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Name:_______________ Scores:_______________

Part 1 Listening

1. listen and write:

Last ( ),I went to Tian’an men Square with my ( ).We were ( ) there.I was flying a big ( ).It looked like a big bird .My friend Jane was aslo flying a kite .But it looked like a big moon .She asked to fly my kite for a ( ).So I gave it to her .Suddenly ,my “bird ”( )away from her hands ,and it ( ) into pieces when falling ( ).Jane and I felt very ( ) at that time ,but my father came and ( )to us , “Do not worry .I will make you a new one .” We became ( )again.

Part 2 Writing

1. Write the missing words :

(1) pop_lar (2) wed_ esday (3) act _ ess (4) jour_ _ list

(5) p_ _ot (6) w__ __ther (7) assist_ _t (8) centi_ etres

(9) str__nge (10) cham_ _on (11) ho _ _ y (12)comp__tition

2. Choose the different pronunciation :

(1) ( ) A. miss B. sick C. writer D. bridge (2) ( ) A. town B. snowy C. rainbow D. follow (3) ( ) A. useful B. jump C. husband D. hungry (4) ( ) A. young B. you C. touch D. enough (5) ( ) A. company B. shy C. hurry D. marry

3. Read and choose the correct answers :

(1) Many children want to buy computers ______ they like to play games. _____they don’t know playing computer games for a long time is bad for their eyes. ( )

(A). because, So (B). but, And

(C). and, Because (D). because, But

(2) I ______ a student last year. ( )

(A). am (B). is (C). was (D). were

(3) We think Tim is the _______ student in our class. ( )

(A) heavy (B)heavier (C) heaviest (D) heavyest

(4) What is your house like ? ( )

(A). It is near a park (B). It is big and clean

(C). It is cheap (D). My house is very good

(5) What is called ? ( )

(A). Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs

(B). A pencil

(C). It is on the shelf

(D). They are called shorts

(6) What do you want to buy ? ( )

(A). I want to have a rest

(B). I am going to buy a book

(C). I want to buy a video film

(7) William is ______short ______reach the apple on the shelf . ( )

(A). too?to (B).to ?too (C).so ?that

4. Put the words in orders :

(1) go , they , back , might ,home

( )

(2) girl , flowers ,his ,like , with , the , looks ,sister

( )

(3) am , I , tall , centimetres , forty- eight

( )

(4) will , do , it , tomorrow , you , what , if , sunny , is

( )

(5) was , telephone ,Tom , sleeping , rang , when , the

( )

(6) is , your , what , hobby

( )

5. Reading comprehension

Passage 1

Dear Robert,

My mother gave me the book yesterday evening, thanks. Mom said you didn't stay long at my home. I know you did not finish reading it, but my father needs it now, so I have to get it back. I'm sorry.

Steve was very angry about what you said yesterday afternoon. In fact, he didn't say anything bad about you. It was Allen. He said you took Eliza's MP3 during the PE class. But I know you didn't. Say something to Steve. He's your good friend, remember Please don't tell Allen I told you this, or I'll be in many troubles(麻烦).

Nancy Choose the best answer :

1. ( )What may Robert do after school today ?

(A) He may say sorry to Steve.

(B) He may give the MP3 back to Eliza.

(C) He may ask Allen about the book.

(D) He may study English with Nancy.

2. ( )Which one of the following is NOT true ?

(A) The book is Nancy's.

(B) Nancy is afraid of Allen.

(C) Eliza brought an MP3 to school.

(D) Nancy went to Robert's home.

Passage 2

My aunt and uncle live in a coastal city .They have two children.One likes to play football ,the other likes to study .I went to visit them this summer .My cousins often took me to the park ,the seashore and the other interesting places .They taught me how to swim .We had become good friends when I left them .I often write to them and send them pictures now .I am glad to learn that my aunt’s family will come to spend Spring Festival with us . I just can not wait to see them.

True or False questions .Write T for True or F for False

(1) Both my cousins are students .( )

(2) My cousins came to see me this summer . ( )

(3) I could swim before I went there . ( )

(4) I had a good time with my cousins .( )

(5) I will visit my cousins again this winter .( )

6. Translations :

(1). What do you do if you are hungry?


(2) Michael looks like his father.


(3) We have already done our homework.


(4) If you ask her ,she might agree .


(5) What programme are you watching ?


(6) “你有多高?”



(7) “ 现在几点?”



(8) 好久没看到你了。


(9) 你做警察有多长时间了?




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