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Class_______ Name_______ No.______


1. Amy and Lucy often study _____ me.

2. Miss Liu is _____ America. She teaches us English.

3. Don’t play _______ fire. It’s dangerous.

4. Today is Children’s Day. We are going _____ the cinema ________ our friends.

5. This is a photo ______ my father. He’s a farmer.

6. There’s a seat _____ the table. 43. Kitty puts _____ the mask. It’s funny.

7. –Where do you live? --I live _____ Shanghai.

8. Sally likes ______ play basketball. She can play it very well.

9. The little boy can count ______ twenty. How clever.

10. The woman ______ the red coat is our English teacher.

11. This is a photo ____ Jill’s family. 49. National Day is ____ the first of October.

12. It’s hot. Please put _____ your gloves.


( )1. This is a photo A. in B. on C. of

( )2. –Is that English book? --No, it’s A. your, my B. your, your C. my, your

( )3. There is a post office A. beside B. between C. behind

( )4. How much one Robot and two dolls? A. is B. am C. are

( )5. –Where ________Alice live?

--She A. do, live B. does, live C. does, lives

( )6. The ducks are in the pond. A. swimming B. swiming C. swim

( )7. skirts your friends have?

A. How many, does B. How many, do C. How much, do

( )8. --Where are the ? --They’re on the second floor.

A. teacher’s office B. teachers’ office C. teachers’ offices

( )9. --What’s in the basket?

A. They’re B. There are C. There is

( )10. Christmas Day is in . A. November B. December C. January

( )11. Peter can draw

A. very fast, very much B. very much, very well C. very well, very much

( )12. My father’s sister is my A. uncle, aunt B. aunt, cousin C. cousin, aunt

( )13. I can say, I can’t write. A. but B. or C. and

( )14. In front of the post office, a big park. A. there are B. they’re C. there is

( )15. There__a lot of books on the shelf. You can read them. A. are B. isn’t C. is

( )16. Jim and Tom are good friends. They often A. take B. make C. makes

( )17. --How is the weather in Shanghai?

-- It’s in June. A. cold, dry B. hot, wet C. cold, windy

( )18. How many are there in the river? A. fishs B. fishin C. fish

( )19. There are many trees A. in B. on C. at

( )20. Here are six packets chocolates. A. for B. off C. of

( )21. There are twelve of bread. A. bar B. pair C. loaves

( )22. May I have A. some B. any C. a

( )23. Here A. are B. has C. is

( )24. They’re parents. They’re my A. father and mother B. uncle and aunt C. brother and sister

( )25. Don’t play A. on B. at C. with

( )26. Snow White is a ’s so beautiful. A. princess B. cook C. nurse

( )27. It’s cold outside. Please put on the . It can make you warm.

A. dress B. sweater C. shorts

( )28. Eating too much chocolate is not good for our ( )29. The knife is very A. big B. sharp C. smooth

( )30. Is there bread with cream on the table? A. a B. an C. any

( )31. Teachers have lunch in the 。

A. office B. gym C. canteen

( )32. Don’t play ’s bad for your eyes.

A. / B. a C. is

( )33. We put the books on the in the library. A. ground B. bookshelves C. table

( )34. All the students are running behind me. I’m the ! A. first B. secondC. third

( )35. --Thank you very much!—

A. I’m sorry B. Here you are C. It’s my pleasure

( )36. The park is in the of the city. A. centre B. century C. cinema

( )37. Four snakes in the lake. A. are swim B. is swimming C. are swimming

( )38. --How many of bread do you have?

--Two. A. packet B. loaves C. loaf

( )39. --How --Ten yuan. A. much is B. many are C. much are

( )40. How much water A. is there B. are there C. is

( )41. Here some hay and some eggs. A. are B. am C. is

( )42. There are twenty boys in our class. They

A. all B. both C. do

( )43. Mary dresses. She’s so sad.

A. don’t, some B. doesn’t, any C. don't, any

( )44. The is the home for A. aviary, birds B. pen, birds C. aviary, pigs

( )45. Dad is in the room. Dad, don’t A. smokeing, birds B. smoking, smoke C. smoke, smoking

( )46. We can buy some and in the bakery.

A. bread, fruit B. cakes, flowers C. bread, cakes

( )47. The lion can the meat with its A. bite, teeth B. bite, mouth C. small, teeth

( )48. Call the ,119. Call the police station, A. police station, 110 B. fire station, 119 C. fire station, 110

( )50. Farmers feed with the A. corn, pigs B. pigs, meat C. pigs, corn

( )51. We can A. go, to B. take, go C. take, to

( )52. People like to take the Cacha, cacha!‖

A. photos, cameras B. park, bus C. pictures, photos

( China. Her friend Amy is A. in, on B. in, from C. on, from

( )54. Peter and Danny are friends. They often make phone calls to A. each other B. together C. with other

( )55. the weather in summer? A. What is, How are B. How is, What do C. How is, How do

( in the library?

-- There are a lot of books. A. What is there B. What are there C. What’s

( )57. This is a photo the park.

A. off, in B. of, in C. of, to

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