. 3. Children can be _______________ poor readers as identified as early as 5 years old. 4. He is viewed as cold-hearted because he didn?t seem to be able to _____________ those people caught in that identify with tragedy.

Language Points

Difficult sentence 3
9/11, in contrast, was not just international, but odd, unexpected, and (in the sense that it was possible to identify with the plight of people caught up in the drama) very human. (L6, Para 4)

括号中解释为何称911事件极具人性,可理解为:The readers were possible to feel the pains of the people who were caught up in the tragedy. And from this point of view,it was very human. the plight of people: the sad or desperate situation or predicament of people 人们的苦境 对比之下,9/11不仅具有国际性,而且奇特怪异、出人意料,还(可能 使读者对身陷那场悲剧中的人们的痛苦感同身受,从这个意义上讲)极 具人性。

Language Points

n. an idea that is like one that has been expressed before 重复,共鸣,附和 vt. to express the ideas or feelings that someone else has expre

ssed 共鸣,附和 Complete the sentences. Echoes of cries of pain 1. _________________________ (痛苦呼喊的回声) reverberate (回荡) in my heart. 2. 800 rescue workers have staged a disaster drill at the World Trade Center site in scenes that echoed images from 9/11 attacks on New York.


Language Points

v. to express something carefully in a particular way 仔细地 表达 Translate the following sentences. 1.她不知道如何表述这个问题。 She wondered how she was going to frame the question. 2. To frame a news story, journalists need to include a news story title, and the “when, where, what, who and how” elements. 构思一个新闻故事需要包括新闻故事标题和5要素——时 间、地点、人物、故事进展。

Language Points

not necessarily
not always or not in every situation 未必 Complete the conversations.

1. —It ?s cheaper to buy a flat than a house. —_______________ . not necessarily
2.— Why should we talk to those clients? won’t necessarily —Our clients __________________ understand why we are raising our prices. You need to explain that to them.

Language Points

Difficult sentence 4
But TV news is not necessarily more objective or reliable than a newspaper report… a unique viewpoint. (L6, Para 8)
not necessarily: 1) not always or not in every situation 未必··· ··· 2) is not necessarily more … than… 未必比···更··· ··· ··· 但是,电视新闻未必比报纸报道更客观或更可靠,因为你在 屏幕上看到的图像是经记者或编辑根据特殊的目的,或至少 是按照预定指示筛选过的;它们是从一个独特的视点展现给 观众的。

Language Points

v. to gradually reduce the strength or importance of something 逐步削弱,损害 Translate the following sentences 1. 报纸的销量也许下降了,但是新闻的力量并没有削弱。 Sales of newspapers maybe falling, but the power of the press has not been eroded. 2. The biggest increase in prices in three years eroded consumers? buying power, reinforcing speculation the Federal Reserve (联邦储备局) won?t raise interest rates。 价格在三年内最大的增长削弱了消费者的购买力,加剧了 对联邦储备局不提升利率的猜测。

Language Points

Useful expressions
1.巨大的国际意义 1. of enormous international significance 2. the historical and international dimension 3. Bad news travels fast.



4. momentous international consequences
5. There are echoes of the stories across the globe. 6. to have an enormous advantage over press 7. set guidelines

7.设定的方针 8.独特的视点

8. a unique viewpoint

Language Points

Useful expressions
9. 未必比…更客观可靠 9.

10. 或多或少隐蔽地影响 10. 公众的权力

量出现 11. 12. 自我广播的可能性 12.

not necessarily more objective or reliable than … the power to influence the public, more or less covertly the proliferation of personal blogs the possibility of self-broadcasting the growth of open-access webpages to reach a worldwide audience instantly the never-ending search

13. 权限开放网页的增长 13. 14. 迅即到达全球的观众 14. 15. 永不停止的搜索 15.

Active Reading Two

The Death of The Newspaper

Active reading 2: Embarkation

Eliciting opinions
Reflection: Read the last paragraph of Active reading 1 again and vote for the statement.
The newspaper is going to disappear.

The pros and cons give their supporting ideas.

Active reading 2: Embarkation

1. A tradition for some people 2. convenience 3. Influence & prestige of newspapers


The newspaper is going to disappear.
Disappear. 1.The declining revenue 2.The popularity of internet 3.The environmental impact

Active reading 2: Navigation

Text organisation
Negative response Facts or figures Positive response Argument 1 the great tradition (Para 7) Argument 2

Decline trend (Para 3)
Argument 1 Internet change (Paras 4&5) Argument 2 Negative impact on environment (Para 6)

new revenue dream and prestige of newspaper (Para 8) Argument 3

Locality (Para 9)

Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentence 3
… there?s nothing a newspaper editor likes more for reassurance about their work than feedback and opinions, as diverse as possible. (L3, Para 5) There is nothing sb. likes more than sth. (feedback and opinions). 最喜欢的莫过于(反馈和意见) for reassurance 为获得安心、安慰 as diverse as possible 尽可能地不同 报纸编辑最喜欢的莫过于给他们提供各种不同的反馈和意见, 他们能从中得到安慰。

Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentence 3
Grammatical structure: There is nothing more …than…
没有什么比···更·· ··· ·· ·

Complete the sentences in the corresponding situations.
1. 没什么比看到你的名字出现在出版物上更令人激动了。 exciting There is nothing more _______________ than seeing your name in print _________________________________________. 2. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night. 晚上不能睡觉更糟糕了 没有什么比____________________。

Active reading 2: Resources

Difficult sentence 3
Self-test: Match the correct structures with the given situation. a. There is nothing for it but do sth. 除了···之外别无他法 ··· b. There is nothing in/to sth. 没什么是真实的 c. There is nothing like sth. 没什么比得上 d. There is nothing to it. (oral)很容易 a. for it but 1. There is nothing ___________ run away. c. like 2. There is nothing ___________ a cold beer on a hot summer day. d. to it 3. Here, just press this button, there is nothing ________. b. in/to 4. There is nothing ____________ rumors about the affair.

Active reading 2: Resources

… instead of dumbing down, which is the usual way of increasing one’s market share… honour the principles of integrity and impartiality of their coverage. (L7, Para 8) dumb down:粗制滥造 smarten up: to improve the appearance of sth. 打扮、使整 洁; Word play: smart = both intelligent and well-dressed Instead of …, which is …, newspapers should do…, that is to say, … Instead of 构成状语,which 所引导的定语从句修饰 dumbing down, newspapers 所接句子为主句, that is to say 后 续部分为 smarten up 同位语,解释 smarten up 含义。
报纸不应粗制滥造(尽管这是增加市场份额的通常做法),而应该精 工细做。也就是说,尊崇以正直、诚实和不偏不倚的态度从事新闻报道 的原则。

Difficult sentence 5

Active reading 2: Resources


n. income from business activities or taxes 收入

Situational questions and answers.
revenue resources Q1: What are the three ___________________(收入来源) of the traditional newspapers? Ans: Newsstand sales, subscription and advertising. (报摊销售、订购和广告) Q2: If you were New York Times, what new ways would the ad revenue falls you explore as ____________________? (广告收入下 降) To charge for Web access Ans: ___________________________(网络收费)

Active reading 2: Resources

? ? vt. to catch sb. or sb?s attention 抓住,捕获 n. the act of catching sb. or sth 抓住,捕获

Identify the different usage of capture.
1. The book captured the little boy?s heart with its beautiful (使小男孩着了迷) illustrations (插图). 2. Becoming more creative means paying attention to that endless flow of ideas you produce, and learning to capture and act upon the new that?s within you. (捕捉脑子里的想法) 3. In his traveling report, he tried to capture the beauty of the Great Waterfalls. (记录下···的壮美) ··· 4. The criminal was captured when trying to escape from the city.

Active reading 2: Resources

Identify the meaning of the collocations.
one?s heart one?s interest/attention one?s imagination a title the headlines
成为报 纸头条 赢得某人的爱

激发某人的想象力 赢得比赛




headline news main story 头条新闻 top story lead(ing) story

to be in the headlines to hit the headlines to grab the headlines to make the headlines

Active reading 2: Resources

n. smaller than most things of the same kind 小型的,袖 珍的 a compact car 小型汽车 v. squeeze or press together; compress压紧, (使)坚实, 把… 紧压在一起 Heat and lack of rain have compacted the soil. 高热少雨使土壤固结。 a. 装填紧密的, 整齐填满的, 紧密的, 坚实的 这是个捆得很紧的包裹。 It was a compact package.

Active reading 2: Resources

nevertheless adv. despite the idea that you have mentioned

moreover adv. used for in

troducing an additional and
important idea to support what you have just mentioned

Translate sentences.

It is a difficult race. Nevertheless, nearly 1,000 runners participate it every year.

There is an increasing opposition against death penalty. Moreover, there is now evidence that many executed prisoners were innocent.
越来越多的人反对死刑。而且,有证据显示许多被执行死刑的囚犯是 无辜的。

Active reading 2: Resources

n. the quality of always behaving according to moral principles 诚实,正直

Translate the following headlines.
1. Saving newspapers at the expense of integrity? 以牺牲正直的代价挽救报纸吗? 2. Integrity: Our still cherished principles? 正直:还是我们珍惜的准则吗? 3. Saving newspapers suffered a tremendous loss of integrity and respect. 挽救报纸的过程令正直与尊重蒙受巨大的损失。

Active reading 2: Resources

Identify the meanings of the following phrases.
? a man of integrity

1. 正直的人
2. 骨气,气节 3. 硬汉 4. 领土完整 5. 完整,原封未动

? ? ? ?

moral integrity
people of unyielding integrity territorial integrity in its integrity Professional integrity

6. 职业操守

in a bid
in an attempt 企图, 努力

Translate the sentence into Chinese.
The large chains cut prices just before Christmas in a bid to support sales.

Do you think the bid to cut prices for sales is effective?

Active reading 2: Resources

refer to…as
To mention sb./sth. when you are speaking or writing 将···看作是·· · ··· ·· ·

Fill in the blank.

referred to his father as Steve Even as a child, he _______________________________ (就称呼父亲为斯蒂夫).

Collocations: identify the meanings.
refer to sth. refer back to sth. refer sb. to sb. 提及某事;有关、针对某事 再次提及 将某人提交给他人处理

Active reading 2: Resources

refer to…as
List all similar phrases in the same structure.
V. + sb./sth.+as…
define sb./sth. as … think of sb./sth. as … regard sb./sth. as … consider sb./sth. as … conceive of sb./sth. as… view sb./sth. as … take sb./sth. as … identify sb/sth. as…
将···看作是,将· · 定义为 ··· ·· ·· 将···看作是 ··· 将···看作是 ··· 将···看作是 ··· 将···考虑为/构思为 ··· 将···看作是 ··· 将···看作是 ··· 辨认,确认

Active reading 2: Resources

Word formation

? down + verb

down in compound word
The New York Times Company has downsized by 700 jobs. (Active reading 2, Para

4) ? down in phrasal verbs: verb +down

e.g. The Baltimore Sun is closing down its foreign news bureaux. (Active reading 2, Para 4 )

Active reading 2: Resources

Word formation
?Add “down” to the given wo

rds and form new words downstairs

downtown stairs


turn grade


market load

downmarke t



Active reading 2: Resources

Word formation
?Use the given words to create a sentence.
1. download, downtown After surfing the internet for hours to download useful ? information, I went downtown for shopping and entertainment. ?2. downstairs, downgrade I feel worried the executives who are discussing downstairs might downgrade me. ?3. downturn, downmarket There has been a sharp downturn in demand, most newspapers in UK have to reduce the newspaper to downmarket tabloid.

Active reading 2: Resources

?Add “down” to the given words and identify the meaning of the compound phrases

Word formation

leave a position = = reject turn down
run down turn

stand downhand down stand hand get go

= transmit = start get down go down


bring break

= criticize
lower =

bring down break down

= fall = lose control

Active reading 2: Resources

Grammatical structure
by +sb. + participle ?
by + sb. + past participle e.g. The mouse was eventually caught by a group of technicians worried that the mouse could chew through wires. (Active reading 1, Para 5 )


by +sb. + present participle

e.g. The front page headlines was changed by the editor hoping to be the first to break the news. ?

Active reading 2: Resources

Grammatical structure
?Make sentences with “by + sb. + participle” and given clues. You may begin with:


1. Traditional newspaper are still read by…
2. The Soccer stars are followed by … across the country…

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