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(整洁分:2 分)

一、 辨音,相同的写“S”不同的写“D”10% ) )

) ) ) ( )

( ) ) ) ( )

二、 词组互译(12%)

1.take off his costume 举行一场聚会

2. a VCD of Chinese cartoons 一份生日礼物

3. blow out the candles 8.放学后

4. the twentieth of November 9.在三月一日

5. Let’s wait and see.____________________ 10.什么日期

11. 住在Ben的附近 12. have a cake with lots of apples

三、 选词填空(每词只能用一次)12%

a lot of make about should off quiet in shouldn’t

always a lot on away

1. Jack ________has ________ questions.

2. He is asking Ben some questions _________ the public signs.

3. Can I go_________?

4. You must stay ________from the building.

5. Keep ________ the grass.

6. There is a sign _________ the grass.

7. Please keep __________.

8. We shouldn’t _________ noise here.

9. You __________ go out without a coat. You’ll be cold.

10. Now I know _________ about public signs.

11. You _________ brush your teeth before you go to bed every day.


1.We are _______(have) a birthday party.

2.There _______(be) a big cake.

3.He is giving Ben some ________ (cartoon).

4.There are lots of children at _______ (Ben) birthday party.

5.He_______ (blow) out the candles.

6.He has many _______(strawberry) in his basket.

7.It is the _______ (five) of October.

8.Tom, _______(come) here, please.

9.We often _______(buy) fruit at the supermarket.

10.My birthday’s coming. Let’s_______(have) a party.


( )1. Ben

A. has B. have C. having D. is having

( )2. My birthday is the 4th of January.

A. \ B. in C. on D. at

( )3. Ben and his family TV in the sitting-room now.

A. is having B. watch C. are watching D. watches

( )4. Would you like ______my home? Yes,______

A. to come to , I’d like to. B. coming, I’d like to.

C. to come, I do. D. coming, I do.

( )5. Do you usually watch cartoons? . A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I don’t. C. No, I do. D. No, I can’t.

( )6. _____that sign interesting? Yes, I think so.

A. Does B. What’s C. Is

( )7. I would like to have a cake

A. in B. to C. of D. with

( )8. Aladdin

A. takes off B. take off C. take of D. taking off

( )9.It’s time ______lunch.

A. for B. to C. for have D. have

( )10.They are talking about ______birthdays.

A. his B. they C. their D. her


1. on, the, my, birthday, is, January, of, twenty-first (.)

2. like, to, would, you, come, to, birthday, my, party (?)

3. date, what, it, is, today (?)

4. would, you, like, what, as, birthday, your, present (.)

5. does, this, what, mean, sign (?)


1. A. It’s the 17th of July

B. Sure.

C. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

D. When is your birthday?

E. Oh, your birthday is coming.

2. A. Oh, dear! What would you like as a birthday present?

B. Would you like a telescope too?

C. Yes, I like it very much.

D. I ‘d like a VCD of Japanese cartoons,

E. Mum, tomorrow is my birthday.


1.今天是几月几日?6月6日。今天星期几?星期日。 is it today?

_____________ ______________ sixth is it today? It’s .


your birthday? It’s_____ _ the 21st of__ ____.



What ______ you like______ a

______ you a _______? No, I’d like a ______ ______.

4.你的生日在五月九日吗?不,我的生日在三月份。 your birthday ______ _______ ninth of ______? No, ______ birthday is ______ ______.

九、根据上下文, 完成下列对话(10%)

Dad: Your you like a cake


Dad: Sure.

Ben: Thank you.

Mum: Can I give you some fish your birthday ? Ben: Great!

have one too, Mum?

Mum: OK!


I’m a school girl. My brother and I are twins. We are both(两个都)at school. We like school. My parents are both teachers. They work hard. My brother and I study at No.1 Middle school. There are twenty-five boys and eighteen girls in our class.

We go to school from Monday to Friday. We have no classes on Saturday and Sunday. We usually get up at six. We come to school at seven o’clock. Classes begin at eight. We have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. We have lunch at fifteen past twelve. At three fifty we have sports.

We study Chinese, Maths, English, History, Politics and other lessons. We like Chinese. We like English, too. Some of us are good at it.

We go home at five o’clock. We have supper at six o’clock. We do our homework at seven every evening and go to bed at half past nine, but sometimes we go to sleep at about ten.

( )1. My brother is and I am .

A. a worker, a student B. a student, a worker

C. a student, a teacher D. a student, a student

( )2. We have at fifteen past twelve.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. dinner(饭)

( )3 We begin to do our homework from to every evening.

A.Monday , Friday B. seven, half past nine

C. school, home D. six , eight

( )4. There are

A. eighteen, twenty-five B. some, any

C. twenty five, eighteen D. many, much

( )5. Do they often have sports in the morning or in the afternoon?

A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t.

B. In the morning. D. In the afternoon..

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