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Sunday football letter long

1. She is reading a 4. They are playing .

American English Chinese England America China

1. Children from 2. Children from 3. Children from friend Saturday computer birthday traditional


Mexican food.


washed cooked cleaned finished


noodles cleaned helped washed watched

2. He 4. Sam yesterday.

1. learns learn

English and Maths.

She didn’t 2. walks walk

He usually He didn’to schllol yesterday.

3. gets up get up

Yesterday, Lingling didn’ at 6:30

4. watches watch

She didn’t She usually TV.

1. Sam usually (gets / get) up at 6:30.

2. Lingling didn’t (watched / watch) TV yesterday.

3. Xiao Feng didn’t (play / played) basketball yesterday.

4. Xiao Jun usually ( helps / helped) mother.

raining read books play football plays football On Sundays, Daming he didn’yesterday. yesterday usually

walks to school at 7:30.

2. She didn’3. ’t help her mother do housework.

4. He Printed Chinese printing invented


2. Chinese people invented .

3. Bicycle English invented 1839 picture

.It’s a bicycle. Look at the man on .He was .

made painted cleaned watched

1. Sam the room yesterday.

2. Amy TV yesterday.

3. Yesterday Daming a picture.

4. Lingling a cake yesterday.

wore fell went ate

2. She a banana.

3. He over the ice.

1. I usually (go/went) to the park.

2. She (see/saw) a film yesterday.

3. We (eat/ate) some bananas yesterday.

4. I usually (climbed/climb) the mountains.

5. They (have/had) a good time yesterday.

6. He usually (plays/played) the trumpet.

Was ate went had wore saw

to the a film. In the cinema, hot, so clothes. bread didn’t cleaned finished helped

my mum. my homeworek yesterday.

went washed plays reading

1. 3. Daming didn’4. What’s she doing? She’

helped dancing washed walk newspaper

. 4. Lingling didn’ate had went bought saw was

birthday yesterday. Now I am nine. Here is a photo of me. the zoo with my mother. lots of animals. an ice cream.My me a present. cooked didn’t make ate didn’t eat

bought didn’t buy washed didn’t wash

a hamburger.

He trousers. only real said took….away


2. “I want a big ship.” the bad man.

’helped Ma Liang.

hurt broke fall was finish

yesterday? my toy yesterday.

crying that day. He hurt his leg.

4. Did you your homework yesterday?

won practice came last

1. Some English children a lot. Then you will win.

1.I (am / was) very good yesterday. This ice cream (was / is) for me.

2.Did you help your mum on Sunday?Yes,I (did / helped).

3.What did you buy? I bought a postcard. It’s (for / from) you.

1. watch watches watched

Tv. .

I TV yesterday.

2. get up gets up got up

at 8:30

She usually at 8:30

I 3. didn’t doesn’t don’t

go swimming yesterday. He like swimming. go swimming yesterday.

4. yesterday usually

He walks to school at 7:00.

She didn’ She didn’. 1. He (wash / washed) his trousers yesterday.

2. Lingling (didn’t / not) go to school yesterday.

3. (Chinese / English) people invented paper.

4. Did you break your toy? No, (I did / I didn’t)

5. (When / What) did she play? She played the flute.

ate went cooked watched cleaned finished

the noodles, my rooms and I to the park. In the evening, .

head fall paper gold fever get


5. Mingming’6. She didn’

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