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1.Do you like _____ (swim)? No, I ______.

2.What do you _____(like)? I like ____ (mango).

(have)? He ___ (have) a pen.

4.What is Nancy ____ (do) ? She’s

5.How many (horse) are therer in the zoo?

6.Don’t _____ ( forget ) ________ (have) lunch.

7.I’d like ________ (draw) the dogs.

8.My teacher ____ (be) in the sitting room.

9.__________(not sit)on the floor.

10.What_____(be)on the wall?There____(be)some pictures .

11.I _____ (not) have a watch.

12. They like_____ (play) basketball after class.

13.______ you ____ (like) . (come)

15. Can Kate _____ (dance)? Yes, she can. Look, she _________ (dance) over there.

16.Do you like ____(sing)? Yes, I can. I can _____(sing) many songs.

(listen) to music. Now, they _______ to music in the sitting room. (swim). But I can’t ____ (swim) well.

19. I like ____ (play) football. Now I ______ football with my friends.

20. What can your mother _____(do ) ?She can ____ (dance). What____your mother _____(do) now? She _________ (dance).

21.______,. ______ (wash) clothes,please.

22. What _______ the children _______(have)? They _______ (have) some cards.

23. What _______ the woman _______(have)? She ______(have) a storybook.

24. The boy ______ a yo-yo and his parents ______ some books. (have)

25. Let 26. Would you like _______(join) us?

27. Shall we ______(learn) the English song now?



28. Please show (I)how _______ (cook) rice.

29.I’ll _____(play) basketball with you.

Helen______(write)the new words? Yes,she is.

(be) there 32.There (flower)in the vase.

33.Please go and help (who) umbrella is this? It’s (Nancy).

35.They like (fly) kites with (they) friends.

36.We go

(watch) TV in the bedroom now.


4. Let’s ______(play) basketball .

(clean) the classroom now?

6. It’s time to ___(have) lunch. Let’s ___ (go). (not), (swim).

(have) in the morning?

10. Mike’s sister is________ (cook) nice food. I _______ (like) eating it very much.

11. May I ________(speak) to Mike? This is Mike ______ (speak).

12. Oh,There ____ (be) many pears in the box.

No, they’re________(YangLing)

14. Children’s Day is ____(come), our parents would like _______(buy)things for ______(we).

_ (ride) a horse.

17. Look! ________your father __________ ( make) model ships over there?



18. The students would like __________ (play )football after class.

1.I want to buy two________(watch).

2.It’s about 6 o’clock. Let’s _____(go)to the cinema.

3.I don’t know______(she) name.(地址)

4.She________( want) ______(go) to a movie.

5.I _________(not want) to go shopping with her.

6.Li Lei ________(have) a good friend.

7.My __________(teacher) name is Gao Lin.

8.There______(be) a book under the desk.

10.I have three nice_______(sweater)

11.Lucy is an__________(America) girl.

12.How (be) you free now?-Sorry, I busy. playground. And (run). (sing) in the music room. (write) an e-mail to his English friend in the study. bedroom now. (ski).

19. Let’s (go) and

21. It’s time (have) lunch. Let’s



23. Miss Green


25. He and his father can

27. Look, Mike is 28. WangBing usually the Internet. ---Yes,

29. Ben

30. How many (lesson) do you______ (have) in the morning?



(swim) in Summer(夏天). fruit?

---Yes, I

35. (do) your father (watch) TV in the evening? ----No, he

37. Tom usually (play) football after school.

40. Pingping

41. What

---He usually (grow) flowers in the evening.

42 Mr Green (like)_________(draw) pictures. (do) after school?

47 . English, Chinese, Maths, Science and Art at school.

48. Don’t ___ (be ) late again.

49. Look, the bus ______ (come).

50. My father can ____ (ride) a horse.

51. Listen , the girl in the classroom _____(sing) an English song.

52. The students would like ______ (play )football after class.

53. What can you _____ (do )? I can _____ (run). But I ________(skate ) now.

54. What lessons _____ (do ) you ____ (have) in the morning? We have four.


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