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ⅰ. Be动词:is am are

结构:主语+be(is, am, is) +其他成分

Be 动词的用法口诀 I 用am , you 用are ,

is 连着他(he)她(she)它(it)。 单数统统用is,复数一律用are. 变疑问,往前提,句末问号莫丢弃, 变否定,更容易,be 后not莫忘记, 疑问否定任你变,句首大写莫迟疑。


结构:主语+be(is, am, is)+not +其他成分

例1 He is my brother. 他是我哥哥。

He is not (=isn’t) my brother. 他不是我哥。 例2 These are apples. 这些是苹果。

These aren’t (=are not) apples. 这些不是苹果。 ⅲ、实义动词

结构:主语+动词 +其他成分

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如:get----gets like----likes play—plays, want—wants, work—works

know—knows, help—helps,get—gets

b. 以字母s、x、ch或o结尾的动词加-es;

如:guess—guesses, fix—fixes, teach—teaches, brush—brushes, go—goes do—does,watch—watches,catch—catches

c. 以辅音字母+y结尾的动词,先变y为i,再加-es。


d. 特殊词: have----has

①主语是第三人称单数(she, he, it)

②主语是单个人名,如Mike, Jenny, Lily, Lucy

③主语是名词单数,如a cat, the dog, bird



例1:They get up at six o’clock. 他们早上6点起床。 They don’t get up at six o’clock. 他们早上六点不起床。

例2:He goes to school at seven thirty. 他7点30去上学。

He doesn’t go to school at seven thirty. 他7点30分不去上学。

Ⅴ. 情态动词的否定句(can, should)


例1:They can finish it perfectly. 他们能完美的完成这件事。

They can’t finish it perfectly. 他们不能完美的完成这件事。

例2:He should go to school at seven thirty. 他应该7点30去上学。

He shouldn’t go to school at seven thirty. 他不应该7点30分去上学。



I ________a student.

You_________ Japanese.

He _______ my brother.

She_______ very nice.

My name ________Harry.

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I _______ 10 years old.

Li Lei _________ very tall.

Mary, this _________ Tom.

Miss Zhou ________ my teacher.

What_____ this?

The cat________ black.

This book________ very interesting.

________ she from China?

________ you good at English?

The books ________ on the desk.

There ______ a girl in the room.

There ______ some apples on the tree.

_______ there any kites in the classroom?

_______ there any apple juice in the bottle?

There _______ some bread on the plate.


Li lei is from China.___________ is Chinese.

My name is Gina._________ am a student.

This is Tom.________ is in Grade Two.

His name is Tony.___________ telephone number is 856-0770. She is a student. ________name is Julia.


1.-How is your mother?

-________is very well.

A. I B. You C. She

2. Bob and I are good friends. ________go to school together(一起)

A. They B. We C. He

3.- ________ is Cindy, and________ am Tina.

-Nice to meet, Tina and Cindy.

A. He, I, you B. She, he, they C. She, I, you

4. ________ are always good friends

A. I and you B. You and I C. You and me

5. ________ are always(一直) good friends.

A. I, you and she B. You, she and I C. She, I and you

6. I think ________ are all wrong.

A. I, you and she B. you, she and I C. she, I and you

7. Here is a pen. Oh, ________ is Lily’s. Give ________ to ________.

A. He, him, her B. It, her, it C. it, it, her

8. This is Sandy. ________ looks like________ mother.

A. He, her B. She, her C. She, his

9. Let________ give________ a book..

A. me, your B. you, my C. me, you

10. These are my friends. ________ names are Sam and Jack.

A. His B. Theirs C. Their

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四、用下列所给动词的正确形式填空。 1. He often ________(have) dinner at home.

2. Daniel and Tommy _______(be) in Class One. 3. We _______(not watch) TV on Monday.

4. Nick _______(not go) to the zoo on Sunday. 5. ______ they ________(like) the World Cup?

6. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays? 7. _______ your parents _______(read) newspapers every day?

8. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays. 9. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening.

10. There ________(be) some water in the bottle. 11. Mike _______(like) cooking.

12. They _______(have) the same hobby. 13. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully.

14. You always _______(do) your homework well.

15. I _______(be) ill. I’m staying in bed.

16. She _______(go) to school from Monday to Friday. 17. Liu Tao _______(do) not like PE.

18. The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening. 19. Su Hai and Su Yang _______(have) eight lessons this term.


1. His father is an English teacher.

2. These cats are crying.

3. They can swim.

4. I like to read English.

5. I go to school on foot.

6. He likes English.

7. His father goes to work by bus.

8. He is crying under the tree.

9. His birthday is on the twentieth of November.

10. Mrs. Li and Kitty are in a big shop.

11. Kitty is wearing her new uniform.

12. The boy under the tree is hungry.

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13. He goes to school every day.

15. I want to have a model car.

16. She wants a cup of coffee.

17. Mrs. Li and Kitty watch television at night.

18. I do my homework after school.

19. He can do it himself.

20. You should call her right now.

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