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1. What are you doing ?2How much is it?3Can you jump far?4.Can Tom run fast? 5.Can Amy and Sam row a bout?

6.Have you got an elephant?7. Do you want some rice?8.What is Amy doing? 9.Is it a house?10.What are these?

11.What’s this? 12.Does Daming write a letter? 13.Here you are! 14.Thank you~ 15.What is the bird doing?16.What are they doing? 17.Where is the bus?

A.Thanks B I’m reading abook C six yuan for ten D Yes,pleaseE No,I can’t F Yes .he can G。 No they can‘t H A house I ,You‘re welcome J。 No, it isn’t. . K It’s at the station. L,They are drawing M They ‘re elephants. N ,She’s taking pictures O,Yes, I have. P It is jumping. Q. No ,he doesn’t .

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