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三年级上册英语Unit 4-6复习资料

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三年级上册英语Unit 4-6复习资料

Unit 4


bear duck dog pig cat monkey bird tiger elephant panda funny fat big 2句型。

1)What’s that? It’s an elephant.

2)What’s this? It’s a dog.

3)Cool, I like it. Thanks.

4)Look at the cat.

5)Look, a funny dog.

6)I see a dog.

7)Act like a bird/cat/panda.


Jj jeep jump Kk Kate kite Ll long leg Mm Mum milk Nn nose noodles

Unit 5


bread juice egg milk water cake fish rice


1)I’d like some ....... --- Here you are .

2)Can I have some.....? --- Here you are.

3)Have some cake. ---- Thank you.

4)Thanks. ----You are welcome.

5)I’m hungry. -- Have some bread.

6)Have some egg/juice. Eat some bread. Drink some milk. Cut the cake.


Oo on orange Pp pig pen Qq queen quiet Rr rice red Ss six Sarah Tt tiger ten

Unit 6


one two three four five six seven eight nine ten


1)How old are you? -- I’m six (years old).

区别: ---- How are you? ---I am fine, thanks.

2)Happy Birthday. -- Thank you .

3)A: This one, please. B:Sure, how many plates?

A:Five. B.OK, here you are.

4)A:This is my brother, Sam. B.Hi, Sam. Happy birthday.

A:Thank you. B:How old are you?

A.I’m six years old.

5)What’s your name? -- I’m JinBao./ My name is JinBao.

6)Show me six.

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