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(人教PEP) 三年级英语下册教案 Recycle 1 Lesson 1

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Recycle 1

Lesson 1

Let’s act

Teaching Aims :

1. Be able to understand and say “What’s in your box?” “Chocolates? Cookies?” “ Let’s share.”

2. Be able to act the dialogue and make a similar dialogue, act it fluently.

3. Bring up their creative abilities.

Focus Points & Difficult Points :

Make a similar dialogue.

Teaching Preparation:

1. a wallmap

2. some headgears of Chen Jie, John and Amy.

3. Chocolates, Cookies, plastic bag.

Designing for the blackboard:

What’s in your box?

Guess! Chocolates? Cookies?

Let’s share!

Teaching Steps:

Step1. Warming –up

1. Greetings.

2. Let’s do.

3. Free talk

T: Good morning/afternoon. May I have your name?

S1: My name’s … May I have your name?

T: My name’s … Where are you from?

S1: I’m from Hang zhou.

T: Oh, me too. Nice to meet you.

S1: Nice to meet you, too.

T: Boys and girls. We have a new friend today,…

S1: Welcome.

T: Hello, S2. Who’s that boy?

S2: He is S3.

T: Can you introduce him to me? This is my friend, S3. This is my teacher, Miss Jin. S2: This is my friend, S3.

This is my teacher, Miss Jin.

T&S3:Nice to meet you.


1. 1)T: Boys and girls. I’ve got a box.

Do you want to know what’s in my box?

S: Yes.

T: You can say “What’s in your box?” ( T writes it down on the blackboard.) S1: What’s in your box?

T: Open it and see. Shhhhh! Be quiet!

S2: What’s in your box?


2) T: Who can tell me what’s in my box?

S: Chocolates!

T teaches the pronunciation of “chocolate”.

T shows cookies: What are they?

T: They are cookies.

Cookie means 曲奇饼,一种小甜饼。

也可以指某一特定类型的人。 He is a tough cookie. He is a smart cookie.

3) T: How many cookies do I have? Guess!

S: 12?……

T: Let’s count!

T & Ss: 1,2,3,4……20!

4) T: Now, let’s share! Share means you can eat them, he can eat them, everybody can eat them. Ok?

S1: Great!

S2: Ok!

S3: Good idea!


a. Watch the VCD.

b. Read after the tape.

c. Guess the next sentence.

d. Practise in 3-person group.

e. Act it.

f. Make a similar dialogue. 1).T explains the meaning of the task.

2) Ss do it after the class.

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