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1. ________ you ________(water) the flowers yesterday.

2. Su Hai _________(go) for a walk last Sunday.

3. Mike didn’t ________(finish) his homework yesterday.

4. I _______ (pick) apples on the tree last month.

5. I ___________(swim) with my parents on this weekend.

6.There ______ _______ (be) a party in our school.

7.Mike _______ ________ (visit ) his grandparents next week.

8.He ______ ______ _______ _______(buy)a bike the day after tomorrow.

9.________ (fly)a kite with my father next week.

10. He will not _________ (go) school tomorrow.

11. I _______(is) ten years old last year.

On that day, I _______(blow) the candles out.

12. There ________(are) five books on the desk a moment ago.

13. They ________(sweep) the floor just now.

14. I _________ (meet) Miss White the day before yesterday.

15. I _______ (wash) clothes last weekend.

16. What did you you do on your holiday? I ________ (go) swimming.

17. Mike _________ (do) his homework every day.

18. There __________(be) some water in the glass.

19. We like ________ (play) basketball after class.

20. look! Chen Jie and Mike are ___________(sing)now.

21. The small bear is ________ (climb) the tree.

22. Mike is ________ (draw) picture.

23. She is ________ (do) the dishes.

24. My brother is ________ (make) kites.

25. My father is ________ (read) a newspaper in living room.

26. Ted is __________(answer) the phone.

27. My uncle is ________ (drive) a car.

28. The students are ________(listen) to their teacher carefully.

29. Chen Jie is _________(wash) clothes.

30. His sister is ________ (write) an e-mail.

31. We are __________(clean) the classroomnow.

32. I’m ________(work) on my computer.

33. They are _________(play) basketball.

34. I like singing. I often _________(listen) to the music in the evening.

35. My grandma_________(watch) TV every day.

36. The tiger is ________(walk).

37. The elephant is _________(drink) water with its trunk.

38. The monkeys are _________ (swing).

39. Peter is ________(take) pictures.

40. They are ________(take)up the apples.

二、判断句子的正误, 并改正。

1. Betty do morning exercises every day. 2. I plays on the beach. 3. The trees falls their leaves.

4. I like to wearing shirts and running.

5. Smiths is watering the flowers.

6. They usually have supper at seven o’clock.

7. They’re climbs a tree.

8. You mustn’t play football here. 9. The rabbit wants some vegetables.

10. I sometimes watching TV on Sunday.

11. He’s writing a story.

12. Your mother is reads a magazine now.

13. I’m ridding a bike. 14. The lions are walking.

15. He’s drawed picture.


1. We are going to ____ to the park tomorrow. A. go B. goes C. going

2. What film are you going to ______ ? A. see B. watch C. look

3. We _____ a play tomorrow. Will you please join us?

A. are going to see B. saw C. sees

4. Every one ____ to their teacher in the classroom. A. are listening B. is listening C. listen

5. They are singing and ___ together at the party now. A. dance B. danced C. dancing

6. Fangfang is a good student. She ____maths. A. does good at B. well do it C. is good at

7. The kite ____ a bird.

A. look like B. is looking C. looks like

8. Bill and I ___ good friends. A. is B. are C. am

9. ____Alice often play the piano. No, she _____. A. Do; do B. Does; does C. Does; doesn’t

10. ___ your penfriend __ in Beijing?

A. Do; live B. Do; lives C. Does; live

11. Tom and Mike __ very excited, they will take a trip. A. is B. are C. am 12. Kate ____ playing chess. A. am B. is C. are

13. Are you washing clothes?

A. Yes, you are B. Yes, I am C. No, I am

14. Is he ____ TV?Yes, he is. A. watch B. watching C. not 15. Listen! The birds ____.

A. is singing B. are sing C. are singing

16. Look! The kite ___ in the sky

A. fly B. flies C. is flying

17. They ____ riding a forse. A. is B. are C. am

18. ____ they taking pictures.? Yes, they are. A. Am B. Be C. Are

19. It’s 10 o’clock. Ben _____ TV in the bedroom. A. watch B. is watching C. watches

20. I like ________ very much. What about you? A. dance B. danced C. dancing

21. I can’t find my pen. Let me __.

A. go and ask her B. go and ask hers C. go and ask she

22. Sandy often ___ his homework on Sundays . A. do B. does C. did

23. What do you usually do on the weekend? I __________. A. went swimming B. go swimming C. visited grandparents

24. What do you usually do on your holiday?

A. saw elephants B. sing and dance C.took picture

25. He always _____ football games. A. watches B. watch C. doesn’t

26. My best friend _____ shells.

A. collects B. collect C. often

27. She doesn’t _____ listening to the music. A. often B. like C. likes

28. My mother and I ___ always watch romantic films. A. doesn’t B. don’t C. Do

29. I ____ presents for my parents yesterday. A. buyed B. bought C. buying

30. Susan _____ swimming yesterday. A. go B. goes C. went

31. Danny _____ breakfast five times last week. A. eat B. ate C. eated

32. Last Sunday____ Tree Planting Day. A. is B. were C. was

33. I ____ a lot from our textbook.

A. learned B. learnes C. learning 34. I ____ a student. I go to school ____bus every day.

A. is; by B. am; on C. am; by

35. I ____ a brother. She ____ a sister.

A. have; has B. has; has C. have; have

36. You ____ a student. He ____ a teacher. A. is; is B. are; is C. are; are

37. We ____ to the zoo and ___ a lot of animals yesterday. A. go; see B. went; saw C. goes; sees

38. What did you do last weekend ? --I _________ A. read a book B. wash the clothes C. go fishing

39. What _____ to trees in the different season? A. happen B. happens C. happened

40. Last summer. I ____ in the lake and played on the beach.

A. swim B. swam C. will swim

41. Did you eat good food in China? ______. A. Yes, I do B. No, I didn’t C. No, I did

42.I’m going to _____ some chopsticks ____ Sunday afternoon. A. bought; on B. buy; on C. buy; on

43. When are you going to Hong Kong? I’m going there ____ . A. this weekend B. by plane C. yesterday

44. I’m going to____ my friends this weekend. A. visit B. visited C. visiting

45. What did you do on your holiday? I ________ A. bought a present B. go skiing C. learn English

46. What did he _____ yesterday? He ____ his homework. A. did; did B. do; did C. do; do

47. Yesterday my presents and I ____ our house. A. were cleaning B. cleaned C. are going to clean

48. I’m going to____ homework tomorrow. A. does B. do C. did

49. Are you going to take a piano class?


A. No, we not B. No, I am C. Yes, I am

50. I am ___ eat breakfast at 7:15. A. will B. going to C. shall

51. He ___ a race with Ming Ming.

A. shall have B. will have C. going to have

52. Where _____ you go tomorrow? A. are B. will C. shall


























78.11. A. out B. to C. over D. on

79.12. A. close B. run C. return D. take


81.13. A. trying B. believing C. thinking D. suggesting

82.14. A. failed B. fails C. succeeds D. succeeded

83.15. A. whenever B. wherever C. where D. when


85.The students were having their chemistry(化学)class.Miss Li was telling the students what water was like.After that,she asked her students,"What's water?"No one spoke for a few minutes.Miss Li asked again,"Why don't you answer my question?Didn't I tell ou what water is like?"

86.Just then a student put up his hand and said,"Miss Li,you told us that water has no color and no smell.However,where to find such kind of water?The water in the river behind my house is always black and it has a bad smell."Most of the students agreed with him.

87."I'm sorry,children."said the teacher,"Our water is getting dirtier and dirtier.That's a problem."

88.Choose the best answer:

89.1.What were the students doing? ( ) A.They were having an English class. B.They were having a Chinese class. C.They were having a chemistry class. D.They were having a math class. 90.2.Miss Li was telling the students( ) A.what water was like B.what air was like C.what earth

was liak D.what weather was like

91.3.What colos was the water in the river behind the student's house? A.It was white 92.






98.B.It was black C.It was clean D.It was clear

99.4.Most of the children ( )the student. A.agreed with B.wrote to C.heard from D.sent for 100.5.Why did the water in the river have color? ( ) A.Because it was getting more ande more B.Because it was getting less and less C.Because it was getting cleaner and cleaner D.Because it was getting dirtier and dirtier

101. There is another aspect of flying we must now know about, that is flying speeds. There are, in fact, tow kinds of speed: the ground speed, which is the actual speed of the plane in relation to the ground, and the air speed, which is the speed relative to the air. These are two quite different things.

102.Let us go back to the kite for a moment. If, in still air, you run with a kite at five miles per hour, its ground speed will be five miles per hour because that is the actual speed at which you are pulling it over the ground. Now, suppose you are running at five miles per hour. The ground speed will still be the same but, because the air is passing the kite at ten miles per hour, the air speed of the kite will be ten miles per hour; that is , the speed at which you are running plus the speed of the air blowing past the kite. Stand still with your kite in the same breeze. Its ground speed is now nothing, but the air is passing the kite at five miles per hour, so its air seed is five miles per hour. Ground speed decides how long an plane will take to fly from one place to another. Air speed provides the lifting force and the drag. Your kite will remain in the air in a good breeze even if you stand still, and you will still feel the drag on the string.

103.6. In fact, there are two kinds of speed: one is the ground speed, the other is ____. 104.A. flying speed B. full speed C. air speed D. first speed 105.






111.7. What’s the ground speed if you run with a kite at five miles per hour in still air. A. It will be five kilometers per hour.

112.B. It will be more than five kilometers per hour. C. It will be five miles per hour. D. It will be five feet per hour.

113.8. According to the passage, what is the running speed plus the air speed of the kite? A. Ten miles an hour B. Five miles an hour C. At least five meters. D. More than ten miles

114.9. Air speed provides _____ and drag.

115.A. motive force B. wind force C. lifting force D. constant force 116.10. How many different things does the writer talk about. A. Three. B. Two. C. One.

D. Four.






















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