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1、( ) Wh_n A 、e B 、o C、 a D、 i

2、( ) Week_nd A、o B 、e C、i D、a

3、( ) Spr_ng A 、e B 、O C 、i

4、( ) S_nny A 、e B 、i C、 a

5、( ) Sw_m A 、u B 、a C 、e

6、( ) Wh_ A 、u B 、a C 、y

7、( ) J_ly A 、u B 、A C 、e

8、( ) D_te A、 a B、 e C 、o

9、( ) R_n A、 a B 、u C 、e

10、( ) H_ney A、a B、 u C、e


1 dancing is monkey the .


2 mother doing the what is ?


3 he the is watching fish . D、 a D、 u D 、i D 、 i D 、o D 、y D 、i D、o

_____________________________________________________ 4 beautiful spring is .

_____________________________________________________ 5 usually snows winter .


三、连线题(10分) January Christmas Day March National Day June Children’s Day October Tree-planting Day December New Year’s Day


take_________________ fly________________ run__________________ swim______________ play_________________ see________________ read_________________ have_______________


when usually what sometimes how much how many

which why because in

1、_________birthday are there in May?

2、_________is your birthday?

3、I________go to school at 6:00.

4、I often go home at 4:00,_____________ I go home at 5:00.

5、I like that dress,_____________ is it ?

6、___________season do you like ?

7、____________do you like spring?

8、I like summer,___________________it is sunny and warm.

9、__________are you doing ?

10、 My birthday is ______February.


( )1、当你想要询问别人的生日是什么时候时,应该如何问:

A When do you have breakfast?

B When is your birthday?

( ) 2、打电话时说:“我是小明”。该如何说:

A I am Xiaoming.

B This is Xiaoming .

( )3、“你最喜欢哪个季节?”如何说:

A Which season do you like best?

B What are you doing now ?

( )4、我的生日是一月一日,用英语怎么说:

A My birthday is on January first.

B My birthday is in January first.

( )5、“你正在做什么?”如何表达:

A What are you doing?

B What do you do ?

( )6 What is your father doing ?如何回答:

A He is writing a letter.

B He is a teacher.

( )7、她正在做什么?如何表达:

A What is he doing ?

B What is she doing?

( )8、“你想问今天是几号”该如何说:

A What time is it ?

B What’s the date?

( )9、“新年是什么时候”怎样表达:

A When is Children’s Day?

B When is New Year’s Day?

( )10 Are they eating the honey?肯定回答:

A No, they aren’t.

B Yes, they are










It’s summer.Zoom and Zip swim in the lake.they are happy.“I like summmer,”says Zip.“Why do you like summer?”asks Zoom.“because I can swim in the lake.”

It’s fall.Zoom and Zip go hiking.They eat a lot.

Wintercomes.Zoom and Zip don’t skate.They sleep.

Spring comes.Zoom and Zip wake up .They fly kites.“I like winter,”says Zoom.“Why do you like winter?”aska Zip.“Because I can sleep a long time.”

( ) It’ summer,Zoom and Zip go hiking.

( ) Zip can swim in the lake.

( ) Zip can sleep for a long time

( ) Winter caomes.Zoom and Zip sleep。


一、1-5 ABCDD 6-10 CAABD


四、taking flying running swimming playing

seeing reading having

五、1-5 how many when usually sometimes how much

6-10 which why because what in

六、1-5 BBAAA 6-10 ABBBB

七、one nine second eighth tree twentith twelfth


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