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This one is heavy.


We’re going to __to the We’re going to supermarket.A.go B.went go to the C.going D.goes supermarket.

What__big supermarket! A.a B. an C./
There__many sweets. A.am B. is C.are

What a big supermarket! many sweets There are over there many fruits

Please help me put the bags in the car.

Please help me __ the bags __ the car. A.put..on B.putting ..in C.put..in


This one is heavy.
one,heavy,this,is (.) There are many sweets. are, many,there, sweets (.) There are many fruits,too.

are, many,there, fruits (.)

You are helpful children. You are __children.A.help B.helped C.Helpful D.helping

Chant! Go to the supermarket, Go to the supermarket, We’re going to go to the supermarket. There are,there are, There are many sweets. There are many fuits. Put in,put in,Help me Put the bags in the car. Heavy,heavy,This one is heavy.

There are many children on the playground.

These bags are heavy.

These cars are small. This car is big.

This monkey is thin.

This panda is fat.

Many English supermarkets are big different things They sell food from lots of countries Clothes,toys and CDs.



There are restaurants
at the supermarket

Big,big, supermarkets are big, Many English supermarkets are big.
They sell,they sell,they sell different Things. Food,food,food from lots ofcounties. They sell food from lots of counties. Clothes,toys and CDs.They sell clothes, toys and CDs. There are,there are ,There are restaurants at the supermarket.

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