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5A 适当形式填空1


1.Do you like _______ (run) after dogs? No, I _______(do).

2.What do you _____(like)? I like _____ (sit) on the ball.

3.What ____ (do ) Liu Tao _______ (have)? He _______ (have) a towel.

4.What is Jack ____ (do)

He’s _________(listen) to music.

5. Don’t _______ (draw) on the desk.

6..Don’t forget _____ (open) the door

7.I’d like ____ ____ (climb) the tree.

8.There _____ (be) some chicken in the tin.

9.__________(not make) a model plane.

10.What_____ (be) near the garden? There______(be ) a lot of houses.

11.I _____ (not) have a telescope.

12 They like_____ (fly) kites after class.

13.______ you ____ (like) milk?

14. Look, the bird ______ (sing) in the tree.

15. Can Kate _____(ski)? Yes. Look, She ________ (ski) over there.

16. Here ______(be) some change for you.

17. My parents like ______ (drink) tea. Now, they ______ (drink) tea in the room.

18. How many students want _______(be) a doctor?

19. I like ____ (have) fruit. Now I ___________ (have) fruit with my parents.

20. What can your brother _____(do ) ? He can ____ (write) in English.

What ____your brother _____(do) now? He ___________ (write) words.

21. _______ (not read) the newspaper.________ (read) the magazine ,please.

22. What _______ the children _______(have)? They _______ (have) some cards. . What _______ the woman _______(have)? She ______(have) a storybook.

23. The boy ______ a yo-yo and his parents ______ some books. (have)

24. Let’s _______(make) a cake now.

25. Would you like __________(join) us?


5A 适当形式填空1

26. Shall we ______(learn) the English song now?

27. I don’t know how _______ (cook) rice.

28. Please show us how _______(clean) the window.

29. Why don’t we _______(buy) a mask?

30. I’ll _______(play) basketball with you.

31. How many _______(child) do you have?

32. Are there ______(some) flowers behind the house? No, there aren’t _______.

33. Would you like _______(some) apples?

34. Look at the_______(mouse). ______(them) are dancing.

35. Can you help______ with _____ English? (he)

36. Where is Nancy? Who can find ______(she)?

She’s under the _______(teacher) desk.

37. This is the ______(one) lesson of the new term.

38. How ______ (many) is the lantern? It’s twenty yuan.

39. All the ______(watch) are on the desk.

40. What do you like? I like ______. And I like ______ masks. But I don’t like that ________. (monkey)

41. How many ______(apple) trees can you see? I can see _______(a) apple tree.

42. What are ______(they) jobs? They’re ______(doctor).

43. Is she sleeping? No, you’re ______(right). She is reading.

44. Where is Mr Li? He’s at the ______(camp) site.

45. Do you have any ______(tin) of ______(chicken)?

46. Can you buy a card ______(four) me?

47. I want to draw a picture. Do you have any _______? Look at that man. He is reading two________. Perhaps he has some. (paper) .

48. Can you play ________(piano)? No, I can’t. But I can play _____(football).

49. Helen can play ______(card). And Yang Ling can play ______(chess).

50. Here’s some _______(change) for you.


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