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My First Day at Senior High

Read the school diary and find…
? something diferent from Li Kang’s Junior High school the method of teaching; more students in the class ? two things important to do in class reading comprehension and speaking ? two things that the English teacher wants to improve spelling and handwriting

four After reading the text,we can divide it into _____ parts.now please fill in the following table according to the text. Parts The main idea of each part
Part 1( paragraph 1) Part 2( paragraph 2) Self--introduction My new school

Part 3(paragraph3-5) My new English teacher and English class Part 4( paragraph 6 ) My new classmates

I’m Li Kang, a Senior High student coming from Shijiazhuang, the capital of _______________.Now I’m writing Heibei Province down my thoughts about the first day at Senior High school. In my new school, the teachers are ______________________ and enthusiastic and friendly amazing the classrooms are ________. Our English teacher, Ms. Shen, is interesting a very enthusiastic woman, and her class is really __________. In my opinion, her teaching method is special. In the first class, ______________ we __________ ourselves to each other. Everyone was very introduced friendly though some of them were ____________ at first. Then embarrassed we followed Ms. Shen’s instructions and worked by ourselves. In a word, I like her __________ attitude very much, and the other student’s behavior shows that they also like her. There are sixty-five students in my class---more than my _________ class previous in Junior High, and everyone is ____________. hard-working

Noun correction encouragement enjoyment explanation fluency

Verb correct encourage enjoy explain / misunderstanding misunderstand progress / pronunciation

Adjective / / enjoyable / fluent / progressiv e

Choose the best answer:
1. — Oh, dear. I forgot the air tickets. — You_______ something. A. have left B. √ are always leaving

C. are leaving D. always left

2. I _____ ping-pong quite well, but I haven’t have time to play since the New Year.

A. will play
C. played

B. have played
D. play √

3. I can guess you were hurry. You ___your sweater inside out. A. had worn B. wore

C. were wearing D. are wearing
4. — What do you think of this kind of TV set, which _____ in Shanghai? — Well, I don’t care about such things.

A. was made
C. has been made

B. √ is made
D. had been made

Thank you

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