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剑桥少儿英语一级上期末测试卷 满分:100

姓名---------- 分数--------


1.( )A. bag B. bat C. hat 2 . ( ) A. pen B. bed C. hen 3 . ( ) A. dog B. hot C. fog

4. ( ) A .kite B .bike C. ride

5. ( ) A. nose B. rose C .home

6. ( ) A. My new book B. My big cat C. My black dog

7. ( ) A. Where is Sam B. What is it C.Which is Miss Pear

8. ( ) A. pick and put B. hide and seek C. bounce the ball 9 .( ) A. I’ve got one B. I’d like one C.I want one 10 .( ) A. Please wait B. Hurry up C. Let’s go


1.-what colour is it?


A. big B. red C. old

2.-what’s this,Mr Li?


A. It’s a goat. B. Sorry C. Thank you

3. This __my new bag..

A. is B. are C. am

4.-__is Sam?

-He must be in the lemon house.

A. What B. Where C. Which

5.- What would you like, Sir?

-____ .

A. I want some apples . B. I’d like one. C It’s a goat.


鼻子 蓝色 书包 苹果 汽车

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Bounce the ball What is it? How many?

( ) ( ) ( ) This is my friend. This is a beautiful house.

( ) ( )


1.【ai】 A .bike B. kite C. hid

2. [ei] A. cake B. bag C. name

3. [e] A. bed B. pen C. bag

4. [i] A. hid B. kit C. nice

5. [ju:] A. cute B. duke C. bus


1. A. pencil B. ruler C. dog

2. A. elephant B. cow C. orange

3. A. coconut B. mango C. carrot

4. A. eye B. car C. ear

5. A. plane B. train C. dress

6. A .blue B. bus C. brown

7. A. one B. three C. sheep

8. A. under B. behind C. kick

9. A. catch B. book C. pick

10. A .boy B. girl C. goat


1. What is it? A. Nice to meet you,too.

2. How many? B. It’s red.

3. Nice to meet you! C. It’s a cat.

4. Hello! I’m Pat. D. I’d like one ,please.

5. What colour is it? E. I’m Lucy.


1. my is this book

2. are blue the windows

3. on it’s the desk

4. some want I apples


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