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lina 冀教版三年级上册英语期末复习测试题_2013精华版_柴欢制作

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冀教版 三年级英语 期末复习题 经典题型 认真对待每一道题 命题人:柴欢 2013-1-15



1. f_ m_ly 2. d _ ct _ r 3. dr_v_ r

4. h _ ll_ 5.h _ _ d 6. s h_ _t 7. s_ _d_nt 8. r _gh_ 9. b _ _k

10. s _s __r



1 ___ F__ 2. ___G __ 3. ____k___ 4. __ o __ 5. ___m ___ 6. __v__ 7 _ H__ 8. ___ L ___

三 请根据图片写单词(4分)。

______ ______ ______ ______

四、翻译(16) 1. How are you? 2. 李明的家庭 3. 他叫什么名字? 5.This is my mother. 6. Happy birthday. 7.你的铅笔是什么颜色? 8.你爸爸是医生。


1. ____ hair is very red. A. She B. He C. Her 2. My father ____a worker. A. is B. am C. are 3. She is a short ____. A. man B. boy C. girl 4.We ___a happy family. A. are B. is C. am 5.She is __ A. tall B. taller C. tal

6.Jenny is _____ girl. A. a B.an C.the

7.--- How old are you? A.I am ten years old . B. She is six.

8. What's ____ name? A. you B. your C. he D. she 9. I ____ happy. A. is B. \ C. am 10. How many ____ do they have?

A. apple B. apples C. a apple D. an apples 六、选出不同类的单词。(10)

1.A.student B. worker C. doctor D. sister 2. A.ten B. doctor C. three D. six 3.A.eye B. blue C. black D. red 4. A. mother B. green C. sister D. father 5. A.eraser B. book C pen D purple 1. A his B her C I D my 2. A brother B mother C sister D family 3. A finger B am C head D hand 4. A Desk B book C chair D teacher 5.

A seven B eight C shoulder D two


1. What are they doing ? 2.How old are you ? 3.What’s your name ? 4.Happy birthday to you . 5.What’s the matter ?

A. My name is J. B. They are playing.

C. I cut my nose. D. I am ten years old. E. Thank you .

1. Hello! I’m Xiaoqiang. 2. Goodmorning, Daming. 3. How are you ?

4.What’s your name ?

5. Good afternoon

A.I’m fine ,thank you . B. Good afternoon C. My name is Xiohong. D.Hello!I’m Wangyong. E. Goodmorning, Miss Smart.

冀教版 三年级英语 期末复习题 经典题型 认真对待每一道题 命题人:柴欢 2013-1-15


1. is, this, Li Ming

2. my, is, today, birthday

3. eyes, my, black, are

4. how, are,old, you

5. you, many, have, do, books, how


1. I am nine..

2. I feel tired!

3. My name is Jenny.

4. It is blue.


Hi, my name is Lily. I’m a girl. I am a student. My hair is black. My eyes are big and brown. I am ten years old. I’m very young. My father is a carpenter. He is a handsome man. My mother is a doctor. She is short. I love my family. I am a student. 2. My hair is blue .

3. My mother is doctor. 4. My father is teacher. 5. My eyes are brown..

My family lives in China.The family has(有) a daughter(女). It 's me. My name is Wang Fang. I'm nine years old. My father and mother like me. I like them, too. We are a happy family. 1. My family lives in China. 2. I'm ten years old. 3. The family has a son. 4. Her name is Wang Fang.

冀教版三年级英语上 期末复习测试二

一.连词成句(注意:句首字母大写 6) 1. birthday you to Happy 2. feel do you How 3. colour is it What 4.my father he is 5.head hurts his

6.gift is this for you


young反义词 father对应词 tall反义词 sad 反义词 she(对应词) hot(反义词) pen复数 cool反义词

left反义词 brother对应词

三、 写出下列词组的汉语意思。(8分)

One red book two blue chairs Five black pens

long hair See a doctor have a headache

Open your book close your eye

四、 选择题。(15分)

1. What’s your name? .

A. Hello B. My name is Li Ming C. Hi

’m fine. 3. What’s this? It’s a .A. book B. boy 4. Nice to meet you. A. How are you? B. Hi! C. Nice to meet you, too. 5. May I have two ,please? A. books B. book 6.Good-bye. A. Hi! B. Hello! C.Bye! 7. How many books do you have? A pen B. Three C. Thanks

8. Where is my book? A. On the desk B. Pink 9. What colour is it? .A. Yellow B. Six 10. the door.

A. Open B. close

11. the window.A. Fine B. Close C. Two 12. This is a .A. boy B. pink C. thanks 13.Are you hot ? A. Yes,I’m cold B. No,I’m cold C. No,I’m hot

冀教版 三年级英语 期末复习题 经典题型 认真对待每一道题 命题人:柴欢 2013-1-15

14.This is family .

A. Jenny B. Jenny’s C. Jennys 15.How old are you ? A. I’m ten B.I’m a boy C. I am fine


1. 当别人问你“How are you”时,你应该回答:

2. 你想问别人多大年龄:

3.当别人问你“Where(哪里) do you live ?”时,你应该怎么说: A. I live in Canada . B. I’m five . 4. 你想吧你的弟弟介绍给你的朋友,你应该怎么说:

A. This is my brother. B. She is my brother.

5. 你的朋友过生日时,你应该说: 6..你弟生病了,你应该建议他去看医生说: —————————————————

7.当你朋友对你说“Happy birthday to you”你应该怎么说?——A.Sure B. Ok C. Thanks 8. 当你想问别人的感觉时怎么说?

A:how do you feel? B: how are you feel? 9. 当你想知道别人最喜欢的颜色时怎么说? A:what’s your favourite colour? B: what colour is it ?

10. 当你去看病时,医生通常回问你?

A: How are you B What ’s the matter ? 11.当你想对别人说今天是你的生日时应该怎么说? A:This is my birthday! B:Today is my birthday!

六、找出下列句子的答语。( 5)

1.What’s her name? A.I hurt my knee. 2.What’s the matter? B.My eyes are blue. 3.How old is she? C.Yes ,I feel happy. 4.What colour are your eyes?

D.Her name is Jenny. 5.Do you feel happy? E.She is 12.


1. mouth nose cat face 2. Apple orange red 3. She he me my 4.driver worker you

5. ear eraser pencil ruler 6. A. one B. name C. three 7. A. warm B. hot C. feel

8. A. short B. tall C. cake 9. A. black B. egg C. yellow 10. A. sister B. boy C. brother 11. A. green B. bike C. red 12. A. sad B.cold C.happy

13.A. Canada B. China C. Teacher


九.自由问答。(问句或答句写在题跟前的空白处 22)

1.How do you feel? 2.Are you okay?

3. -My hair is black. 4.How many rulers do you have?--- 5. Goodbye!---

6.How old are you?--- . 7. His name is Li Ming. 8.What’s the matter?--- 9.Nice to meet you!--- 10. -- It is a desk. 11.Happy birthday!

冀教版 三年级英语 期末复习题 经典题型 认真对待每一道题 命题人:柴欢 2013-1-15

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