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(满分120分,考试时间120分钟 ) 姓名 考号 得分



A. At 1 o’clock at Rose’s home.

B.At 2 o’clock at Paul’s home. C. At 3 o’clock in the park. (五)听下面一段材料,回答第18至20小题.

( )18.Why doesn’t Mark agree to have the class party today? A. Because he has no time.


( )1. A. Qingdao B. Mr Wang C. Yellow

( )2. A. Rivers B. Sights C. Maybe mountains ( )3. A. English B. Chinese C. French

( )4. A. Really? B. Thank you. C. Have a good time. ( )5. A. Because it’s in the west. B. Because it’s far.

C. Because it’s very educational.

( )6. A. By having a“winner’s” attitude. B. By myself

C. After finishing my education.

( )7. A. I’ve just returned it to the library.

B. It’s very interesting. C. I don’t like it at all.

( )8. A. Three years ago. B. In the three years’ time C. Three years.( 二)听第一段材料,回答第9至11小题。 ( )9. How old is Sally?

A. 15 B. 16 C. 17 ( )10.What’s Sally’s telephone number?

A. 5536118. B. 5356118. C. 5356181. ( ) 11. What sport does Sally want to play?

A. Basketball. B. Table tennis. C. Baseball. (三) 听下面一段材料,回答第12至14小题

( ) 12.Why does the girl want to go to the supermarket?

A. Because she wants to meet Mary.

B. Because she wants to buy something for Mary. C. Because she works in the supermarket. ( ) 13. When is Mary’s birthday?

A. This Thursday. B. Next Tuesday. C. Next Thursday ( ) 14. Where will they go first?

A. To the supermarket. B. To the library. C. To the sea shop.

( 四) 听下面一段材料,回答第15至17小题. ( ) 15. What do they want to do?

A. Go for a picnic. B. Fly a kite. C. Go to the zoo. ( ) 16. What does Rose want to take?

A. Her pet cat. B. Her little brother. C. Her pet dog. ( ) 17 When and where will they meet?

B. Because he doesn’t want to help Helen organize it. C. Because he thinks they need time to get ready for it. ( ) 19.What should they buy for the party?

A. Some CDs. B. Something to eat and drink. B. Some flowers.

( ) 20. When will they have the party?

A. On Friday afternoon. B. On Saturday afternoon. B. On Sunday morning.


( )21. How many public beaches are there in Hong Kong?

A. About fifty. B. About thirty. C. About forty. ( ) 22. How can you go to most of the beaches?

A. By bus. B. By plane. C. By train. ( ) 23. What does the red flag mean in the water?

A. It’s safe for anybody to swim.

B. It’s dangerous for anybody to swim. C. It’s dangerous for children to swim.

( ) 24. Who can’t go into the water to swim where there is a blue flag? A. Men. B. Women. C. Children.

( )25.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. You shouldn’t swim after lunch.

B. You shouldn’t swim with little children. C. You can’t swim for a short time. 二·单项选择(15分)

( ) 26. I hope you can us with some apples. A. give B. provide C. offer D. supply ( ) 27. —Where would you like to go? —.

A. place exciting B. exciting place

C. exciting somewhere D. somewhere exciting ( )28. Why not consider A. visit B. visiting C. to visit D. visiting

( ) 29. Be sure late for the meeting.

A. to being B. not to be C. not being D. not be

( )30.The music me 1

A. reminds, of B. fills, with C. lets, down D. escapes, from ( )31.I like music I can dance A. that, of B. which,of C. which, with D. that,to ( )32.I will help up the city parks.

A. clean B. cleans C. cleaning D. cleaned

( )33.I spend half an hour English in the morning every day. And it helps me a lot.

A. read B. reading C. to read D. on reading ( )34.Not only hard, but also he studies well. A. did he study B. he has studied C. does he study D. he studies

( )35.More than A. thousand B. three thousands C. thousands of D. thousand of

( )36.— —Sorry, I don’t know.

A. of B. for C. to D. about ( )37.There is for four people.

A. many food B. food enough

C. enough food D. food many

( up with a good idea.

A. look B. come C. use D. go ( )39. Could you tell me you are doing?

A. what B. where C. how D. why

( )40. isn’t easy to learn English, but you shoudn’t give it up.

A. This B. It C. That D. One 三.完形填空(10分)

Every one needs friends. We all like to feel close to someone. It is to have a friend to talk, laugh, and do things with.

we need to be alone. We don’t always want people around. we would feel lonely if we never had a friend.

No two people are just the same. Friends sometimes

That doesn’t mean that they no longer like each other. Most of the time they will make up and again.

Sometimes friends move away. Then we feel very sad. We It could be that we would never see them again. And we can make friends. It how much we like new people when we get to know



There is more good news for people who have friends. They live than people who don’t. Why? It could be that they are happier. Being happy helps you stay cares.

When your friends care about you, you take better care of yourself. ( )41. A. interesting B. nice C. terrible D. boring

( )42. A. always B. usually C. sometimes D. never ( )43. A. But B. And C. Or D. Though ( )44. A. don’t fall in love B. fall in love

C. get on well D. don’t get on well ( )45. A. make friends B. become friends

C. meet friends D. visit friends

( )46. A. forget B. hate C. love D. miss ( )47. A. more B. many C. old D. new ( )48. A. find out B. find C. look up D. look out ( )49. A. short B. shorter C. long D. longer ( )50. A. anymore B. someone C. no one D.nobody 四.阅读理解(30分) A

alone may be 1.9metres long. Yet the giraffe has only seven bones in its neck, the same number as in the human. Even a small bird has many more bones in its neck than in a tall giraffe. Each bone in a giraffe's neck is very long, while the bones in a human neck are small. That makes the difference. A female giraffe gives birth to one baby at a time. The baby, called a calf, is about 1.9 metres tall at birth. By the age of eight it is full-grown. The giraffe eats mostly leaves. Because it has a long neck, it can reach the leaves high up on the trees.

( )51.In this passage the underlined word “giraffe” means _______.

A.鲸鱼 B.长颈鹿 C.大象 D.恐龙 ( )52. The bones in a bird's neck is ________.

A. as big as in a human's neck B. not so big as in a giraffe's neck C. many more than in a human's neck D. much smaller in a giraffe's neck ( )53.Which of the following is true? A. A giraffe has only seven bones

B. The giraffe is the largest animal on the land C. It takes eight years for a giraffe to grow up

D. Most of the leaves on the trees are eaten by giraffes ( )54.When a giraffe is born, it is about ______.

A. 5.5 metres long B. 5.5 metres tall C. 1.9 metres long D. 1.9 metres tall ( )55.We can guess when giraffe see a tiger _______.

A. it will run away as fast as possible B. it will run to eat the tiger C. it will make the tiger bring it something to eat

D. it will make one of the smallest animals bring the tiger something to eat


Shanghai is a nice city. The weather here is mild, that is, it is neither too hot nor too cold. It changes from season to season. Now many tall buildings have been set up one after another. But at the same time, the city is full of people. As a result, the traffic is terrible. Traffic jams happen during the rush hours. If you want to go to place far away, the fastest way is neither driving, nor riding a bike. It is often walking! The policemen in Shanghai are very helpful. Visitors can turn for help if they lose their way or lose something. But when you disobey traffic rules, they will be very strict with you. A lot of people in Shanghai speak English. Travelers from English speaking countries feel at home here. You are welcome to Shanghai. ( ) 56. The weather in Shanghai is ____. A. mild B. hot C. cold D. cool

( ) 57. The traffic in Shanghai is terrible because the city is ____. A. full of many buildings B. full of people C. full of bikes D. full of streets

( )58. Sometimes the fastest way to a place far away is to go ____. A. by taxi B. by bike C. on foot D. by bus ( )59. The policemen in Shanghai are always ready to ____. A. disobey B. work C. talk D. help

( )60. English speaking people can often __ people in the streets in Shanghai. A. listen to B. talk to C. get D. ask C

Tom walked into a shop . It bad a sign outside : "Second-hand (旧的) clothes bought and sold . "He was carrying an old pair of trousers and asked the owner of the shop, "How much will you give me for these?" The man looked at them and then said: "Two dollars."

"What !" said Tom. "I had guessed they were worth at least five dollars." "No," said the man, "they aren't worth a cent more than two dollars."

"Well," said Tom, taking two dollars out of his pocket. "Here's your money. These trousers were hanging outside your shop. The list price (标价)of them was six dollars and a half. But I thought that was too much money, so I wanted to find out how much they were really worth."

Then he walked out of the shop with the pair of trousers and disappeared before the shop owner could think of anything to say .

( )61. At first the owner of the shop thought that Tom __________ . A. wanted to steal the trousers B. wanted to sell the trousers


C. wanted to fool him

D. wanted to buy the trousers

( )62. The owner of the shop_______ for the old trousers . A. would give Tom two dollars B. would pay three dollars C. would pay five dollars D. would give Tom six dollars and a half

( )63. The shop owner insisted that the trousers were worth only two dollars because ____ . A. he wanted to sell them cheaply (廉价地) B. he wanted to buy them cheaply C. he didn't like the trousers D. they were old and dirty

( )64. In fact, the trousers _________. A. were hanging inside the shop B. were stolen by Tom from the shop C. had been the shop owner's D. had been Tom's

( )65. From the story we know that _________ cheaper than the list price. A. the owner sold the trousers two dollars B. Tom sold the trousers one dollar and a half C. the owner bought the trousers three dollars D. Tom bought the trousers four dollars and a half 五·根据句意及汉语提示完成句子(7分) 66. I don’t like the(味道) of this meat.

67. At that moment, she was busy (打包) her clothes. 68. A nice hat bath should help to (放松) you. 69.Beijing is the capital (……的)China.

70. Can you 翻译) this French letter to me?

71. He is blind and deaf, so he is a man. 72. You look beautiful in green. Green you well. 六·综合填空(8分)

从下面所给词中选择适当的词填入短文中,使短文通顺正确。(注意有些词要用适Do weren’t confident? Don’t worry. The following advice may be very(74) for you.

Look at yourself and face yourself.

Stand in front of a mirror (镜子) and take a good look. The face you see in the mirror

will be with you during your( whether you like it or not. You can accept(接受) your good points(特) easily, but don’t(76) That is an important thing which helps you feel comfortable. Enjoy good points about yourself.

God isn’t unfair. When it (77)something good. Now your job is to start the good points about yourself. Learn to smile.

Smiling can make you beautiful. In your life, you must treat any difficult thing in way.

Wear comfortable clothes and behave well.

It doesn’t matter if your looks or your clothes don’t look beautiful, but you must dress and behave in a good way. Try to have more knowledge.

Knowledge is very important.You must of knowledge about different things. And then you’ll become more confident. 七·任务型阅读理解(10分)

Long ago, people did not need money. They lived on wild animals, fruits and other plants.

As time passed, people learned to raise animals and crops. Sometimes, families

600s B.C, people began using coins as money. They soon found that coins easier to carry than goods and lasted a long time. Later ,countries began to make their own coins. The Chinese were the first to use paper money, probably as early as the eleventh

visited China in the 1200s. Today, we have many ways to pay for things. We do not use coins or paper money. Often, people prefer to pay for things by card. Paying with a card is easier and safer than carrying around a lot of “real” money. (一)根据短文内容回答问题。 81. Why did people start to trade?

82. When did people begin to use paper money?




85. 八.写作(15分)


Mary 想在中国找一位笔友。假如你叫李华,了解到她在中国找笔友,你与2012年12月12日给她写信,介绍一下你的情况,你家在上海光明路18号,你很想成为她的笔友,并请她速回信。

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