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牛津6A 六年级期末考试(英语试卷)

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班级_________ 姓名_________ 成绩_________



( ) 1、A.21st B.12th C.22nd D.11th

( )2、A. June B. July C. August D. October

( )3、A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Friday D. Saturday

( )4、A. collected B. planted C. tasted D. picked

( )5、A. Science Festival B. Sports Festival

C. Games Festival D. Food Festival

( )6、A. calculator B. skateboard C. vegetable D. delicious

( )7、A. hers B. his C. ours D. theirs

( )8、A. take off B. get on C. put on D. get off

二、听录音,给下列图片标号 6%

三、听问题,找答案 6%

( )1、A. Yes, we did. B. We plant trees on the farm .

C. We planted trees and flowers in the garden.

( )2、A. No, I wasn’t . B. I was in Liu Tao’s house.

C. I had a good time.

( )3、A. It was the third of June. B. It was Monday.

C. It’s the third of Jane.

( )4、A. They eat a lot of delicious food and visit their relatives and friends.

B. They watch the moon and eat moon cakes.

C. They dress up in costumes and go to parties.

( )5、A. Danger B. Yes, it does C. No, it doesn’t

( )6、A. Sure. B. Yes, you can . C. No, you can’t

四、听录音,填写所缺单词 10%

1、A: watches are they? B:They’re

2、A:What did you do last week ? B: I some pictures.

3、A: the Festival? B: It’s in

4、A:How many are there in a year? B: There’re .

5、A:What does it mean ? B: It means .


一、选出下列画线部分读音不同的单词,将其序号填入题前括号内 5%

( )1、A. her B. worker C. doctor D. sister

( )2、A. near B. pear C. year D. dear

( )3、A. food B. cook C. room D. school

( )4、A. many B. get C. any D. hat

( )5、A. seat B. read C. sweater D. mean

二、中英文互译 15%

1、7月3日 _______________ 2、拔胡萝卜 _______________

3、玩得开心 _______________ 4、春 节 _______________

5、问和答 _______________ 6、blow out the candles _______________

7、dress up in costumes_________ 8、watch the dragon boat races______________

9、visit relatives and friends _________ 10、have a chat _________

三、选择填空 10%

( )1、When’s your birthday? It’s January.

What would you like _____ a birthday present? I would like a yo-yo.

A. on for B. in as C. on, with

( )2、Where you Just now? I at school.

A. were was B. were ,were C. was, were

( )3、 pass the ball to him . Pass it to .

A. Not ,her B. Don’t her C. Don’t he

( )4、What does it mean? It means you shouldn’t .

A. smoking B. smok C. smoke

( )5、 you your grandparents last weekend?

A. Did , visited B. Did , visit C. Do, visited

( )6、Last Friday ,They a race.

A. had, running B. haved , running C. had , runing

( )7、I a kite and it on the wall yesterday

A. maked, puted B. made ,put C. made , puted.

( )8、It is an __________day , we are all very .

A. excited, exciting B. exciting , exciting C. exciting ,excited.

( )9、we usually moon cakes ,we a lot of delicious.

A. eat ,ate B. eat, eated C. ate ,ate

( )10、Whose book is it ? It’s not book ,It’s

A. my ,her B. mine ,hers C. My , hers

四、句型匹配 8%


( )1、What’s your favourite holiday? A. They’re Jim’s

( )2、When’s your birthday? B. She planted some trees.

( )3、What did she do on the farm? C. It’s the 21st of January

( )4、Did you have a wonderful time? D. It means keep off the grass last Christmas? ( )5、Whose gloves are they? E. They’re in Jim’s desk.

( )6、What date is it today? F. Halloween.

( )7、What does this sign mean? G.. Yes, we did.

( )8、Where are your gloves? H. It’s on the 21st of January.

五、用所给词的适当形式填空 10%

1、Jim’s Parents are doctors, my parents are (farm)

2、My birthday’s on the (five) of February.

3、I (go) to parties with my friends last weekend.

4、I like (collect) stamps very much.

5、Jim always (have) a lot of questions.

6、Did you go (swim) last Sunday?

7、It means you shouldn’t (cycling) here.

8、Is this your book ? No, it’s (he)

9、Please help (they ) do some housework.

10、Look ,they are (sing and dance).

六、找出下列各句中的错误,将序号填在括号内并在横线上改正。6 %

( )1、We sang English songs and do some Chinese dances last night. _________


( )2、Is it yours? No, it isn’t mine book. It’s his. _________


( )3、I’d like to buy a cake with a lots of strawberries . _________


( )4、Look, your pen is on the ground. Pick up it. __________


( )5、I like drinking . I drinked some tea last night. __________


( )6、A pair of glass are on her desk. __________


七、根据汉语提示,完成下列各句 10%


A:What did you do a ________ _________ ?

B:We ____ the pictures on the wall near the school ______ .

2、我爸爸的生日是在九月九日. My Father’s birthday is on the ______ of _______ .


Yang ling’s uncle _____ in a small ______ near Nanjing.

4、 这些不是我的礼物,那些是我的 . These are not my ________ .Those are ________ .

八.阅读理解:正确的“√”表示,错误的“×”表示 6%

A: Yang Ling ,what did you do last Sunday?

B: I visited Liu Tao’s grandparents.

A: Where do they live?

B: They Live in a small town near Nanjing .They have a really nice house. I went there with Su Hai ,Su Yang , Gao Shan, Liu Tao and Ben. They were very glad to see us. Liu Tao’s grandpa showed us a

A: What did you do there?

B: In the morning ,we cleaned their house. In the afternoon. we worked in their garden. Su Hai and Su

A: Were you tired?

B: No! I like working in the garden. We had a really good time.

A: Great ! I’d like to visit them ,too.


( )①Wang Bing and Yang Ling visited Liu Tao’s grandparents last Sunday.

( )②On the farm ,Yang Ling planted trees.

( )③Liu Tao’s grandma cooked a nice lunch.

( )④Yang Ling and Su Hai planted flowers.

( )⑤They worked on the farm for about two hours.

( )⑥They didn’t have a good time. Yang watered the trees and flowers . Liu Tao and Gao Shan picked apples .Ben and I planted some trees. We worked for about two tours (小时) lot of stamps from different countries. His grandma cooked us nice lunch. We liked the food very much.

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