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Welcome back to school!
Unit 1 Welcome back to School

Grade 3 Helon

Happy New Year !

? 男孩

? 女孩

I’m Amy. I’m from America.

? I’m Mike.
? I’m from Canada.

I’m Chen Jie. I’m from China.

Good morning, boys and girls! Good morning, Miss White.

Class ,we have a new friend today.

Hi ! I’m Amy. I’m from America.


Let's Prcatice
1.Pair work:Ask the students to introduce themselves to Amy.Please use the sentences: Hi,Amy.I'm from...Nice to meet you. 2.Oral English

What is it? Where is it from? It is a panda.It is from China.

What is it? Where is it from? It is a eagle.It is from America.

-What is it? Where is it from? -It is a bear. It is from Canada.


1.Listen to Part A and recite the dialogue in "Let's talk". 2.Make a personal infromation card and do the self-introducation eg: Name(名字):
Age(年龄): Nationality(): Born Place( ): Favorite Animal:( ) Favurite Food:( ) Draw yourself(画自己)

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