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一 、重点词汇拓展

1. 切;割 _______ (现在分词) _________

2. 最后地,最终 __________ (形容词) ___________

3. 混合;混在一起 _________ (名词) _________

4. 盐;食盐 ___________ (形容词) ____________

5. 煮沸;烹煮 ____________(过去式) ________

6. 果汁机;搅拌器___________ (动词) __________

7. 三明治 __________ (复数) __________

8. 薄片 __________ (复数) ___________

9. 火鸡 ____________ (复数) __________

10. put ___________(过去式) __________

11. 顶;上部 _________(反义词) _______

二 、重点词组识记

1. 打开(电器)_________ 11. 一个洋葱 ____________

2. 切碎________________ 12. 两片面包________________

3. 把……倒入…… ___________ 13. 一茶勺黄油 ______________

4.一瓶酸奶_____________ 14. 三片鸡肉_________________

5. 把……混合在一起 ____________ 15. 在顶部;在上面 _____________

6. make fruit salad _______________ 16. add…to… ________________

7. two teaspoons of relish _____________ 17. need to do _________________

8. peel three bananas _______________ 18. put…into the blender _____________

9. put…into the blender ___________ 19. roll the pancake ________________

10. good idea ________________ 20. a cup of honey _________________


1. There are ______ and a cup of yogurt.

A. two slices of bread B. a slice of breads

C. two slice of bread D. two slices of breads

2. I want to have ______.

A. three glasses of oranges B. two glass of oranges

C. a glass of orange D. two glass of orange

3. —How many _______ would you like?

—Two, please.

A. cups of tea B. cup of tea C. cups of teas D. cup of tea

4. Meat ______ delicious, but don’t eat too much.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

5. Ted, take some ______ to school. It’s so hot and you may feel thirsty.

A. bread B. bananas C. oranges D. juice

6. You should ______ the bananas and put them in the blender.

A. cut down B. cut up C. cut in

7. Dad, can I turn ______ the TV? I want to watch the soccer game.

A. on B. off C. up


8. How _______ yogurt do you need?

A. many B. a little C. much

9. I need ______.

A. two slices of bread B. two slices bread C. two slice of bread

10. How ______ glasses of milk do you drink every day?

A. much B. many C. a little

11.—_____ orange do you need?

—Three bottles.

A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How long

12. She needs _____ a new computer.

A. buy B. buying C. buys D. to buy

13.—Would you like some tea?

—Yes, just _____.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

14. Could I have ______?

A. some breads B. any breads C. some bread D. any bread

15. Tom says he needs ______.

A. have a rest B. to have a rest C. has a rest D. to having a rest

16. If you ______ one to one hundred, you get one hundred and one.

A. put B. and C. add D. give

17. The restaurant is so popular here. Look, there are so many ______ here.

A. food B. dish C. people D. waiter

18. —______ is the banana smoothie?

—Five yuan a bottle.

A. How many B. How much C. What D. How heavy

19. There are few ______ in the fridge. Let’s go and buy some peas, carrots and cabbages. vegetables B. fruit C. meat D. eggs

20. People in America eat much ______.

A. coffee B. onions C. beef D. iced water

21. Please keep quiet. If you make a lot of ______, you may disturb others.

A. voice B. noise C. sound D. singing

22. Mrs Jenny gave us ______ on how to learn English well.

A. some advices B. many advices C. some advice D. an advice

23.—______ does this MP3 player cost? —It’s $230.

A. How often B. How much C. How many D. How long

24. ______ those lights, please. Don’t use so much energy.

A. Take off B. Put on C. Turn off D. Turn on

25. It’s midnight. Would you please ______ the radio?

A. turn on B. turn up C. turn down

26. —______ is this pair of this pants?

—It’s 100 yuan.

A. How much B. How many C. How often D. How far

27. —Please ______ the lights and close the door before you leave, boys?

—OK, we will.

2 A.

A. turn off B. turn on C. turn up D. turn down

28. —______ do you prefer to study?

—I prefer to study in a group.

A. How B. Why C. When D. Where


1. ______(not turn) on the blender before you put bananas and yogurt into it.

2. How many ______(slice) of bread do we need?

3. Let’s ______ (make) a milk cake together.

4. How much ______ (orange) do you want?

5 ______ (final) mix all the ingredients up.

6. First put mustard on two ______(slice) of bread.

7. Do you like lettuce in ______(sandwich)?

8. I would like some apple ______ (juice). I am thirsty.

9. Here ______ (be) some milk. Drink it, please.

10. I need ______ (buy) some bread.


1. 把酸奶倒进榨汁机。 ________________________ the blender.

2. 我们需要多少香蕉? ________________________ do we need?

3. 我需要一些帮助。 I ______________________ some help.

4. 我们需要把香蕉切碎。 We need to ________________________.

5. 打开搅拌器电源,搅拌两分钟。________________________ two minutes.

1. 首先检查一下你已准备好了所有原料。

_______________ you have _________________.

2. 请问你能切碎这些西红柿吗?

Can you _______________ the tomatoes, please?

3. 你需要把原料都放到搅拌器里。

You _______________ the ingredients into a blender.

4. 加点蜂蜜并把原料混合一下。

______some honey and _____________ the ingredients.


1)字母:语言的书写形式。元音字母a, e, i(y), o, u,



4)音节:由元音和辅音构成的发音单位。ap'ple, stu'dent, tea'cher, un'der'stand



7)开音节:a) 辅音+元音+辅音+e name bike ;b) 辅音+元音 he, go, hi

8)闭音节:a) 辅音+元音+辅音 bad, bed, sit, hot, cup; b)元音+辅音it



2) [i] sit, build, miss

3) [e] bed, desk, head, 4) [?] bad, land, bank, stamp 5) [a:] car, fast, class, plant, calm, aunt 6) [?] hot, want 7) [ ?:] door, more, sport, ball, warm, author, court, bought, caught

8) [u:] good, who, blue, soup, 9) [u] look, put, women, could 10) [Λ] cup, come, blood, rough 11) [?:] girl, work, serve, nurse 12) [?] cadre, ago, forget, polite, dollar, doctor, famous, Saturday 13) [ei] cake, they, play, eight, great,

14) [ai] bike, die, neither, light, try, find, height, eye

15) [?u] phone, cold, boat, soul, grow 16) [au] house, town

17) [?i] boy, oil 18) [i?] dear, idea, deer, here, fierce, 19) [ε?] pear, care, there, fair 20) [u?] tour, poor,



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