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( )1. A.horse B.house C.hurry

( )2. A.contest B.concert C.country

( )3. A.8:45 B.7:15 C.8:15

( )4. A.machine B.match C.museum

( )5. A.envelope B.eleven C.elephant


( )1.A.All right B.You’re right C.That’s all right

( )2.A.Yes, I do. B.I like winter best. C. No, I like autumn.

( )3.A.No, he isn’t. B. Yes, he can. C. No, he doesn’t.

( )4.A.He goes to a park. B. I will see a play. C.She is dancing.

( )5.A.Yes , please . B.Yes, I’d love to. C.No, thanks.

三、 根据你所听到的对话及问题,选择正确答案,听两遍。(5分)

( ) 1. A. Playing chess. B. Reading. C. Listening to music.

( ) 2. A. Yes. B. No. C. I don’t know.

( ) 3. A. The cinema. B. The park. C. The theatre.

( ) 4. A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. C. Summer.

( ) 5. A. Peter. B. Liu Tao. C. Tom.


1.The station is in ______ of my school .

2.We have eight ______ this ______.

3.Yesterday Liu Tao ______ about Peter in the _______.



1、在乡下 2、have a chat

3、祝好 4、finish primary school

5、去散步 6、do better in ___

7、大部分时间 8、black and blue _ __

9、每5分钟 ____ 10、get my purse back


( ) 1、The teacher told us _______ the holiday.

A.about B.with C.to D.on

( ) 2. My birthday is ______the 2nd of June .

Nancy’s birthday is _____June ,too.

A. on on B. in on C. on in D. in in

( )3. _____ she ran faster than the thief,______she stopped him.

A.Because so B.Because / C.so Because D.and with

( )4.The weather ____warmer and the trees ______green in spring.

A.get turn B.gets turns C.gets turn D.get turns ( )5. Do you have brothers sisters in your family?

A. some and B. some or C. any or D. any and ( )6. There is a lot of ________ in spring there.

A. rain B. rains C. rainy D. rainly ( )7. Who _____to clean the blackboard______ afternoon?

A. going, this B. wants, this C. want,this D. would like, in ( )8.---Is this your pen, Nancy? ----Yes,

A.it’s yours B.it’s mine

C.it isn’t mine D.it’s my.

( ) 9.Which season do you like________,sping or summer?

A.good B.well C.best D.better

( )10、The girl is home at 5:20 three days later.

A. going to B. will go C. goes D. going



( )1.How do we go there? A.I’ve got a headache.

( )2.Do you come from China? B.It’s in January or February.

( )3.Can I have your e-mail address? C. Mary.

( )4.What’s the matter? D.I made a kite.

( )5.Who do you want to write to? E.Yes,we do.

( )6.When’s Spring Festival? F.Sorry, wrong number.

( )7.Hello, may I speak to Gao Shan? G.Yes,of course.

( )8.What did you do last week? H.By taxi.


1. Helen ______ (go) for a walk in the park last Sunday morning.

2. The sign on the wall means we should ______ (smoking) here.

3. There ______ (be) any water in the bottle just now.

4. My dad _______ (see) a Beijing opera this evening.

5. It often _______(rain) in spring here.

6. Wang Bing ______ (jump) ______ (far) than some boys in his class.

7. My eyes are bigger than ______ (she).


1、A: Which do you like ? B: I like .

A: Why?

B: Because it’

s , I can . 2、A: Excuse me, can you _ me the _

to the park?

B: Go this street and _ at the crossing. A: How is it from here?

B: It’s about 5 kilometres away. You can _ NO.11. A: Thank you very much.

B: You’re ______.

六、按要求完成下列句子,每空一词。 (共10分)

1. She watched TV just now. (改为一般将来时)

She is_______ to ________ TV this evening.

2. There are twenty birds in the cage. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ in the cage?

3.David is 11 years old. Mike is 11 years old , too.(改为同义句)

David is ______ _______ ______ Mike.

4. Lily does well in PE . ( 改为否定句)

Lily _______ _______ well ______ PE



Dad ______ ______ ______ than me this morning.


Nancy ______ ______ ______ ______ _______in ______ ______ _____


Spring ______ in March. The ______ _______ _______. .


Su Hai _______ ________ in Maths _____ Su Yang.

5.杰姆游得比杰克慢? 是的。

-- ______ Jim swim _______ than Jack? --Yes, he _______. .

八、阅读短文,判断句子是否与原文相符,相符的T,不符的F(5分) Mr Brown looks out of his window. There is a boy in the street. He is eating a sandwich.

There is a dog in the street, too. The boy says,‘Come here, good dog. I’m going to give you some sandwiches.’ The dog comes up. The boy kicks(踢)the dog. The dog runs away.

Mr Brown comes out of the house and says to the boy,‘Come here. I’m going to give you some money.’ The boy is happy and goes to Mr Brown. But Mr Brown doesn’t give him any money. He kicks the boy. The boy cries(哭)and says,‘Why do you kick me? I don’t ask you for any money.’ ‘The dog doesn’t ask you for any sandwiches.’ Mr Brown says,‘But you kick it.’

( ) 1. The boy is having some bread in the street.

( ) 2. The boy doesn’t give the dog any sandwiches.

( ) 3. The boy likes the dog.

( ) 4. Mr Brown wants to give the boy some money.

( ) 5. Mr Brown is going to give the boy a lesson(教训).




2. concert

3. a quarter past eight

4. museum

5. envelope


1. Thank you very much.

2. Which season do you like best?

3. Does your brother sing better than him?

4. What are you going to do next Sunday?

5. Would you like to go with me?


1. W: Do you like listening to music, Gao Shan?

M: Yes, I like it very much.

Question: What does Gao Shan like?

2. W: Where’s No.9 bus stop, Ben?

M: It’s near Jingshan park.

Question: Is No.9 bus stop near Jingshan park?

3. W: Where are you going tomorrow, Jim?

M: I’m going to the cinema.

Question: Where is Jim going tomorrow?

4. W: Which season do you like best, Yang Ling? M: I like spring and autumn.

Question: Does Yang Ling like winter?

5. W: Who jumps higher than Tom?

M: Liu Tao. But Tom swims faster than Liu Tao. Question: Who swims faster?



2. subjects term.

3. read newspaper



一.A B C C A

二.C B C B B

三.C A A B C

四.1.Front 2.subjects term 3.read newspaper


一.1.In the countryside 2.聊天

3.with the best wishes 4.小学毕业

5.go for a walk 5.更擅长于

7.most of the time 6.青一块紫一块

9.every five minutes 7.取回我的钱包

二.A C A C C A B B D D

三.H E G A C B F D

四.1.went 2.smoke 3.wasn’t 4.will see 5.rains

6.jumps farther 7.hers

五.1.season best summer hot go swimming

2.tell way along turn right second far take bus welcome

六.1.going watch 2.What is 3.as old as 4.doesn’t do in 七.1. got up later

2.is going to take pat the dancing contest

3.comes weather gets warmer

4.Does better than

5.Does slower does

八.F T F F T

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