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When is Christmas Day?

It's in December. December 25th.

When is the Spring Festival?

It's in January or February.

When is Mother's Day?

It's in May. The second Saturday .

When is Easter?

It's in March or April.March 31th this year


When is Thanksgiving Day?

It's in November.The fourth Sunday.

first second third fourth - fifth - sixth - seventh - eighth - ninth - tenth eleventh - twelfth thirteenth-fourteenth-fifteenth-sixteenthseventeenth-eighteenth-nineteenth twenty--twentieth

1.Listen and say
Questions: 1,When's Lucy's birthday? It's April 10th. 2, When's Andy's birthday?
It's March 23rd. 3,What's the date today? It's March 23rd.

New words and setences:


ca - len - dar

birthday calendar
let's fill the birthday calendar. practise(练习) practise in this way It's interesting to practise in this way.

Make a survey: Do you know your family's birthday or your best friend's birthday? 1, When's your birthday? My birthday is in May. 2, What's the date? May 13th.

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