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Class(班级)_______ Name(姓名)Score(成绩)____


( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (



11.r_ce 12.tow_ 13.st_nd 14._wful 15.aga_n

16.l_ st 17.t_me 18.wee_ 19.sm_le 10.p_ cket

20.sl_wly 21.a_tumn 22.ag_ 23.f_shion 24.t_ll

25.h_pe 26.m_ney 27.h_liday 28.m_ss 29.f_lm

三. 按要求完成下列单词及短语。(18分)

30.go(单数第三人称) _______ 31.watch(过去式) _______

32.buy(过去式) _______ 33.lose(过去式)_______

34.have(过去式) _______ 35.meet(过去式)_______

36.cut(过去分词) _______ 37.see(过去分词) _______

38.do(过去分词) _______ 39.sell(过去分词) _______

40.take(过去分词) _______ 41.come(现在分词) _______

42.rain(现在分词) _______ 43.conversion _______

44.几乎______________ 45.for sale_______

46.属于_______ 47.cinema_______


48. ----Give me a book, please. ----Which book? This ?

A. one B. It C. ones

49. ----Here you are. A. Yes B. Thank you C. You’re right.

50.There a pen in the pencil-case.

A. is B. am C. are

51. There is a beautiful picture the wall.

A. in B. at C. on

52. I often go to school on foot because my house is my school.


A. between B. near C. far away

53. the window and air the room.

A. Open B. Shut C. Knock

is my book? ----It’s on the table.

A. When B. What C. Where

55. ----What is Mr. Jones ? ----He is reading newspaper.

A. do B. doing C. does

56. are you going to do tomorrow? ----I am going to watch movies.

A. When B. What C. Where

57. ---What are you going to do with that money?

----I am going to some books.

A. bought B. buys C. buy

58. Look! The plane is flying the bridge.

A. on B. across C. over

is climbing the tree? ----Tim is climbing the tree.

A. Who B. When C. Which


60. I’m reading an interesting book. (改为否定句)

61. I had some sweets in my school bag yesterday. (改为否定句)

62. It was very cold in winter last year.(改为一般疑问句)

63. I have already opened the window. (改为一般疑问句)



66. She cleaned the kitchen yesterday.(用tomorrow改写句子)

67.You must go to sleep now.(用had better改写句子)

68. We had better leave this afternoon.(用must改写句子)

69. The student are going to fly kites.(用will改写句子)




A.Does it often snow in winter B.What’s your name

C.I’m Chinese D.Which season do you like best E.Where are you from

Li Ming:Hello,my name is Li Ming.__70__?

Jack: My name is Jack.

Li Ming:How do you do?

Jack: How do you do?

Li Ming:_71__?

Jack: I’m from England.And you?

Li Ming:__72__.I come from China.

Jack: What’s the climate like in your country?

Li Ming:It’s often cold in winter and hot in summer.

Jack: __73_?

Li Ming:No.In winter it often snows in North China,but it often warm in South


Jack: __74__?

Li Ming:I like summer best.I can swim in the river.

Jack: Summer is my favourite season,too.


A.Do you want one B.I like blue best C.Give you the change(零钱)

D.I want some pencils,please E.And I want a bottle of blue ink(墨水),too

Assistant:Can I help you?

Man: __75__.

Assistant:What color do you like?

Man: _76_.

Assistant:Here you are.

Man: __77__.

Assistant:Sorry.I only have black ink.__78_?

Man: Yes,please.

Assistant:Is that all?

Man: That’s all.

Assistant:Wait a moment.__79__.

Man: Thank you very much.



80.What about some apples?

81.The boy comes from Italy.

82.To tell you the truth,I don’t like tea either

83.I don’t like spring and winter.

84.What nationality is he?

85.Tom’s father takes him to school every day.

86.Let’s go into the garage and have a look at it.

87.I have lived here for twenty years.

88.Jack is a very lucky man.

89.What time will the next train leave?

八. 阅读短文,选择正确的答案。(10分)

My name is Jim. My favorite day is October l8th, because it's my birthday. I am very happy on that day. I eat eggs for breakfast. Then my friends come to my home and play with me. We sing and dance. Someone plays the piano and someone plays the guitar. Lucy is very nice. After lunch, my parents take me to see a movie. My favorite movies are comedies and action movies. After supper, my parents, my sister and I watch TV. Then I go to bed at ten thirty. I don't do my homework on that day. I am very tired but happy on my birthday.

90. Jim's birthday is on .

A.October 8th B.October 18th C.December8th

A. comedies B.action movies C.A and B

A. 10:30 B.10:13 C.10:00

A. Yes, he does. B.No, he doesn't C.No, he isn't.

A.Tired B.Happy but not tired. C.Tired but happy. 4

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