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江滨实验小学 吉莉 (提供)

(1)The Cat‘s Family

My family is not very large. There are only three cats.I‘m a white cat. People call me Snow-white. My husband is a black cat. 黑猫警长) We have a beautiful daugeter.her name is Lily.She is black and white.She‘s only two years old.We live a happy life.

From now on, we will work harder to catch the mice.We must let people live in a happy life in this house.


1.There are people in the cat‘s family.

A: two B: three C: four

2. Mother Cat is . A: white B: black C: black and white 3. Mother Cat and Father Cat have a . A: son B: sister C: daughter 4. All the will work hard to . A: catch the mice B: catch people

5. Lily is years old. A: three B: one C: two

6. The black cat is Lily‘s .

A. mother B: father C: uncle

(2) What Am I?

Hello, boys and girls! My name is Mike. I‘m tall and fat. I have a long nose and two big ears. My mouth is nit too big. My teeth are very long. My body looks like a wall. I have four strong legs and a short tail, too.

Do you know me? What am I?


1.Mike is an animal. ( )

2.Mike is strong. ( )

3.He has two small ears. ( )

4. He has no tail. ( )

5.Mike‘s body looks like a wall. ( )


1. – What am I? --You are an .

2.I have a nose and two ears.

3.I have teeth.

(3) Mr.Pig and Mr.Cow

Mr. Cow: Hello, Mr. Pig. Why are you sad?

Mr. Pig: Everybody likes you, but nobody likes me.They always say,“How nice the

cow is!‖

Mr. Cow: Yes. Maybe I give milk and cream.

Mr. Pig: I give more. Bacon(咸肉),pork(猪肉),ham(火腿)

and ……But they don‘t like me,why?

Mr. Cow: Maybe you‘re too fat. You should do morning exercises everyday. Mr. Pig: Oh,no……


1. Mr. Pig is .

A. happy B. angry C: sad

2. The cow give us and cream.

A: milk B: grass C: pork

3. The pigs give us bacon, pork and .

A: cream B: milk C: ham

4. Mr. Pig can‘t do everyday.

A: his homework B: morning exercises C: the washing

5. Mr. Pig is too .

A: big B: thin C: fat

(1) A Riddle 六年级英语阅读练习 (二)

Hello! I‘m a word . I have three letters. My first letter is in ―soon‖ but not in ―room‖ , my second is in ―rose‖ and also in ―rise‖ , my third is not in ―pencil‖ but in ―paper‖, my whole is a place where there is a lot of water. I am the twin sister of the word ―see‖. Who am I?

快速判断: 1.The word is a kind of animal. ( ) 2.The first letter is ―m‖. ( ) 3.The second letter is ―e‖. (


4.The third letter is ― r‖. ( )


1. The word is a place where there is a lot of .

A: water B: tea C: milk

2. How many letters are in this word?

A: One. B: Two. C: Three.

3.What‘s this word? It‘s ― ‖.

A: rose B:sea C: see D: glass

4.Is the second letter in ―rose‖or in ―snow‖? .

A: Yes,it is. B: No,it isn‘t. C: It‘s in ―rose‖. D: It‘s in ―snow‖.

(2) An Old Woman and a Boy

An old woman wants to go to New York to see her son. She gets up

early and gets to the station at nine o‖clock in the morning .When does the train come and leave? She is very worried. She stops a boy and asks him.

The boy looks at the woman and says,‖tu: tu: tu: ‖. The old woman

sits in a chair and thinks and thinks. Then she says,‖Oh, I see.‖ 快速判断: 1. The woman is young. ( ) 2. The boy does not tell her the time. ( )

3. The woman gets up early. ( )

4. The train comes in thr afternoon. ( )

5. The woman knows the time at last. ( )


1. The woman gets to the station at in the morning.

2. The train comes at in the afternoon.

3. The train leaves at in the afternoon.

A: 1:58 B: 9:00 C: 2:02

(3) A Foolish Dog

A dog has large piece of meat in his mouth. When he is walking on

a small bridge, he looks down and sees himself in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog has also a large piece of meat in his mouth. He says to himself,‖I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces of meat.‖ He opens his mouth to bark the dog in the water ,and his meat falls into water.


1.The dog has a small piece of meat. ( )

2.He wants to get two pieces of meat. (


3.He finds another dog in the water. ( )

4.The dog is standing on the grass. ( )

5.He has no meat at last. ( )


1.There is a of meat in the dog‘s mouth.

A: piece B: bottle C: glass D: cup

2.The dog looks down and sees in the water.

A: yourself B: myself C: himself D:herself

3.He opens his mouth to .

A: laugh B:cry C:eat D:dark

六年级英语阅读练习 (三)

(1) The Tiger’s Dinner

Tiger: Good afternoon. Mrs Goat. Let me eat you.

Goat: Don‘t eat me, Mr Tiger. I‘m old. That deer is younger than me.

(The goat runs away.)

Tiger: Miss Deer, Miss Deer, Let me eat you.

Deer: Oh, no. Many birds are standing over there. (The deer runs away.) Tiger: Birds, I will eat you. You are my dinner.

Birds: (The birds fly away.) You are bad. We can fly, can you?

Tiger: No, I can‘t . But where is my dinner?


1. The tiger is . A: full B: hungry C: scared

2.The tiger doesn‘t eat the goat, because there is a over there.

A: deer B: bird C: rabbit

3.Can the bird fly? A: No, they can B: Yes ,they can. C: No, they can‘t.

4.The tiger can‘t fly. He at last.

A: eat dinner B: eat the goat C: doesn‘t have dinner

(2) Your Head Isn’t the Right Size

The assistant: Can I help you, sir?

A man: Yes, I would liked to buy a hat, please.

The assistant: Of course. How about this one?

A man: This one is too big. Would you mind bringing me a few more hats,


The assistant: Not at all.

A man: Let me try this one. No, I‘m afraid it‘s too wide. What about that one?

No, I‘m afraid it is wide enough. None of the hats is the right size.

The assistant: The hats are all right, sir. But I‘m afraid your head isn‘t the right



1. The man wants to buy a .A: hat B: coat C: a pair of shoes

2. The shop has hats. A: one B: two C: many

3. brings him some hats, but none of them is fit.

A: The assistant B: The doctor C: The customer

4. The assistant says to the man ―

A: The hats aren‘t the right size. B: Your head isn‘t the size.

C: We have no hat.

(3) How many letters?

Father: How many letters are there in the English Alphabet?

Son: I don‘t know.

Father: You don‘t know? You are in the school for one year and you don‘t know

how many letters there are in the Alphabet?

Son: No. But let me ask you a question, Dad. You often go to the post office,

please tell me how many letters there are in the post office?


1. There are twenty-six letters in the English Alphabet. ( )

2. The son doesn‘t study English well. ( )

3. The son can‘t answer his father‘s question. ( )

4. The father works in the post office. ( )

5. There are twenty-six letters in the post office. ( )

(4) Tom, Sam, Jim and Jack

Tom, Sam, Jim and Jack live in a building of four floors. They live on different floors. They have different jobs—an engineer, a worker, a teacher and a doctor. Tom lives above Sam, but blow Jim. Jack lives on the third floor. The doctor lives above the teacher, but below the worker. The engineer lives on the ground floor. What are their jobs? Which floor does each of them live on?





4. What does Sam do ? Which floor does Jim live on? What does Jack do ? Which floor does Tom live on?

六年级英语阅读练习 (四)

(1) My Father’s Old Coat

Teacher: Children, name the material we often use to make things, please. Student: Glass, gold, metal ,paper, plastic, silver, wood and wool.

Teacher: Very good, sit down, please. And what do we get from sheep?

Student: Wool.

Teacher: You‘re quite right. Tom what do we make from wool?

Tom: I‘m sorry. I don‘t know.

Teacher: Well, what is your coat made of?

Tom: My coat is made of my father‘s old coat.


1. Write down the names of the materials we often use to make things, please.

2. What shall we get from sheep? 3. Can Tom answer the teacher‘s question? 4. Is Tom‘s coat new?

5. What is our coats made of?

(2) A Barking Dog

Dad: My dear, let‘s go out for a walk.

Son: Great. ( On their way, a dog is barking nearby.)

Son: Oh, help! A dog is over there.

Dad: Don‘t be afraid, Tom. Don‘t you know the proverb(谚语)‖A barking(咆哮的)

dog does not bite?‖

Son: Yes. I know the proverb ,you know the proverb, but the dog know the proverb?


1. What did the son see?

2. Is the father afraid of the dog? 3. Does the dog know the proverb?

4. What‘s the proverb in Chinese?

(3) To Catch the Moon

Little Sam: Look ,Dad. There is a moon in the river. How bright it is!

Dad: Yes. It‘s beautiful .

Little Sam: Give me a pail, and I will catch the moon.

Dad: Oh, no. The moon is in the sky . Look! The river is like a big mirror.

That is why you can see moon in it.

Little Sam: I see.


1. What can Sam see in the river?

2. Can he catch the moon?

3. Why can‘t Sam catch the moon in the river?

(4) The Fox and the Grapes

A fox is looking for food. He is very hungry. Now he is stopping up. He sees a lot of fine grapes at the top of the wall.

―How nice they are! I want to eat them.‖ The fox jumps and jumps, but the wall is too high. He can‘t get the grapes. The fox does away and says, ― I don‘t like those grapes. They are not good to eat.‖


1. The fox is playing near the wall. ( )

2. There are many nice grapes at the top of the wall. ( )

3. The fox doesn‘t like those grapes. ( )

4. The fox goes away because the grapes are not good to eat. ( )


1. The fox is looking for . A: grapes B: fruits C: food

2. The fox wants to eat them, so he .

A: runs and runs B: jumps and jumps C: goes away

3. The wall is too for the fox to get the grapes.

A: high B: low C: far

4: The fox goes away because .

A: the grapes are not good B: he can‘t get them

C: he isn‘t hungry

六年级英语阅读练习 (五) ( 1) I Can See You John has a parrot. It is a nice bird. Everyday John says to it, ―Hello! I can see you!‖ Soon the bird can say ―Hello! I can see you!‖

One day John is at school. A thief comes into John‘s room. He wants to steal something. A voice comes, ―Hello! I can see you!‖ The thief puts the things on the floor and runs away.


1. John is a policeman. ( )

2. John has some birds. ( )

3. The thief wants to take some things away from the room. ( )

4. The bird can say some Chinese. ( )

5. The thief sees John and goes away. ( )


1. John‘s bird is very A: ugly B: big C: nice

2. The bird can say, .

A: Look! A thief. B: Bye-bye. C: Hello! I can see you!

3. One day a comes into John‘s room.

A: policeman B: thief C: farmer

5. drives away the thief at last.

A: The bird B: The policeman C: John

(2) A New Son

Old man: May I sit here?

Young man: No , you can‘t. The seat is for my sister.

Old man: Where is your sister?

Young man: Eh…yes. She is my sister.

Old man: Really? Then I am glad to see you, my new son.

Young man: What do you mean?

Old man: She is my daughter.


1. The young man is the old man‘s son. ( )

2. The beautiful girl is the young man‘s sister. ( )

3. The girl is the old man‘s daughter. ( )

4. The young man wants to help the old man. ( )

(3) I’ll Show You the Way

A driver: Hello, sir. I want to go to the Moon Hotel. Do you know it?

An old man: Yes ,let me get on, I‘ll show you the way.( They drive about ten miles, and

come to a small house.)

An old man: Stop here!

A driver: But this isn‘t a hotel.

An old man: No, this is my house. And now I‘ll show you the way to the Moon

Hotel. Go back nine miles. Then you‘ll see the Moon Hotel on the



1.Where does the driver want to go?

2.Where does the old man take him?

3.Why doesn‘t the old man stop the driver when they pass the hotel?

4. How many miles does the driver go to the Moon Hotel altogether?

(5) The Dog’s Dirty Feet

It‘s a rainy day. A woman with a dog gets on a bus. It‘s a big dog and its feet are not clean.

The conductor doesn‘t want the dog to sit on the chair. But the woman says to the conductor,‖Oh,I pay for my dog. Can he sit here like the other people?‖

The conductor looks at the dog and says, ‖Yes, Madam ,but like the other people, he must not put his feet on the chair.‖


1. It‘s a day. A: sunny B; fine C: rainny D: cloudy

2. A woman with a dog gets on the bus.

A: big B: small C: short D: thin

3. The dog wants to sit on the .

A: floor B: chair C: desk D: table

4. The woman pays for her in the bus.

A: friend B: cat C: dog D: son

六年级英语阅读练习 (六)

(1) Two Goats

Two goats starts at the same moment from opposite ends to cross a rude bridge that was no wide enough for them to cross at a time.

Meeting at the middle of the bridge,neither would give the way to the other. They locked horns,and fought for the right of way, until both fell into the torrent below and were drowned.


1. Three goats wants to cross the bridge. ( )

2. The bridge was very wide. ( )

3. The goats didn‘t give the way to the other. ( )

4. They were drowned at last. ( ) 选择填空:

1. The goats the bridge.

A: was crossing B: have crossed C: were crossing

2. The bridge was . A: wide B: rude C: smooth

3. They fought their horns. A: in B: with C: use

4. The goats were fighting at the of the bridge.

A: middle B: front C: back

(2) Saying Goodbye

Many people are waiting for the train. Some are reading the newspaper and some are saying goodbye to their friends.

Mr. Wang,Mr.Li and Mr Chen are talking so happily that they don‘t know the train is going to leave. The guard says to them,‖Hurry up! The train is going to leave.‖ The three men hear the guard. Two of them jump onto the train quickly before it moves. Mr. Wang is left behind. He looks very sad. The guard says to him,‖ Don‘t feel bad. The next train will come in ten minutes.‖ ― I know,‖ Mr. Wang says,‖It is my train . My friends only come to say goodbye to me.‖


1. Mr. Wang ,Mr. Li and Mr. Chen are talking at the station. ( )

2. There are only three men at the station. ( )

3. Mr. Wang jumps onto the train. ( )

4. Mr. Chen and Mr. Li are Mr. Wang‘s friends. ( )

5. Mr. Chen and Mr. Li really want to jump onto the train. ( )


1. people are waiting for the train.

A: Three B: Many C: Some

2. Some people are . A: reading the books

B: cleaning the train C: saying goodbye to their friends

3. Mr. Wang , Mr. Li and Mr. Chen are .

A: eating B: talking C: playing

4. should jump onto the train.

A: Mr.Li B: Mr. Chen C: Mr. Wang

(3) Three Families

Three families live in a building. Each family has only one child.

One of the three children is a girl. Her name is Xiao Hui. The other two are boys. They are Xiao Peng and Xiao Ming. The children‘s fathers are Mr. Wang ,Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen. The children‘s mothers are Liu Ying,Li Ping and Hao Fang. Now we know: Mr. Wang‘s son and Li Ping ‘s son are on the boy‘s basketball team. Xiao Ming isn‘t Mr. Zhang‘s son. Mr. Chen isn‘t Hao Fang‘s husband. Now,can you tell me the family numbers of each family?


1. Mr. Chen is Xiao Peng‘s father. ( )

2. Li Ping is Xiao Hui‘s mother. ( )

3. They have two sons and one daughter. ( )

4. Xiao Ming is Liu Ying‘s son. ( )

5. Xiao Peng and Xiao Ming like to play basketball. ( )

六年级英语阅读练习 (七)

(1) Two Pence Less

Tom: Ni, Ben . Why are you unhappy?

Ben: No,no. I am very well. I‘m very angry. The bus ticket was three pence last

week. But today it is two pence.

Tom: That‘s good. The bus ticket is cheaper now. You can save two pence


Ben: No,you are a fool. I walk to work and back home everyday. Last week I

saved six pence everyday. But now I save only four pence. I have two pence less.


1. Is Ben happy?

2. How much is the bus ticket now?

3. Is Tom a fool?

4. How does Ben go to work and back home everyday?

(2) English Marks

Rose: Mum, we have an English test today.

Mum: How many marks have you got in English , Rose?

Rose: Just ten less than Tom.

Mum: And how many has he got?

Rose: Well, ten marks.


1. How many marks has Tom got?

2. Is Rose‘s mark less than Tom‘s?

3. Is Rose good at English?

4. What‘s Rose‘s mark?

(3)Writing a Letter

Mum: What are you doing, Amy?

Amy: I‘m writing a letter to my friend, Kitty.

Mnm: But how can you ? You are only five years old. You don‘t know how to write. Amy: Well. It doesn‘t matter. Because Kitty doesn‘t know how to read. 回答问题:

1. How old is Amy?

2. What is Amy doing?

3. Can Amy write?

4. Who is Kitty?

(4)Seeing the Doctor

Mum: What is the matter, my son?

Son: My head is hurting. I can‘t go to school.

Mum: Come with me to the doctor..

Son: The doctor! Oh, no! My head is not hurting. I can go to the school.


1. Is the boy‘s head hurting?

2. Is he afraid of the doctor?

3. IS the boy going to school now?

(5)Who Is He?

Tomson: Jack, I have a riddle. Can you guess?

Jack: OK. What‘s it?

Tomson: Please tell me who he is: He is not my brother, and not is my sister, but he

is a child of my parents.

Jack: I don‘t know.

Tomson: Ha-ha, it‘s very easy. It‘s me.


1. Tomson has a riddle. ( )

2. Jack understand the difficult. ( )

3. This riddle is very difficult. ( )

4. Jack can‘t answer Tomson‘s question. ( )

六年级英语阅读练习 (八)

(1) In a Train Car

Nick and his father are in a train. Nick likes to stand and puts his head out of the

window. His father says, ‖Sit down! Don‘t put your head out of the window!‖ But

nick goes on putting his head out of the window.

His father tacks Nick‘s cap quickly and says, ‖You see , your cap has flown . Sit

down! Perhaps, your cap will come back.‖ Nick is afraid and he sits on chair quickly.

Nick father puts the cap on Nick‘s head.

Oh! It is wonderful! Nick is happy. He takes his father‘s cap quickly and throws

it out of the window. ‖Now your turn, Dad!‖ Nick says happily.


1. The wind blows Nick‘s cap down. ( )

2. If the father whistles the cap will fly back. ( )

3. Nick‘s father wants to prevent Nick from putting his head out of the window.

( )


1. Nick and his father are in a .

A: bus B: taxi C: train

2. Nick likes to put his head of the window.

A: out B: on C: in D: down

3. Nick lots his cap, and he is .

A: happily B: scared C: afraid D: glad

4. Nick throws his father‘s out the window.

A: bag B: cap C: cup D: shoes

(2) Where Are My Sandwiches?

A man is going to see his friend. He takes some sandwiches with him because his friend‘s home is very far. On his way, he says to himself, ‖My friend is going to give me a very good lunch.‖ Then he throws them away. He goes on and comes to a river. There‘s no boat on the river. He can‘t cross it. He start to go home. He is hungry now. And he trys to find his sandwiches. ― Oh, my god. A dog has them.‖ He quickly goes up, but the dog runs away. He is still hungry and he goes back home.


1. The man‘s friend‘s home is not far. ( )

2. He takes some sandwiches on his way. ( )

3. He can‘t find a boat on the river. ( )

4. The man catches the dog at last. ( )

5. The man does not meet his friend. ( )


1. The man is going to see his .

A: grandma B: father C: friend

2. He throws sandwiches away, because he thinks his friend will give him

a . A: sandwiches B: hot dog C: very good lunch

3. He goes home, because he .

A: can‘t cross the river B: is hungry C: is ill

4. A has the man‘s sandwiches at last.

A: cat B: dog C: cow

(3) Parents’ Meeting

Jim: Can I invite my grandpa to the parents‘ meeting?

Teacher: Why doesn‘t you invite your parents? Are they busy?

Jim: No,they aren‘t. But I want to invite my grandpa. Because,because…my

grandpa is deaf.


1. Are Jim‘s parents busy?

2. Who is deaf?

3. Will Jim invite his parents to the parents‘ meeting?

六年级英语阅读练习 (九)

(1) Don’t Cry, Miss White

Miss White is a teacher .Her home is not far from her school. SO she always walks to school in the morning everyday.

One morning it is very cold and windy. Miss White walks to school. The cold wind goes into her eyes, and big tears begin running out her eyes. She gets to the school, opens the door and goes to the classroom. It is warm there and Miss White is very happy. But then a small boy looks at her for a few minutes, puts his arms round her and says kinds,‖ Don‘t cry, Miss White. School isn‘t very bad.‘


1. Miss White usually goes to school .

A: on cold morning B: on warm days

C: on windy morning D: on foot

2. The small boy thinks that .

A: Miss White doesn‘t like the school.

B: Miss White likes cry.

C: Miss White‘s eyes are not good.

D: He does something wrong with his teacher.

4. Which of the four is wrong?

A: Miss White‘s eyes are full of tears.

B: The small boy knows why Jones is crying.

C: The small boy loves his teacher.

D: Miss White doesn‘t cry at all.

5. It is that morning. A: very cold outside B: windy outside

C: very warm in the classroom D: A, B and C

(2)Where Is My Cat?

Mr Black likes fish very much. He often buys some fish in the shop and takes them home for supper. His wife, Mrs Black often asks her friends to their home to have lunch and eat fish.

One day, when Mr Black comes home in the evening, he cannot find his fish. And Mrs Black says their cat has eaten the fish. Mr Black is very angry. HE takes the cat to the shop near their house to weigh the cat. HE says,‖ You see, my fish is one

kilo, and this cat is one kilo, too. My fish is here. Then where is my cat?‖


1. Mr Black likes to eat cat very much. ( )

2. Mrs Black often eats fish with her friend. ( )

3. The cat is one kilo. ( )

4. The cat ate the fish. ( )


1. What does Mr Black often do?

2. How does Mr Black feel when he cannot find his fish?

3. Who eats the fish?

(3)What’s Four and Six?

Dad: Tom,what‘s four and six? Son: Em……,I don‘t know,dad.

Dad: You are foolish. It‘s ten.

Son: That‘s not true. My Maths teacher tell us,‖ Five and five is ten.‖


1. What‘s five and five?

2. Is the dad right?

3. What does the teacher say?

(4)An Open-book Exam

Miss Wang: Boys and girls,we‘ll have an open-book exam.You can bring anything.

Billy: Great!

Miss Wang: Why are you so happy? Billy: Because I can bring my father.


1. The student will have an exam. ( )

2. Billy is a good student. ( )

3. Billy wants to bring his father. ( )

4. The teacher does not let her students bring their books. ( )

六年级英语阅读练习 (十)

(1) Buying Tickets

Sam is a little boy, and he is only eight years old. One day he goes to the cinema.

It is the first time for him to do that. He buys a ticket and then goes in. But after two

or three minutes he comes out, buys a second ticket and goes in again. After a few

minutes he comes out again and buys a third ticket .Two or three minutes later he asks

for another ticket. Then the girl in the ticket office asks him, ‖Why do you buy so

many tickets? How many friends do you meet?‖ Sam answers, ‖No, I nave no friend here. But a big boy always stops me at the door and tears my tickets in piece.‖ 快速判断:

1. Sam buys the tickets for himself.

2. Sam doesn‘t go to the cinema.

3. Sam is too young to make friends.

4. Sam has no friend in the cinema.


1.Sam wants to buy when the girl asks him.

A: the second ticket B: the third ticket

C:the fourth ticket D: the fifth ticket

2.The big boy stops Sam at the door because .

A: it is the big boy‘s job B: the big boy doesn‘t like Sam

C: the big boy doesn‘t know Sam D: Sam doesn‘t buy tickets

3. The big boy is of the cinema at all.

A: a bookseller B: a policeman

C: a shop keeper D: a worker

4.From the story we know .

A: the little boy has a lot of money

B: the little boy knows nothing about the cinema

C: Sam doesn‘t like the film

D: the girl wants to get more money

(2) At the Barber’s

Len was thirty years old, and he had very long hair. He lived in a big city. Because of his long hair, he did not find any work.

One day he met an old friend, and this man said to him,“People in this city don‘t like long hair. Why don‘t you go to a barber? He can cut a lot of it off, and then you can get some work‖

At the barber‘s Len said to the barber,“Please cut most of my hair off.‖

The barber began. He cut and cut for a long time and then he said to Len,“Were you in the army a few years ago?‖

“Yes,I was,‖ Len answered,“Why did you ask that?‖

“Because I found a cap in your hair.‖


1. Len was old,so he did not find any work.

2. Len often wash his long hair.

3. Len‘s hair was short.

4. Len barber found a cap in Len‘s hair.

5. Len was in the army now.


1.Len met one day.

A: his father B: an old man C; his old friend

2.Len was very .

A: dirty B: clean C: tidy

3. The cap was in Len‘s A: hand B: bag C: hair

4. People in the city don‘t like .

A: straight hair B: long hair C: short hair

六年级英语阅读练习 (十一)

(1) Is Ink Very Expensive?

Son: Is ink expensive,father?

Dad: Why? No, what make you think so?

Son: Well,mother seems quite angry when I spilled some on the carpet of the hall. 回答问题:

1. Is the ink very expensive?

2. Why does mother seem quite angry?

3. Does the son spill the ink on the carpet of the hall?

(2) The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

One day a city mouse net a county mouse in the field. The country

mouse was eating nuts.

―Hello, friend! Why are you eating such bad food? Come with me and

see. You can find the delicious food easily in the city.‖ the city mouse said.

―Is that so?‖ the country mouse was surprised and wanted to go with his friend. They walked and walked. At last they came to the city. There was a lot of food in the house. The country mouse was very glad.

―Come on! Let‘s have dinner.‖ The city mouse said. They started to eat. At this moment they heard the sound of people‘s voices.

― Run! Run away!‖ the city mouse shouted. Two mice ran and cried in fear.

― Oh, my heart was in my mouth,‖ the country mouse said,‖ I am going back to

the filed to eat the bad without fear.‖


1. The city mouse lived in fear.

2. The country mouse didn‘t like to eat good food.

3. The city mouse didn‘t like to eat bad food.

4. The country mouse was happy in the field.


1. The country mouse and the city mouse met in the .

A. city B. field C. garden

2. The country mouse doesn‘t like to .

A.live in the city B. eat good food C. live in the country

3. The country mouse was going back to the .

A. city B. city mouse‘s home C. field

4. Two nice were afraid of in this story.

A. cats B. people C. food

(3) We Have the Same Mother

Ben and Jim are twin brothers. They are nine. They are pupils. They study in Yuxin Primary School. They are in the same class. Everyday they go to school and come back together.

Their teacher, Mrs Green, says to the pupils,‖please write a composition ?My Mother‘.‖

Jim is a good boy. He writes the composition at home. But Ben plays footb all with his friends. The next day Mrs Green says to the class,‖ I read your compositions today. But two of yours are just the same.‖ Ben stands up and says,‖ Jim and I are twins. We have the same motheer.‖


1. They are twins, so they have the same mother.

2. They are brothers so they have the same parents.

3. They are twins, so they are good pupils.

4. They have the same mother, so their compositions are the same.


1. Jim and Ben are 2. Jim and Ben are in Primery School.

3. The title of the composition is ―

4. 5. Ben does not with his friends.

六年级英语阅读练习 (十二)

(一) Do You Want Me To Tell a Lie?

Mummy: Which apple do you want,Dick?

Dick: The biggest one,Mummy.

Mummy: What? You should be polite and pick the little one.

Dick: Should I tell a lie just to be polite,Munny?


1. Mummy have two pears. ( )

2.Dick wants to eat the big one. ( )

3.Mummy wants Dick to eat the big one. ( )

4.Dick eats the big one, because he doesn‘t want to tell a lie. ( )

(二) Good News

Jim is a primary school student, he‘s in Grade Two now. He has a round face and wears glasses. He likes football and swimming. But today he‘s not at school. He‘s ill . He‘s in bed. He had a bad cold. He must stay in bed for a week. But that‘s a good news for him, because he doesn‘t like school.


1. Jim wares glasses. ( )

2. Jim doesn‘t like football. ( )

3. Jim isn‘t at school. He‘s ill. ( )

4. Jim is ill, so he is very sad. ( )

5. Jim has a bad cold,he can‘t go to school. ( )

6. Jim likes school. ( )


1. Jim is a student.

A: primary school B: middle school C: senior school

2. Jim is in Grade .

A: Too B: Three C: Two

3. Jim likes . A: basketball B: football C: table tennis

4. Jim is in bed because .

A: he is tired B: he is ill C: he is sleepy

5. Jim must stay in bed for .

A: a day B: a week C: two weeks

(三) Delicious Bird


A rich man wants to give his mother a birthday present, but what will be the best one? One day he finds a amazing bird in the market, it can talk in twelve languages and sing ten famous operas. Imnediately he buys the bird and sends it to his mother. It costs him $ 50,000.

The next day he phones to his mother:‖What do you think of the bird, mother?‘ ―Oh ,it‘s very delicious.‖ His mother answers.


1. The rich man sends his mother a bird for birthday. ( )

2. The bird is very clever. ( )

3. The bird can sing and dance. ( )

4. The bird is very expensive. ( )

5. The rich man‘s mother eats the bird. ( )


1.The rich man sends a birthday present.

A: his wife B: his mother

2. The bird can .

A: talk in twelve languages B: sing two famous operas

3. The bird very .

A: cheap B: expensive

4. His mother thinks .

A: the bird is clever B: the bird is delicious

六年级英语阅读练习 (十三) (一) Gary and Donkey

Gary goes to the market to sell his donkey. When he feels third, he gets on it. After a while , a friend comes and asks him: ― Where are you going?‖ ― I‘m going to sell my donkey.‖ Answers Gary. ―Oh,my god!‖ he cries, ―Where‘s my doney?‘ ― What?‖ His friend laughs and says, ― Aren‘t you riding a donkey?‘


1. Gary wants to sell his donkey. ( )

2. Gary rides his donkey to the market. ( )

3. gary loses his donkey. ( )

4. Gary‘s friend rides the donkey. ( )


1. Gary goes to sell .

A: his chicken B: his goat C: his donkey

2. He feels , so he gets onto the donkey.

A: thirsty B: tired C: hungry

3. He meets on the way.

A: his brother B: his friend C: his donkey

4. Gary can‘t find .

A: his friend B: his donkey C: his father

(二)A Clever Crow

A crow is thirsty . He finds a bottle with a little in it. But the neck of the bottle is too long, the crow can‘t get the water. The crow thinks and thinks, and then he has a good idea. He puts some pebbles in the bottle, the water rises up. Now he can drink the water. What a clever crow!


1. The crow wants to drinks water. ( )

2. There isn‘t any water in the bottle. ( )

3. the bottle‘s neck is too long,so the crow can‘t get the water. ( )

4. The crow drinks water at last. ( )

5. The crow is very clever. ( )


1. The crow is .

A: hungry B: tired C: thirsty

2. The bottle‘s neck is .

A: too long B: too short C: too big

3. The crow puts man in the bottle.

A: sticks B: pebbles C: bricks

4. The crow is .

A: stupid B: clever C: naughty

(二)The Man and the Monkey

A monkey likes miming man‘s action. One day a man wants to play a joke on the monkey. First he gives the monkey a banana. So when he peels the banana, the monkey peels, too. He eats, the monkey eats, the monkey eats. He smiles, the monkey smiles. He pretends angry, the monkey shows an angry face. At last, the man picks up a stone and pretends to hit his head by himself, but the monkey makes a face to him and do an action. That is to say“How stupid you are!‖


1. The monkey can mime man‘s action. ( )

2. The monkey can‘t eat the banana. ( )

3. The man hits himself with a stick. ( )

4. The monkey is very clever. ( )


1. The monkey is . A: naughty B: stupid

2. The man gives the monkey

A: an apple B: a banana C: a peach

3. The man pretends to hit himself with .

A: a bone B: a stick C; a stone

4. The monkey thinks .

A: the man is clever B: the man is stupid

六年级英语阅读练习 (十四)

(一) Magic Words

Hello! I‘m Mr Black. I like fishing very much. I often go fishing in the sea. Every time I get many fish home. My neighbours are very surprised. They often ask me:“How can you get so many fish?‖ I always tell them: “I have magic words. When I am fishing, I will close my eyes and murmur,‘ Fish, fish, send me a fish.‘ Then the fish comes.‖ Do you believe me? Have a try!


1. Mr. Black likes fishing very much. ( )

2. Mr. Black often goes fishing in the river. ( )

3. Mr. Black naver fishes one fish. ( )

4. Mr. Black often fishes many because he has magic words. ( )


1. Mr Black likes B: fishing C: shopping

2. He often goes fishing in the . A: river B: pond C: sea

3. Mr Black often fishes . A: many B: little

4. The neighbours are at so many fish.

A: happy B: scared C: surprised

5. Mr Black will and say his magic words.

A: close his mouth B: close his eyes

(二) One Yuan and Ten Yuan

Tom: Mum. I save you one yuan today.

Mum: How can you do it?

Tom: I run home after the bus.

Mum: Good! Tomorrow you can run after a taxi, then you can save ten yuan.

(三) Why Are You So Sad?

Mrs Green : Why are you so sad?

Mrs Brown: Because I lost my cat last week.

Mrs Green: I‘m so sorry. But why don‘t you write something on the

paper and send it to the newspaper that you want it back?

Mrs Brown: Don‘t be so silly. She is a Japanese cat and she can‘t read

English newspaper.


1. Sad means . A: happy B: glad C: nice D: unhappy

2. lost a cat .

A: Mrs Brown B: Mr Brown C: Mrs Green D: Mr Green

3. Mrs Green asks Mrs Brown to wrote something to the .

A:Mrs Brown B: Mrs Green C: cat D: newspaper

4. is silly. A: Mrs Brown B: Mr Brown C: Mrs Green D: Mr Green

5. ―She”in the last sentence means .

A: Mrs Green B: Mrs Brown C: cat D: nobody

(四) They Can’t Understand Me

Son: Mum ,I spoke to English people in English.

Mum: English? You learn only a little English, can you understand them? Son: It doesn‘t matter! But they can‘t understand me!


1. The boy‘s English is very good. ( )

2. He spoke to Chinese people in English. ( )

3. The people can‘t understand him. ( )

4. The son can‘t understand them. ( )

六年级英语阅读练习 (十五)

(一)Is Bod In ?

(请把Betty 与Tim之间的对话重新排列,使句意通顺)

Betty Tim

1. Hello! 6503794. 6. Hello,Bob.

2. Bye! 7. OK.Thanks. Goodbye!

3. Oh,sorry! He‘s not at home. 8. Hi,Betty. This is Tim.

4. No,this is Betty. How are you?

5. Fine,thanks,Tim. 9. Is Bob in? Betty?

(一) What will the Weather Be Tomorrow?

Lily: Mum,what will the weather be tomorrow?

Mum: Maybe it‘ll be rainy. Maybe it‘ll be sunny.

Lily: I don‘t like rain. Will it be sunny?

Mum: Sorry,I don‘t know. I‘m not the weatherman. By the way, why do you care

the weather tomorrow?

Lily: Tomorrow is Sunday. I want to fly my kite in Xinghai Square.

Mum: It sounds wonderful. I do hope the weather tomorrow will be fine. And you

can enjoy yourself. Look! It‘s 7:20. Let‘s listen to the weather forecast. OK? Lily: OK! That‘s a good idea. Ten minutes later, I‘ll know the weather tomorrow in

Dalian. Thank you, Mum.


1. What day is today? 2. Why daes Lily care the weather tomorrow? 3. What will she do tomorrow?

4. Does Lily‘s mother give some advice for her?

(二) The Crow and the Frog

( There is a frog living in a well. He never came out from the well. And thought the sky just as big as the mouth of the well.)

Crow: Hello,Frog. Let‘s have a talk.

Frog: OK. Where are you from?

Crow: I‘m from the sky.

Frog: From th sky? I don‘t believe you. The sky is just as big as the mouth of a

well. How can you coma from the sky?

Crow: It‘s blue. The sky is very big. You‘re wrong..

Frog: Really?

Crow: You can come out and have a look yourself.

Frog: Wow! How big the world is!


1. lives in a well.

2. and have a talk.

3. The crow is from the .

4. First, don‘t believe .

5. is very surprised. How the world is!

(三) A Clever Crow

A crow is thirsty . He finds a bottle with a little water in it. But the neck of the bottle is too long, the crow can‘t get the water. The crow thinks and thinks, and then he has a good idea. He puts some pebbles in the bottle,the water rises up. Now he can drink the water. What a clever crow!


1. The crow wants to drink water. ( )

2. There isn‘t any water in the bottle. ( )

3. The bottle‘s neck is too long, so the crow can‘t get the water. ( )

4. The crow drinks water at last. ( )

5. The crow is very clever. ( )


1. The crow is .

2. The bottle‘s neck is .

3. The crow puts many in the bottle.

4. The crow is .

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