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1.dirty(反义词) 2. dry(反义词)

3.people(复数) 4. man(复数 5.eat(过去式) 6. bring(过去式)

7.teach(单三) 8. like(单三) 9.write(现在分词) 10. sit(现在分词)

11.woman(复数) 12.put on (反义词 13.children(单数 14.mittens(缩写)

15.big(反义词) teach (反义词 16.skate(现在分词) dish(复数)

snowman(复数) grow(过去式) forwards(反义词) quickly(形容词)

.put (现在分词 am(过去式) ) go() ) 二、搭配题(共分)


1.Here’s what I like to do? 2.This one is smaller than the first. 3.He was a great teacher. 4.Let’s put a line for never. 5.She can play the piano. A.这个比第一个小。 B.他是一位伟大的教师。 C. 她 弹钢琴。 D.这是我喜欢做的事。 E.让我们用直线代表从不。

2. 选择合适的答语(5分) ( )1.What’s in the bedroom? ( )2.Why does the girl cry? ( )3.What did you do yesterday? ( )4.Where are you from? ( )5.What are you going to do? A. I’m from China. B. Because she hurts her leg. C. I’m going to skate on the ice. D. There is a bed. E. I went to the park. 三、选择填空(15分)


, tree , we , put , going , Christmas ,


is Saturday.(变成一般疑问句)


Yes, ______ _______.

变一般疑问句) 一般疑问句)

always go to the movie (电影院) on (否定回答) No, _______ _______.


ite their family and friends.

The songs are called carols. There is a very Canada. Today is Christmas. It’s my first in Canada. It snows outside, The weather is It’s a nice gift, and I like it very much.Then I 第3页,共6页


( )1. Li Ming is Canadian. ( )2.It’s the first Christmas for Li Ming in Canada.

( )3. Li Ming doesn’t like his gift. pea refrigerator, shower, sink,

( )4. Li Ming makes a snowman with his brother. boots, bus driver, school,

( )5. The weather is cold.. bus stop, line circle, square, shape, cabbage umbrella, season,

onion, spring, summer,

snow, rain, lamp, wind warm 现在分词变化:

work -- working sleep -- sleeping suitcase blow another, closet card study -- studying take -- taking tomorrow yesterday Christmas tree, make -- making dance -- dancing light, Santa song, star, thing, today, see--seeing toothbrush, door, dresser, lantern swim--swimming get--getting mittens(mitts) gloves

sit--sitting put (on)-- putting begin -- beginning run--running learn to skate, walk to school forget -–forgetting shop--shopping special, make a snowman / snowmen, stop--stopping cut -- cutting

down get wet come from take a

序数词:one→first two→second three→third

read a book/read books five →fifth eight→eighth nine→ninth twelve→

twelfth Danny, each other, Merry

put 行的动作

2.常用时间状语 :now,these days 3.动词构成 :

be+v-ing Christmas tree, play cards, bus

, play the piano, bus driver, 肯定式:am/is/are+现在分词(--ing) She is singing .

twenty-fifth, all the shapes, bathroom, 否定式 : am/is/are+not+现在分词

bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, 一般现在时 1.用法:表示习惯性动作

2.标志词 :sometimes never usually always can

everyday 3.动词构成 :动词原型或者单三 I get up at 6:30 in the morning. He doesn't have a toy.

一般过去时 1.用法:说话之前的动作

2.常用时间状语 :ago before yesterday last


3.动词构成 : 动词过去式 否定式 :didn't +动词


She bought a gift last night. I didn't stay here




2.常用时间状语 : tomorrow next year/month.

In 2020.... 3.动词构成 : be going to +动词原


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