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1.dollar(复数) 2.want(三单)

3.much(比较级) 4.waiter(对应词)

5.have(过去式) 6.hungry(对应词)

7.have(三单) 8.these (

9.cold (反义词) 10.heavy (

11.photo(复数) 12.day (

13.carries (原形) 14.orange(

15.them (主格) 16.say (

17.dark (对应词) 18.high(

19.he (宾格) 20.this(



3.进来 4.

5.all our food 6.wave to say goodbye

7.walk to school 8.do exercises

9.听收音机 10.

11.help you 12.make birthday card

13.fly away 14.

15.有趣的一天 16.sing in the tree

17.踢足球 18.have a picnic

19.在星期二 20.look for

21.在图书馆 22.this afternoon 对应词) 反义词) 反义词) 复数) 第三人称单数) 同义词) 对应词) 2.多少钱 坐下 吃冰淇淋 生日快乐

23.say goodnight 24.在树下

三、 选择填空

( )1.Is it really a dog?

A Yes, it isn't. B No, it is. C No, it isn't.

( )2.How much is the hot dog?

A Two B Three dollars C Four hot dogs

( )3.What do you drink, juice or tea?

A Yes, I do. B No, I don't. C Juice, please.

( )4.________ bananas do you want?

A How much B How C How many

( )5.What does Simon want to drink?

A He wants to drink meat. B He wants to drink tea.

C He want to drink milk.

( )6.How many sheep are there on the hill?

A Ten dollars B Twenty C Ten yuan

( )7.Please give_____your pen. _____pen isn’t here.

A.I, My B.me , I C.me , Mine D.me , My

( )8.The girl ____a red sweater is ______duty today.

A.in , on B.in, in C.on, in D.on, on

( )9.Let ____play football.

A.our B.us C.we D.ours

( )10.It’s very cold , _____your coat, please, Kate.

A. put B. put on C. puts on D. put in

( )11.They____ an English class now.

A.are having B.are having C. having D.is having

( )12.______are you late for school ? I’m sorry.

A.When B. What C. How D. Why

( )13.Shall we ______home?

A.go B.going C.goes D.went

( )14.Here ___________ two desks in the middle of the classroom.

A are B is C have D has

( )15.I _____ to school by bus this morning .

A.walked B.went C.come D.came

( )16.Where is the bird ? It's _______ the tree.

A.inside B.in C.on D.outside

( )17.My father is tall , but your father is ______ him .

A.all B.taller C.taller than D.tall than

( )18.Mary ______ a Chinese book.

A.is B.has C.have D.does

( )19.This is Mr Wang's room . __________ room is clean .

A.His B.He C.Himself D.Her

( )20.Sam and Damon ______ a funny day last Saturday .

A.have B.has C.had D.were

( )21.Here ________ the photos .

A.is B.are C.have D.has

( )22.Look ! The ducks are ________.

A.swimming B.eat C.hungrily D.hungry

( )23.__old man is __teacher. He likes playing ___basketball after supper.

A. An, a, / B. The , a, / C. An, the ,the D. The, a, the

( )24.There _____some fish in the river.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( )25.I can _____English, but not ______.

A.say, much B.speak, many C. speak, much D.say,many

( )26._____do you like China?

A. Whom B. How C.Who D. Which

( )27.Do you often get up ____six ____Sunday morning?

A. on, at B. at, on C. in, on D.at, in

( )28.The students are playing _____.

A. a football B. footballs C.the football D. football

( )29.My grandma is old. Look! They are walking_____.

A. quietly B. slow C. slowly D.quick

( )30.How do you go to school? ________.

A. I have a bike. B. By bike. C. On bike. D. Bike.


1.want, to , what, do, eat, you.

2.much, a , is, how, hamburger.

3.some, I, want, noodles, too. 。

4.go , us, tree, that, let , under.

5.party, we , a , going, have, to , are.


1.Does he __________(want) an apple?

2.My father _______(want) a cola and I ____(want) some milk.

3.Can you help _________(I)?

4.Let’s go and help _________ (he).

5.Can ____________(they) help her? I don’t know.

6.The boy is crying . He’s very t_________.

7.I want to eat something . I feel h___________.

8.It’s going to be s____________ tomorrow.

9.He’s got a b___________ present.

10.We’re going to have a picnic at half p________ twelve.

11.I won the game yesterday. I am the w___________.

12.Look, we ________(have ) an English class .

13.There ______( be)a baseball game in our school next Saturday .

14.A long time ago ,there ______(be)an old man who was very patient .

15.Sam __________(not clean )his room.

16.I want a hamburger. It ___________(look) good.

17.What did you do yesterday evening?I w_______TV with my family.

18.The balloons are f______________ away.

19.He’s trying to g__________ off the bus.

20.Be c______________! That’s the cake.


The Whites always get up early every day. In the morning father always goes to work. Sandy and Sue always go to school. Mother usually stays at home. At noon , Sandy and Sue always have lunch at school. In the afternoon , Sandy and Sue come from school. They usually arrive home early. In the evening, Sandy and Sue always do their homework. At night, they go to bed early., but it's difficult for them to fall asleep.


( ) 1 The Whites mean all the members of Mr White's family.

( ) 2 Sandy is Mr White's daughter and Sue is his son.

( ) 3 Mr White, Sandy and Sue leave home in the morning except Mrs White.

( ) 4 Sandy and Sue can get home early in the afternoon.

( ) 5 Sandy and Sue like sleeping

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