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1月2日英语任务(下周一交) 姓名__________得分____________

1. I can recite. (背一背)

复习背诵P9,P10,P27,P39 ,P48文章(英语素养过级内容)读一遍,背一遍_____________

2. I can write. (写一写)

1. 第七单元卷子,周六晚8点下载答案订正。(需要下载答题纸和听力材料)

2. 第三、四单元单词默写(家长帮忙听写,家长说汉语,孩子写英语)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


3. I can read. (阅读,文章中划出与题目相关的句子)

A train stops at a station. A young man wants to come out, but it is raining. A boy is standing under a big umbrella. The young man says to the boy. "Can you go and get us two hamburgers, one for you and one for me? Here are two dollars." "Great!" say the boy and he goes to buy hamburgers. After some time, the boy is back. He is eating a hamburger. "Where is my hamburger?" asks the young man. "Oh, there is only one hamburger left. So I'm eating mine. Here is your dollar. "

( )1.Where is the young man ?

A At a station B Under a big umbrella C On the train

( )2. What does the young man want to buy ?

A Umbrella B Hamburgers C Dollars

( ) 3. Who helps the young man ?

A A boy B A man C .Nobody

( )4. Does the young man get a hamburger ?

A No ,he doesn't B Yes ,he does C .No ,he does

( ) 5. Is the boy clever ?

A Yes ,he isn't B Yes ,he is C .No ,I'm not

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