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Unit6 The story of rain


1.---Where does the rain come from ? 雨来自哪里?

---It comes from the cloud . 它来自云。(第三人称单数形式)

2.---Where are you from ? 你来自哪里?

---I am from China . 我来自中国。

3.How do you do that ? 你怎样做呢?

4. What should you do then ? 然后你又该怎样做呢?

5.How do you plant a tree ? 你怎样来种树?

Unit5 What does she do ?


1.---What does she do ?(提问职业:注意人称) 她是干什么的? ---She is a TV reporter . 她是一个电视台记者。

2.---What do you do ?(提问职业:注意人称) 你是干什么的?

---I am a worker . 我是一个工人。

3.---Where does she work ? (提问工作地点) 她在哪工作?

---She works in a car company . 她在一个汽车公司工作。

4.---How does she go to work ? (提问怎样去上班) 她怎样去上班? ---She goes to work by bus . 她坐公交车去上班。

5.She is an artist . 她是一个画家。

6.I am an accountant. 我是一个会计。

Unit4 I have a pen pal


1.---What’s your hobby ? =What do you like ?( 提问爱好) 你的爱好是什么? ---I like collecting stamps . (like +ing形式) 我喜欢集邮。

2.He likes collecting stamps ,too . 他也喜欢集邮。

3.---Does she teach English ? (以does 引导的一般疑问句) 她教英语吗? Yes,she does .(肯定回答) No,she doesn’t .(否定回答)

4.---What is your mother’s hobby ? =What does your mother like ?


---She likes listening to music .她喜欢听音乐。(第三人称单数形式)

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