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1. There are ____ swings here now. A. some B. any

2.We’re going to ____ to the supermarket. A. go B. going C. went

3.Let ___ help ___. A. me, your B. me, you C, I you.

4.That is ____ shirt. It isn't _____ A. her your B. her mine

5.When_____you come back?

A did B will C.do

6.There______ enough time.

A are B aren’t C isn’t

7.________ is your mother’s birthday?

8.It’s in April.

A his B her C mine

9.Oh, _______ a beautiful day! Let’s go to have a picnic.

A. when B. what C. how D. where

10.How many things __________ there on the list?

A. is B. are C. was D. were

11.That is ____- shirt. It isn't _____

A. her your B. her yours C. hers your

12..---You can jump really high, Tom.


A. That’s OK. B. Thank you. C. That’s all right.

13.Whose rule is it?

It’s ________.(her his)

14.Sam, the T-shirt isn’t yours. It’s _________(my , hers)

15.Our school _____ at 8 o’clock. (我们学校8点上学)

16. We sit in ______ in China. (在中国我们坐的很直)

17. When is John going?----______________.

A At home B On holiday C Take picture

18.----______________________________?-----In December.

A Where do you go B When is Christmas C What does she do

19. When are you going to Hainan?

A Yes, I am going to Hainan. B Tomorrow is Saturday.

C At 10:10 on Sunday.

20. I bought a new dress for ________(her , hers)

21. This is her book, it’s__________(her , hers)

22. It isn’t his, it’s______(mine I)

23. Is it his ball? Yes,it is ________(he his)

24. This is my book, It’s ________/

A yours B mine C hers

25.There _______ any swings before.

A wasn’t B weren’t C is D are

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26. ___________ do you get up in the morning?

A What’s the time B What the time C What’s time D What time

27. Is this your T-shirt? No, it isn’t ___________

A your B my C mine D hers

28. _______(Do/Does) you want to play chess?

29. Have you got ________paper? Yes,I have _________.

A some some B any any C any,some

30. This is ______ new car.

A mine B my C hers

31. There ______ a TV in the classroom before.

A is B was C were

32. What do children do ___________ Halloween?

A at B in C for

33. What do children do ___________ children’s day”

A at B on C of


How about your school? ________________________


have an ice-cream ____________________________

have breakfast___________________ have lunch_________________________ have dinner= supper______________________

have a birthday party______________________

.tidy up______________

sit around the tables _____________________

see a film___________________

at break time_____________________

A :What’s the matter ,Lingling?_____________________

B: Nothing . I’m thinking. I’m going to make you a surprise present for Christmas.





Hear(过去式)____________ country(复数形式) ___________

We ____________________________ (打算照相) at the party.

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Do you feeling sad?_____________________________________________ It’ not him, It’s min. ______________________________________________

I can’t swim then .________________________________________________ I ate a apple yesterday.______________________________________

What the matter? __________________________________

I am think. ________________________________


were are weren’t was can couldn’t some any

1. I _________ swim before. But I can swim now.

2. We ________ play basketball now.

3. There _______ any ducks in the park before.

4. There_______ some flowers on the table now.

5. There _______ a slide here before.

6. There _______ some trees before.

7. Are there _________ trees in the garden?

8. There are ________ new students in our classroom.


A Yes, I can. What are we going to do?

B Yes, we are going to play games after lunch.

C Are we going to play games?

D Oh, great!

E We are going to have lunch together.

F Hi, Dongdong, can you come to my birthday party?

G Your birthday party?

H Yes, tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to have a party. Can you come?



his hers mine ours

1.---Is the toy car Jane’s?

---No, it’s not __________.

2.---Is the umbrella yours, Mr. and Mrs. Lee?

---Yes, it’s __________. Thank you very much.

3.--- Whose football is this?

---Give it to the boy. It’s __________.

4.--- Are these your books?

---No, they’re not __________.

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1.Whose, they, blue, skirts, are


2.Are, there, sweets, many, there, over


3. you, high, can, jump


4. basketball, team, played, yesterday, Sam’s


5. this, man, is, blind


6.finish, we, 4 o’clock, school, at


7.surprise, going, I, am, to, a, you, give


8. are, many, over, there, there, presents


9. at, all, yours, isn’t, It.


10. at, park, is, There, pond, now, a , big, the


11. yours, that, is, This, mine, is, and


12. People, sweets, them, give

13. for, It’s, English, people, hard


14. jump, really, can, high, You


15. in, We, China, lines, sit, in


16. How, this, Saturdays, are, in, many, there, January


17. wasn’t, pond, There, here, a, before


18. helpful, You, children, are.


19. tidy, You, up, to, going, are, me, help.



1. There is a tree here now.


2. There wasn’t a hospital here before.

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3. There are some boats here now.



( ) A mine B yours C are D hers

( )A hat B shoes C clothes D bag

( ) A short B tall C small D children

( ) A his B her C yours D mine



There’s =(

) ) couldn’t=( ) 五

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