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……( ) 1 A.father B.mother C.farmer … _( ) 2 A.family B.parents C.baby brother _…__…__…( ) 3 A.driver B.brother C.baseball player __…__…( ) 4 A.strong B.young C.look _:…号…( ) 5 A.doctor B.nurse C.sister 考…线 …( ) 6.A.one B.Sunday C.three __…__…( ) 7.A.river B.lake C.tall __…__…( ) 8.A.we B.he C.red __…__…:…( ) 9.A.bread B.water C.egg 级…班封( ) 10.A.teacher B.beautiful C.pretty …

_…__…__… 二:选择填空。(10分) __…__…( )1. Is this __father?

__…_:…A.you B.a C.an

名…姓密…( )2.—__ is this man? — He’s my father.

… __…A.what B.where C.who

__…__…( )3 __people are there in your family?

__…__…_ A.How many B.merry Christmas C.I’m sorry _…_:…( )4—Merry Christmas —____.

校…学…… A. Merry Christmas B.Happy new year C.I’m sorry ……( )5. —Where is the cat? —____.

………A. He is in the bedroom B.It’s in the kitcher C.She is in the study ……三:情景交际(15分)

( )1.当客人来你家做客,你应该说:____

A.Help yourself B.Good night C.Thank you

( )2.晚饭准备好啦,你应该说:____

A.Everything’s ready B.Dinner’s ready C.What wouud you like for dineer ( )3.当你饥饿的时候你应该说:____

A. full B. I’m hungry C. Good night ( )4.当你想知道你的妈妈在哪里,你应该问:____








mother? C. my mother is in the kitcher

( )5当你问别人的父亲是干什么的,你应该问:____

A. What’s your father do ? B. What’s your name? C.where is he?

四:选词填空(20分) ( 1 ). I’d like ____egg. ( 2 ). May I have ____look? ( 3 ). ____pencils do you have? ( 4 ). ____is it?

( 5 ). ____is the pen? It’s on the desk. are you? ----I am ten years old. (7).----Who is this woman? is my mother. (8).-----___ is your name?

----My name is Mike. (9)----____ are they? -----They are 20 yuan. (10)---Who is this man? ---__ is my grandpa.


( )1.How many people are there in your family? ( )2. What’s your mother? ( )3. What’s in it? ( )4. May I have a look? ( )5. Who’s this man?

A. He’s my uncle.

B. A pen a pencil and two storybooks. C. Sure, here you are.

D. She’s a docter. E.Five

六:阅读短文(25分) A

Hello, My family has four members. My father is a docter. He is tall and strong. He likes sports.. My mother is a teacher, She likes rice and fish. She likes music, too. I’m a student. I’m ten. And I have a little puppy. It’s my good friend. I like it. 判断(T)误(F)。(每题2分,共10分)

( )1. My father is a docter. ( )2. My father likes rice and fish. ( )3. My mother likes sports.

( )4. I’m twelve.

( )5. The little puppy is my good friend. B

Jack is my new friend. He is short and thin.He has a small mouth,big eyes and a small nose.He doesn’t like sports.He likes science.He is quiet.He is in China now. 1.根据短文内容判断下列句子的正(T)误(F).(每题2分,共10分) ( )1.Jack is tall.

( )2.Jack has a big mouth. ( )3.Jack likes science. ( )4.Jack is quiet.

( )5.Jack is in the USA now. 2.翻译下列句子。(每句1分) 1.He is short and thin

2. He is quiet.

3. Jack si my new friend.

4. He likes science.

5. He is in China now.


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