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1.My wish is to fly to the moon in a spaceship some day.

2. The removal man’s job is to move people’s furniture to their new flats.

3.Both the motorcyclist and Ben were hurt.

4. Neither the motorcyclist nor Ben was hurt.

5. Both of them are correct.

6. Neither of them is correct.

7. My father often drank beer.= My father used to drink beer.

Now he doesn’t drink beer any longer.= He no longer drinks beer.

8. I always ask my friends to help me. Ask sb( not) to do / tell sb(not )to do sth

9. There is going to be a contest this afternoon.

10.He ate too many hamburgers, so he should have fewer hamburgers

11. My granny watches too much TV, she should watch less TV.

12. He drank too little water, so he should drink more water.

13. she has too few vegetables, so she should has more vegetables.

14. They have never been there, have they ?

15. The bus drives slowly and gets to the stop safely.

16. It is convenient to take the underground around the city.

17. It is necessary for us to learn English well.

18. The shelf is too small for us to put the books on .

The shelf is not big enough for us to put the books on.

The shelf is so small that we can put the books on it.

19. May I speak to Peter ? This is Peter speaking.

20. It’s much cheaper and much more expensive.

21. Thank you for inviting me.

22. Thank you for your invitation.

23. It takes me two hours to do shopping.---- How long does it take you to do shopping ? I spend two hours doing shopping.----How long do you spend doing shopping?

24. Tourists see soldiers raising National flag in the square.

25. We can see street cleaners sweeping the streets and collecting the rubbish.

26. People built the Great Wall with bricks and stones in ancient times.

27. He preferred playing football to swimming.

28. Dogs guarded the caves and kept people safe.

29.There are clinics for sick animals , aren’t there ?

30. We must promise to protect environment./ promise not to pollute the earth.

31.What would you like to know about your penfriends?

I’d like to know his age and interests.

32. He is as old as my brother.= He is the same age as my brother.

33.We call people from Australia Australians.

34. What kind of flat would you like ?

I’d like a flat with three bedrooms and a big balconies in the suburbs.

35. There isn’t much traffic or shops.

36. We are pleased to see a pleasant programme.

37. He is relaxed after a relaxing trip.

38. I’m excited because I joined in an exciting party.

39.An instruction sign tells us how to do something.

40. We mustn’t smoke here.= No smoking.=Smoking isn’t allowed.

41. Would you like some lemonade ?—Yes, please./ No, thanks.

Would you like to have some lemonade? Yes, I’d like to .

42. I’d rather stay at home .

43. If you don’t get up early, you will miss the early bus.

44. mix 200 grams of flour, 50 milliliters of milk , will you ?

45. Mobile phones are widely used all over the world.

46. The road will be widened.

47. What food are you selling ?

We sold foods from different countries.

48. I ‘m looking forward to hearing from you.

49. You need to decorate your flat with decorations.

You don’t need to decorate your flat with decorations.= you needn’t decorate your flat.

50. help yourselves to the cake ,children.

51. The summer Palace is in the northwest of Beijing.

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