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My career dream

发布时间:2014-01-05 12:44:28  

My career dream

I was a graduate student, this year 20 years old. I graduated from Chongqing Urban Vocational College, majoring in marketing, the first job interview, I will go to life today. I love my major, so, I'm working on the interview is also very confident. For I will interview work today can post, I also have a lot of expectations. I hope I can have more outstanding performance in the new work environment and job, I hope we can live together in peace together with my colleagues, when just beginning to go will be very strange, but I believe I can quickly adapt to overcome and. So in the later work will face many opportunities and challenges, which requires me to the persistence and struggle, to get work in the superior leadership more recognition.. At the same time, I not only want to live in harmony with my colleagues, they are also my competitors, we live and work together, both friends and rivals, so as to promote your fighting spirit, I am looking forward to this day. I for my future job performance is full of expectations and good wishes, but first I will face now is to interview, so the first wish you smoothly through the. At the same time, everything is a new beginning, everything still need more efforts. Of course, if the work I was not able to pass smoothly for me will not be discouraged, I will stick to my dream, I believe this is my test, life many trials are still waiting for my dream, so don't stop that day, I will continue to pursue the dream steps. If one day I realized my dream, so I think I will

be very happy.

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