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1\ the first day ________ school 2\ ________ the school playground

3\ _________ classes 4\ _________ Wednesday

5\ __________ a farm 6\ pull _________ carrots

7\ a lot _______ fruit trees 8\ live _________ a town

9\ ________ the weekends12\ look _______ them

10\ _________ the sitting room 11\ ________ the 4th ______ November

13\ _________ the playground 14\ _______ the school hall

15\ ________ New Year16\ talk _______ his students _______ holidays

17\ _________ Christmas Day18\ have a big lunch _________ my family

19\ dress _______ _________ costumes24\ __________ Mum and Dad.

20\ _________ September or October 21\ ________ his grandpa?ˉs house

22\ _________ the Christmas tree 23\ ________ me 30\ a book ________ holidays

25\ _________ English 26\ ________ Christmas 27\ play ________ lanterns

28\ ________ Christmas Day 29\ the names _______ the day

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you like a apple.£¨DT??2???£?


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1\ the first day (of) school

2\(in)the school playground

3\ (in)classes

4\(on) Wednesday

5\(on)a farm

6\ pull (up) carrots

7\ a lot (of) fruit trees

8\ live (in) a town

9\ (at)the weekends

10\ (in) the sitting room

11\ (on)the 4th (of) November

12\ look (at) them

13\ (in) the playground

15\ (on) New Year

16\ talk (with) his students (in) holidays

17\ (on) Christmas Day

18\ have a big lunch (with) my family

19\ dress (up) (in) costumes

20\ (in) September or October

21\ (in) his grandpa?ˉs house


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( )1.___ the afternoon of May, we visited the old man.

A. On B. At C. In

( )2.Many people work ___ the day and sleep ___ night.

A. on ; at B. in ; in C. in ; at

( )3.He speaks Japanese best ____ the boy students.

A. between B. with C. among

( )4.A wolf ___ a sheep skin is our dangerous enemy.

A. with B. in C. on

( )5.Joan hopes to come back ___ three days.

A. after B. for C. in

( )6.They sent the letter to me ___ mistake.

A. by B. for C. with

( )7.He left home ___ a cold winter evening.

A. at B. on C. in

( )8.Shanghai is ____ the east of China.

A. in B. on C. to

( )9.____ my father?ˉs help, I have finished my composition.

A. Under B. On C. with

( )10.He?ˉs very strict ____ himself and he?ˉs very strict ___ his work.

A. with ; in B. in ; with C. with ; with

( )11.I really can?ˉt agree ____ you.

A. to B. on C. with

( )12.The shop won?ˉt open ___ nine in the morning.

A. until B. at C. during

( )13.How about ___ the flowers now?

A. watering B. are watering

C. watered

( )14.She spent all his money ___ books.

A. in B. with C. on

( )15.They are talking ___ low voices.

A. with B. in C. on

( )16.It?ˉs very kind ___ you to help us.

A. for B. to C. of

( )17.What will you have ___ breakfast this morning?

A. with B. for C. by

( )18.A plane is flying ____ the city.

A. on B. over C. above

( )19.You are free to speak ___ the meeting.

A. at B. in C. on

( )20.Mr. Green will stay in China___ Friday.

A. to B. on C. till

( )21.It?ˉs wrong to play jokes ___ other people.

A. on B. of C. with

( )22.Which color do you like? I prefer blue ___ red.

A. for B. as C. to

( )23.The student will give us a talk ___ how to use our spare time.

A. for B. on C. in

( )24.I paid two hundred yuan ___ that kind of bicycle.

A. in B. for C. on

( )25.The doctor is very kind ___ his patients

A. to B. on C. at

( )26.We can?ˉt live ___ air.

A. in B. with C. without

( )27.The child was afraid ___ the strange sound.

A. at B. for C. of

( )28.He was very angry ___ her for being late.

A. for B. with C. at

( )29.What do you think __ _ the play?

A. about B. like C. of

( )30.I think it?ˉs the right way to work out the problem, but I am not

sure _____ it.

A. do B. about C. of

( )31.Reading ___ the sun isn?ˉt good _ __ you

A. under ; for B. in ; for C. in ; to

( )32.I won?ˉt ask about it, I?ˉm going to see it ___ _ my own eyes.

A. by B. for C. with

( )33.We go to school every day _ ___ Sunday.

A. except B. without C. on

( )34.There is a small river ___ the two towns

A. in B. between C. among

( )35.Li Lei sometimes falls asleep ___ the lesson.

A. for B. through C. during

( )36.Mr. Black went to Paris ___ a few days.

A. for B. in C. after

( )37.They will leave ________ London next month.

A. to B. from C. for

( )38.Are you going to the zoo __ _ bus or ___ my car?

A. on ; by B. by ; in C. on ; in

( )39.He woke up several times _ __ the night

A. in B. at C. on

( )40. We traveled overnight to Paris and arrived _______ 5 o?ˉclock ______ the morning.

A. on; in B. at; in C. at; on D. in; on

( )41. Where?ˉs Lily? We are all here _______ her.

A. beside B. about C. except D. with

( )42. She sent her friend a postcard _______ a birthday present.

A. on B. as C. for D.

( )43. Jack has studied Chinese in this school ______ the year of 2000.

A. since B. in C. on D. by

( )44. ---What is a writing brush, do you know?

---It?ˉs _______ writing and drawing.

A. with B. to C. for D. by

( )45. English is widely used ______ travellers and business people all over the world.

A. to B. for C. as D. by

( )46. _____ the help of my teacher, I caught up with the other students.

A. Under B. In C. With D. On

( )47. Hong Kong is ______ the south of China, and Macao is ______ the west of Hong Kong.

A. in; to B. to; to C. to; in D. in; in

( )48. ---You?ˉd better not go out now. It?ˉs raining.

---It doesn?ˉt matter. My new coat can keep ______ rain.

A. in B. of C. with D. off

( )49.There are many apples ___ the tree. A bird ___ the tree is picking an apple.

A. in ; on B. on ; in C. in ; at

( )50. ?°Who are you going to play ____??± ?°Grade Two.?±

A. about B. by C. against




1.___girls took part in the Super Girl competition but only few of them succeed.

A. One million of B. Millions of

C. Thousands and millions D. Two millions

2. ---Can I help you ?

---I?ˉd like __ for my twin daughters.

A. two pair of shoes

B. two pairs of shoes

C. two pair of shoe

D. two pairs of shoe

3. Each of us has to write a ___ report every three weeks.

A. two-thousand-words

B. two-thousand-word

C. two-thousands-words

D. two-thousands-word

4. Now children , please turn to Page__and look at the ___ picture.

A. Twenty-three ; fifth

B. Twenty-three ; five

C. Twenty-third ; fifth

D. Twenty-third ; five

5.---Excuse me , could you tell me where the nearest post office is ? ---The nearest post office? You will have to walk _____.

A. 500-metres away B. 500 meter far

C. 500 metres farther D. 500 ¨Cmetre-far away

6. This is a big class, and ______ of the students are girls.

A. two third B. second three

C. two thirds D. two three

7. During the entrance (éy?§) exams, there are ____ parents waiting for

their children outside their test center.

A. thousands of B. thousand of

C. thousand D. thousands

8. _____ people will watch Beijing Olympic Games on TV in 2008.

A. Million of B. Millions of

C. Five millions D. Million

9.---How old is your son ?

---____. We had a special party for his ____ birthday last Sunday.

A. Nine ; nine B. Nine ; ninth

C. Ninth ; nine D. Ninth ; nine

10. This is the __ time in __ days that he has made the same mistakes.

A. second; third B. two ; three

C. two ; third D. second ; three

11. ---How many people will come to Beijing for the Olympic Games in 2008 ?

---It?ˉs hard to say__ people, I think.

A. Million of B. Millions of

C. Two millions of D. two millions

12. Mother?ˉs Day falls on ___ Sunday of May.

A. two B. second C. the second

13. It was the second time for China to send a manned (??è?μ?) spaceship into the sky, but it was the __ time for Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng to go to the space.

A. first B. second C. third D. last

14. Kate lives in __.Mine is next to hers.

A. the room five B. Room Five

C. five room D. room five

15. ---What do you think of the environment here?

---Wonderful ! _____ of the land __covered with trees and grass.

A. Two fifths ; is B. Two fifth ; is C. Two fifths ; are D. Two fifth ; are



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1.What?ˉs this (at,on,in)English?

2.Christmas is (at,on,in)the 25th of December.

3.The man (with, on, in)black is Su Hai?ˉs father.

4.He doesn?ˉt do well (at,on,in)PE.

5.Look at those birds (on,in)the tree.

6.We are going to meet (at,on,in)the bus stop (at,on,in)half

past ten.

7.Is there a cat (under, behind, in)the door?

8.Helen?ˉs writing paper is (in, in front of)her computer.

9.We live (at,on,in)a new house now.

10.Does it often rain (at,on,in)spring there?


1.Jim is good in English and Maths.

2.How many students have their birthday on May?

3.They are talking to their plans.

4.The films were in the ground just now.

5.Women?ˉs Day is at the third of March.

6.I usually take photos in Sunday morning.

7.What did you do on the Spring Festival?

8.Can you come and help me on my English?

9.Did you water trees at the farm?

10.I can jog to school on the morning.






at at


in front of















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