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我的unit 5

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Unit 5

Do you have a soccer ball?
Section A (1a---1c)

Let’s check: look, read and spell


Soccer ball




basketball /`b? skΙtb?:l/

Ping-pong ball Ping-pong bat

Tennis ball



Guessing games.

soccer ball





ping-pong ball

1a match the words with the things in the picture.

1.tennis ball ( a)
2.ping-pong bat ( f )

3. soccer ball (c)
4.volleyball (e ) 5.basketball ( d ) 6.baseball bat(b)

Sample answers

ping-pong bat

soccer ball

Ping-pong ball

A: What’s this in English? 有, 拥有 B: It’s a basketball. A: Do you have a basketball? B: Yes, I do. I have a basketball.

A: What’s this in English? 有, 拥有 B: It’s a soccer ball. A: Do you have a soccer ball? B: No, I don’t. I don’t have a soccer ball.

教师寄语: Doing sports is good for your health.

1、words: do, have, tennis, tennis racket, ball, ping-pong, ping-pong bat, bat, soccer, soccer ball, volleyball, basketball .
2、—Do you have a …? —Yes, I do. No,I don’t.

Fill in the blanks(填空)
have (1) I_____ a ping-pong bat. 我有一个乒乓球拍。 Do (2) ____you have a ping-pong bat? ____ 你有一个乒乓球拍吗? Yes, I do. 是的,我有。 _______ Do (3) ___youhave TV?你有一台电视机吗? ____a No I don’t I don’t have a ______,______._____________.TV. 不,我没有。我没有电视机.

( D )4. I _____ a ping-pong bat. A. do B. is C. are D. have ( A ) 5. Do you _______ a football? A. have B. has C. spell D. are ( B ) 6. _____ you have a tennis racket? A. do B. Do C. have D. Does ( C ) 7. —Do you have a soccer ball? — _____, I do. A. No B. yes C. Yes D. have ( C ) 8. — Do you have a basketball? — No, ________. A. I have B. I do C. I don’t D. I’m not

Thanks for your listening!

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