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一、Listen and choose. 听录音,选出你所听到的选项。(10%)

1.favourite 2.mutton 3.principal 4.strong 5.grape

二、Listen and number.听录音,根据你所听内容的先后顺序用1-5的序号在图下括号内标号。 (10%)

1. My English teacher is very smart.

2. The eggplant is fresh.

3. Tofu is my favourite food.

4. We have P.E on Friday.

5. I often do homework in my bedroom.

三、Listen and choose. 听录音,根据你所听到的问句选出最佳答语。(10%)

1.What is your math teacher like?

2.Who is that young woman?

3.What day is it today?

4.What is your favourite fruit?

5.Is your English teacher strict?

四、Listen and tick. 听录音,在相应的方格中打“√”。(10%)

1. -What’s your favorite food, Mike?

-I like eggplants and tomatoes.

2. -Do you like mutton, Chen Jie?

-Yes, I do.

3. -What’s your favorite food, John?

-Fish and green beans.

4. -What do you have for lunch, Amy?

-I have tofu and hamburger for lunch.

5. -Miss Liu, What’s your favorite food?

-My favorite food is potatoes.


一、CBBAA 二、43125

三、BAABA 四、略

五、略 六、略

七、BCDAE 八、略

九、ABABB 十、略


一、Listen and choose. 听录音, 选出你所听到的单词或短语。(10%)

1. The desk is behind the door.

2. The picture is on the wall.

3. There is a big forest in Enshi.

4. Look, the beautiful curtain.

5. I can wash the clothes.

二、Listen and judge. 看图听录音,在与录音内容相符的图片下打√,不相符的打×。(10%)

1. This is a kitchen. 2. The boy reads books on Saturdays.

3. This is a living room. 4. There is a trash bin on the sofa.

5. Look! Sarah can cook the meal.

三、Listen and choose.听录音,根据问句选择最佳答语。(10%)

1. What day is it today? 2. Can you do housework?

3. Is there a river? 4.Where is the trash bin?

5.Are there any tall buildings?

四、Listen and number. 根据你所听到的内容,用1——5的数字给图中的物品编号。(共10分)

Look, I have a new bedroom. It’s small and nice. Now, listen and number.

1. I can see a closet in the room.

2. There is a trash bin.

3. A new air-conditioner is on the wall.

4. Oh, I can see a beautiful pink curtain.

5. There is a teddy bear on the desk. It’s cute.


一、AABCB 二、××√√√

三、ABBBA 四、43152

五、kitchen flower mirror set the table water the flowers

六、ADBEC 七、略


十、1. bedroom 2. on 3. end table 4. picture\curtain 5. on


一、Listen and number. 听录音,用1—5的序号给下列图片标号。 (10%)

1. grapes and tomatoes 2. sweep the floor 3. do homework

4. a bridge over the river 5. empty the trash

二、Listen and choose. 听句子, 选出你所听到的选项。 (10%)

1. I’d like some fish.

2. There is a closet in my bedroom.

3. There is a river in my village.

4. I can wash the clothes.

5. My music teacher is funny.

三、Listen and choose. 听录音,选出你所听到的图片。(10%)

1. We have P.E. on Monday.

2. I 'd like some eggplants for lunch.

3. My P.E. teacher is young and strong.

4. The telephone is on the end table.

5. Amy can do the dish.

四、Listen and choose. 听录音,根据问句选择最佳答语。 (10%)

1.Are you helpful at home?

2.What can your brother do?

3.What do you have for lunch?

4. What’s your English teacher like?

5. Is there a river in the park?


一、21354 二、AAABB







1. trees bulidings rivers flowers

2. roads bridges flowers

3. clean

4. fresh

5. grass road

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