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A. for B. of C. to

D. at

A. buy B. bought C. buys

D. is buying

A. for B. of C. to -- She made a cake.

A.did; make B.does; make

C.did; makes D.does; makes

A. is B. are C. was

D. were

--No, she didn't.

A. went B. goes C. going

D. go

A. do B. did C. does

D. are

A. help B. helps C. to

help D. helping A. Let's B. We C. Let

D. Let's us A. saw B. see C. to

see D. seeing D. at

A. will B. are C. will be D. be

A. takes, cross B. took, cross

C. took, crossed D. take, crossed

A. Ken B. Ken's C. Kens'

D. /

A. Tom's and Jim's B. Tom's and Jim

C. Tom and Jim's D. Tom and Jim A. have B. has C. is

D. are

A.is siting B.was siting C.are sitting D.were siting

A. bring B. carry C. took

D. have

A. lose B. found C. droped

D. lost

Different people have different colour skin (皮肤), some have black skin, some have yellow skin, and some have white skin. There was a woman Alaska.Her skin was orange colour. It was almost the colour of juice. How did she become orange? She ate lots of tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins. She ate too many orange things. That's why she turned orange. She didn't want to be orange, she went to see the doctor. The doctor said, "Stop eating orange things, to eat some green things." The woman did so. And she wasn't orange any more.

A. orange eyes and hair B. orange skin

C. only orange D. yellow skin

A. she ate orange only B. she ate orange food

C. she filled in the juice D. she liked that colour

3. This story is mainly (主要的 A. a woman in Alaska B. tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins

C. a doctor D. different people with the same colour skin

A. orange made well B. she needed some green things

C. she didn't feel well D. she didn't like her colour

A. to eat orange things B. to drink orange juice

C. not to buy any green vegetables D. to have some green food 一 单项选择

A. they weren't B. it wasn't C. there wasn't D. there weren't A. did, live B. do, live C. are, living D. is, living 3 —Did you go to school when you were young?

— A. not a B. many

C. not any D. a few

A. and B. as well

C. or D. with

A. what do you think of B. how do you think

C. what do you like D. how do you feel

6 —What was Shenzhen like one hundred years ago?

— A. many B. little

C. no D. much

A. many B. a lots of C.much D. not much A. many B. lot of C. much D. not much

A. too B. also C. still D. either

A. much, six B. a, six C. ten, six D. the, six

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