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Unit 4 He said I was hard-working (Period One) 序号: 主备人:王俊 时间:

学习目标: 预习Section A (P25---27),学习直接引语与间接引语 学习重难点:准确运用直接引语与间接引语 自学过程:

一、直接引语变成间接引语,句子结构的变化 1. 人称变化:

直接引语变间接引语时,人称变化可以概括为 “一主,二宾,三不变。” 一主:从句中第一人称与主句的主语一致 二宾:从句中第二人称与主句的宾语一致 三不变:从句中第三人称不变 2.时态的变化.

一般现在时 一般过去时

一般将来时 过去将来时(will—would) 现在进行时 过去进行时 can could 二、直接引语是陈述句

1. 间接引语用连词that引导,that在口语中常省略。

2. 主句的谓语动词可直接用引语中的said, 也可用told来代替。

3. 注意,可以说said that, said to sb. that, told sb. that,不可直接说told that 例 : They said “We are having a party for Lana.”

They said that they were having a party for Lana.

4. 直接引语表述的是客观真理和事实,变为间接引语时,时态不变

1)The geography teacher said, “The sun in the west.”

The geography teacher told us (that) 2)Our teacher said to us, “” Our teacher said to us (that)跟踪练习:

1. Mary said: “I like it very much.” __________________________________________ 2. Jim said to Mary, “You don’t like it.”________________________________________ 3.He said,“They are studying Japanese.”_______________________________________ 4. She said, “ You are a good student.”__________________________________________ 5. They said, “ We’re having a party for you.”____________________________________ 三、直接引语是一般疑问句

1. 间接引语用连词if或whether引导。

2. 原主句中谓语动词said要改为asked (me/him/her/them等)。 3. 语序是陈述句的语序。

例: 1)He said, “Do you like the pet parrot?”

He liked the pet parrot. 2)He said, “You are interested in English, aren't you?” He


1. She asked, “Do you see a monkey?” She asked me _______________________ 2. He said to me, "Are you a teacher?" He ______________________________ ※注意:选择疑问句 用whether…or…表达,而不用if…or…,也不用either…or… 例: He asked, “Do you speak English or French?”

He asked me whether I spoke English or French.


I asked, “Will you take a bus or take a train?” I asked __________________________ 四、直接引语是特殊疑问句

1. 直接引语的疑问词作为间接引语的连词。 2. 主句的谓语动词用ask(sb. )来表达。 3. 语序改为陈述语序。

例: He said to me,“What's your name?” =>He asked me what my name was. 跟踪练习:

1. "What are you doing now?" he asked. ________________________________ 2. She said," How long will it take me to fly to that city?" ____________________________ 五、直接引语是转述祈使句时的变化

1. 如果直接引语是表示请求的口气,则间接引语用 ask sb.to do sth.

如果直接引语是表示命令的口气,则间接引语用 tell / order sb.to do sth. 2. 否定式是ask/ told sb. not to do sth. 3. 注意人称,时态做相应变化。

例:1) “Do some shopping for me , please.” ,he said to her. →He asked her to do some shopping for him. 2) “Do not eat cold food.” , the doctor said.

→The doctor told the patient not to eat cold food. 跟踪练习:

1. He said to her, “Go away! ” ______________________________________

2. Mother said to me, “ Come back before 10:00.”________________________________ 预习检测:

( ) 1. Our teacher told us the moon _____around the sun.

A. moved B. would move C. moves D. is moving ( ) 2.I asked the teacher __ there___ an English evening the next day. A. that; would be B. if; will be

C. whether; would be D. that; will be

( ) 3.The policeman asked him _______when the UFO arrived. A. what was he doing B. what did he do C. what he was doing D. what he did

( ) 4. Mary asked me _____ I liked apples ____bananas.

A. if; or B. if; and C. whether; or D. whether; and ( ) 5.He asked me whom I ______ for.

A. am waiting B. wait C. will wait D. was waiting

( ) 6.He told me ______ he was late. A. what B. why C. how D. where


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